Weaver in the Shadows
Portrayed by Ed Asner
Name: Augustus Goyle
Aliases: August; Shadow Weaver (Underworld)
Birthday: October 1st, 1871
Position: Retiree
Lineage: Pure-blood


Standing at 5'7'', Augustus is a man of British heritage in his early 70s and often describes his aging skin as an "old Quaffle", probably due to overexposure to intense sunlight beams during his vacations in the Hawaiian archipelago. Baldness has increased over the years and his remaining hair is now white. Nevertheless, his big brown eyes still have a very expressive appearance.

Augustus usually wears an elegant brown plaid suit with a blue shirt and dark maroon moccasins. Although on summer days he can also be seen with a gray plaid shirt along with a pair of garnet suspenders or with the turquoise Aloha shirt he bought in Hawaii during the 1930s. It's quite clear that he has lost the agility of his youth, since he sometimes requires a walking stick to move safely.


Augustus Goyle was born in London on October 1st, 1871; being the only son of his Pure-blooded parents, Lloyd and Margaret Goyle (nee Weaver), both holding important positions inside the Ministry back in the day. A family with little love, but lots of luxuries and high society events. However, Augustus never showed great interest in the privileges of being born in a well-positioned family. Instead, he demonstrated great skill to perform tasks that required effort and care, such as gardening.

His magical instruction at Hogwarts would begin in 1883, being sorted, to everyone's surprise, into Slytherin House. The Sorting Hat could already see the dormant ambition of the young Goyle who, maybe even unknowingly, aspired to reach high goals. In his third year, he took Arithmancy and Care of Magical Creatures as electives. When starting his advanced studies, Augustus decided to continue with Herbology and Potions, subjects in which he showed great talent.

Ending his studies in 1890, young Augustus would soon carve a multidisciplinary man's reputation, winning the favor of many and building a solid network of contacts, some of them more controversial than others. In fact, he established strong professional relationships with some infamous individuals. These fellows introduced the young Goyle into the world of counterfeiting and, surprisingly, he ended up doing quite well, most likely due to his natural focus and dedication. Although very few people know, Augustus had a reputation in the Underworld for his forgery abilities, and started to use the name of "Shadow Weaver" for his business affairs. Occasionally, he would also earn a living by selling rare potions and plants, but nothing that could be considered harmful or dangerous.

In the 1930s, Augustus began a series of summer trips to Hawaii. Once there, he took advantage of his training to study the tropical plants and observe their effects when used as potion ingredients. He finally decided to begin his retirement in 1940. Although being a member of a wealthy family, Augustus has always believed in hard work to achieve all his goals in life, without giving too much importance to the nature of the work. Known by many veteran wizards, August still has friends (and ears) in all social strata.


  • Chivalrous: "Please, take a seat. Would you care for some tea?" A true gentleman with the ladies.
  • Green Thumb: Since his childhood, Augustus has proved to have a special gift for plants.
  • Friends in High Places: Malfoys, Blacks, Lestranges… Yes, Augustus knows them well.
  • Friends in Low Places: No need to ask, they know him.
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Gardening: Although no longer as agile as before, Augustus still enjoys taking care of his plants. Maybe you can give him a hand.
  • Contacts: Are you a new informant? A well-connected person? Or perhaps you're looking for someone. Or something.
  • Hawaii: Augustus has spent many summers in the archipelago. Want to know something about life on the other side of the pond?
  • Polymath: Augustus is a dexterous potioneer and herbologist. He's always willing to help, as long as you prove endeavor.
  • Underworld: Augustus was a respected figure due to the quality of his counterfeits. Now he's out of the business, but perhaps he can make you a "special favor".
  • Young generations: Despite being so well-connected, Augustus doesn't know a lot of young wizards personally. Maybe you can have a friendly chat, he's always interested in meeting new people.


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Lloyd Goyle
Father: (1828-1923) An ambitious man with political aspirations. He tried to run for Minister in 1858, but he had no success. A failure that tormented him all his life.


Margaret Goyle (nee Weaver)
Mother: (1835-1925) An idealistic lady that became a sad woman at the end of her life. Father encouraged her to run for Minister too, in 1865. Unfortunately, her wishes of making the world a better place vanished with her loss.


Gormund Goyle
Nephew: Oh, this man. I can't even stand his conceited manners. Who does he think he is? A cold-hearted snob, only worried about his political career, and not about the people who represents.


Great-Niece: I was very pleased to hear that I have a relative of humble origins. Although we barely know each other, great-uncle Augustus will always open the door of his home to her.


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