Calculating Clairvoyant
Portrayed by Victoria Justice
Name: Augustina Maria Dippet
Aliases: Gusti, Dipper
Birthday: September 21, 1925
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood
House Slytherin
'…So someone shared an interesting photograph with me…'
Augustina, to a Prefect.


This young witch has shoulder-length brown hair — sometimes pulled back into a pair of pigtails — with matching brown eyes, set on a lightly tanned oval face. She constantly has an air of amused curiosity about her, occasionally leading to her twitching her button nose and pursing her red-painted lips when she's particularly interested in something. Her height is unremarkable for a young woman, but she usually manages to project a larger presence through sheer energy.

She's wearing her Hogwarts school robe right now: a buttoned-shut voluminous black robe lined in Slytherin viridian, with the serpentine crest of Slytherin over her heart. Part of the clothing underneath can be seen easily — behind the robe's generous neckline, she has a nicely starched white Oxford collar and a fastidiously-fastened emerald silk tie with silver stripes. Bits of grey and green from her blazer underneath become visible or hidden depending on the exact angle at which she holds herself; far below, black Mary Janes peek out from under the bottom edges of her robe.


On September 21 of 1925, Augustina Maria Dippet was welcomed to the world by her father, Armando "Decker" Dippet the Tenth, and her mother, Nyreen Eliza Dippet (née Lowe). As the middle child between Armando "Leven" Dippet the Eleventh and Amadeus Luigi Dippet, she constantly had to strive to get attention from a somewhat overwhelmed parental duo; most of what she could snatch, she managed on the lap of her famous "Great to the Eighth" Grandfather, Armando Dippet the First, who had the luxury of being able to simply spoil his descendant rather than having to actually care for her. Though her mother could be quite severe and the sibling infighting intense, Augustina views her family with love and respect.

After the suddenness of her great (to the eighth) grandfather's probable capture and uncertain future during her second year, Augustina's grades slumped badly, and she developed an almost single-minded obsession with control and prediction. She ultimately rebounded the following year to a phenomenal performance in Divination and Arithmancy — two subjects usually viewed at odds — and a less-impressive-but-suitable academic record elsewhere.

While her grades are mostly mediocre-to-poor, Augustina — or Gusti, or Dipper, she has a few nicknames — remains a fairly popular student among her classmates. She's very apparently friendly for a Slytherin, and she's good at trading favors and bribes to make sure that if someone does cross her, they'll never see her revenge coming and they'll never prove it. Along with the strength of her family name, this has made her a shoo-in for the informal 'Slug Club' of movers and shakers in Hogwarts.


Augustina was never a remarkable student, and she's chosen to focus on not one but two subjects that have uncertain future job prospects. However, she is unconvinced that there is any problem; she knows what's truly important: connections and an understanding of destiny.

She doesn't care particularly much for clubs, preferring to have as much free time to herself as she can; she enjoys going to Arts and Athletics solely to gawk at the nice-looking people.

Report Card

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy A A A A IP
Charms E E A A IP
Defence Against the Dark Arts A A P A IP
Herbology A A P A IP
History of Magic A A A A IP
Potions A E A E IP
Transfiguration A A A A IP
Flying A
Arithmancy O O IP
Divination O O IP
Official Clubs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Unofficial Clubs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Slug Club

RP Hooks

  • Deal with Destiny: Dipper is remarkably good at both Divination and Arithmancy, and this is one of the common favors she trades.
  • Trading Favors: If you need something from another Slytherin that you don't have a personal in with, Dipper's the place to start. If she doesn't know them, she might know someone else who does.


  • Control Freak: She gives the appearance of being lax, but that's only when she's reasonably certain she's in control of things…
  • Fair-Weather Friend: She sees no reason to be mean to anyone who hasn't earned it, but there's not a lot of reasons she'll put herself out there for someone either.
  • Favor Trader: Despite her lack of skill, this is her real talent.
  • Vindictive Prankster: If you cross Gusti, you will regret it. Sooner or later.
  • Wealth: Comfortable: Though the Dippets have some prestige, her dad isn't really anyone special.


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Fellow Slytherin - The Lestranges are a powerful family, and Dipper was quick to make certain that she was on Mackenzie's good side. They're not especially close, but they're friendly, and Dipper makes sure to stay respectful.


Ravenclaw Informant - Laurean shares a certain kindred spirit with Gusti, likening his father's long years away to her ancestor's kidnapping. They keep the emotions to a minimum, though, and find the information they can share to each other mutually interesting.


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