Avery Family
The Avery Family
Family Head: Trafford Avery
Home: Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom
Wealth: Well-To-Do
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Avery family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

The Avery Family did originally live in Londinium, but a political snafu led to them leaving and settling in a port village that was named after the head of house, Port Avery, called Portsmouth. Port became a notorious pirate and sought revenge against those that ostracized him in Londinium. So while the material wealth of the family grew their status in good society was sketchy. After Port met his end the family turned to more legitimate import and export business and through the generations had its ups and downs but never down and out.

There was a time however that the Avery line almost was extinguished, but a bastard son, Andrew Avery proved to be the family salvation and a hero to the people of the southern coast of Britain. When his half-sister, Rosanne Avery married Ladon Malfoy, spurning James Babcock, a Muggle-Born Wizard's affections he raised an army of Inferi and terrorized the small town of Portsmouth. The Andrew defeated James winning his sister's good graces and the adoration of the people.

When the Statute of Secrecy was passed Bram Avery had to be imprisoned for going mad under its restrictions and continually breaking the law and casting in front of Muggles. It really wasn't until Knox Avery befriended Septimus Malfoy and Minister for Magic, Unctuous Osbert when they were at Hogwarts that things started to really look up for the Avery Family. When Osbert became Minister for Magic he awarded the Order of Merlin, Second Class to both Knox and Septimus. It was also in this era that the Avery Import and Export business saw a great incline as Knox's favor in the Ministry saw a loosening of many shipping regulations. While future Ministers weren't so favorable to the Avery's Osbert's boost was enough to make and keep them as the primary shipping company in the generations to come. So prosperous were they that after so many years after being cast from London a few generations ago a branch of the Avery family were able to establish themselves at the London Docks. The Avery Family is back in London, and they are there to stay.

Family Identity

The Location of the family and the developed history should be used to formulate the inherited features/appearances. Such as if they are strongly an Irish family, they would have features of those of Irish stock, with the accent of their location to go with it. Malfoys and their platinum blond hair. Blacks and their dark features, etc. Put appearance/mannerisms/accent blurb here.

Family Crest: A plumed, frog-mouthed great helm atop a field of solid blue with a compass rose charge in the center of the shield, mantled by rampant turquoise dragons.

Motto: "De mari Ultio solis ortu usque ad." Which means: "From the Sea, Wealth and Revenge."


The Avery family is one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. The main branch is located in Portsmouth but a branch has taken root in London. Sailor Merchants and at one point in their history, pirates, the Avery family usually accumulate their wealth from the import and export family business. Avery Shipping is one of the oldest and most reliable shipping business in the wizarding world.

Family Members

Family members bearing the Avery name:

Cedric Estelle Niles Trafford

Blood relatives without the Avery name:

Andromena Felicity Phil

Family Members not yet created but open for creation:

  • Thomas Avery (b. 1860)
  • Myra Avery nee Carrow (b. 1866)
  • Neil Avery (b. 1890)
  • Esta Avery nee Goyle (b. 1890)
  • Norris Avery (b. 1917)
  • Janine Avery nee Lestrange (b. 1898)

Family Tree


Connections and Relationships

  • Macnairs: The Macnairs being the primary family of manufacturing businesses in the wizarding world and the Averys being shippers, it was an obviously good pact.
  • Greengrass: The patriarch of the Avery Family is the widower of Verianne Greengrass.
  • Carrow: Thomas Avery married a Carrow by the name of Myra, entwining the families.
  • Goyle: Neil Avery married a Goyle by the name of Esta, entwining the families.
  • Lestrange: Benedict Avery married a Lestrange by the name of Janine, entwining the families.
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