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Character Information
Portrayed by Olga Kurylenko
Name: Aurelea
Aliases: None
Birthday: 23 Nov 1914
Position: Augur - Chosen
Lineage: Starchaser Herd


Perhaps slightly small for a Centaur, this female is still lithe and powerful, sturdy and surefooted. Graceful lines spread from her equine lower half to the svelte figure formed by her human parts. She is lightly tanned, purple tattoos visible where her skin is not covered by the heather-purple clothing that winds about her torso. Her coat is a liver chestnut fading to creamy white above her hooves, her hair and tail are a dark cinnamon brown. She carries about her waist a woven leather belt of pouches, each one redolent of a different plant or herb.

Her face is exquisitely formed, with a pert nose and dainty chin. Her large, hazel eyes slant ever so slightly above molded cheekbones. Her lips are full and dimpled, their lines expressive and supple. She is at once earthy and wind-tossed in her appearance, straddling that divide with natural ease.


Born on the cusp of Sagittarius, at the point when the moon was highest in the sky, Aurelea was expected to have both the luck of her birth sign and the intuition of Scorpio, the sign she had barely missed being born under. The Mystic foretold that the somewhat runtish foal would grow to be a seer of great compassion and insight. Her sire, Torcall, was a hunter and scout, while her dam, Caitig, was one of the best Leafwardens in the herd. They were delighted at the news and waited to see if the Mystic's prophecy would come true. It did. Aurelea took to divination as naturally as she did to running, dedicating much of her time to it. Her older sister was the fighter of the two, but Aurelea's close friendship with a damless centaur, Achirus, allowed Aurelea to become a modestly good archer.

Achirus has taught her many things. How to track, how to listen and hunt, how to survive should she be separated from the herd… Even how to sing prettily. She may not be skilled yet, but she's bright and eager to learn. They were separated in age only by a few months, and the connection has never left them wanting for companionship. She also studied under the Talekeeper, learning the history of their herd and the protocols for making other Centaurs welcome among the Starchasers. From her mother, she learned to heal and weave. Racing, however, is her favourite past time. She is smaller, but she puts all her heart into it. She's always wanting to see what's "over there" and the words "race you to it!" often pass her lips in a joyful cry. And by golly, she'll work until she succeeds.

She takes her role in the herd seriously. She's never foaled… Never accepted male's advances. She's been busy with her work and simply enjoying life. Oh, she'll get around to a family soon, but there's no rush as far as she's concerned. No matter what the old biddies say. She's independent, and if she's going to mate, it will have to be the right person at the right time. For now, she keeps cheerfully looking to the stars, doggedly doing whatever she can to protect the herd that she loves so fiercely.


  • Determined
  • Fiercely Loyal
  • Intuitive
  • Optimistic
  • Seer

RP Hooks

  • Centaur - Are you of the Starchasers herd? Are you around Hogwarts? Let's meet up!
  • Chosen - Need someone to divine for you? Aurelea is one of the Seers in her herd who has been chosen by the Mystic to be a particular handmaiden to her in her duties. This means that Aurelea is in the running to succeed the current Mystic when her time comes.
  • Part-Time Healer - Though young, Aurelea is a talented healer. Come see her for some healing!


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Closest Friend: I have known you our whole lives, and there is no one I would rather protect me. You should learn to lighten up a little more, however! Nevertheless, I will still draw you out and temper your fire.


Sister: She is every bit the warrior that I am not. I'm proud of her and what she can do.


Mother: Mother is gentle and nurturing. She is the one who taught me about the plants of the forest and their uses. She's one of the best gatherers in our herd.


Father: Father is a skilled warrior and scout. I'm no where near as gifted as he is, but I think he's glad that I know at least a little about archery.

Special Rules

  • Powerful Body: Centaurs are faster and stronger than humans. They receive a +2 bonus to all rolls involving feats of strength and physical stamina, and +4 to any roll involving running. As a rule, a centaur will always outrun a human in a straight race. Only a human who has trained specifically for running speed has a hope of matching centaur speed.
  • Eyes of Fate: Centaurs have a natural talent for divination, and gain a +2 to all Divination rolls.
  • Healing Hands: Centaurs are skilled healers, and gain a +2 to all Medicine rolls, and to Potions rolls to make Healing potions.
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