This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Editor of 'Words of Wonder'
Portrayed by Tony Curran
Name: Avitus Morgan Weasley
Birthday: January 26, 1900
Position: Author/Editor
Lineage: Pure-Blood


This man looks to be in his late thirties, and has short, red hair and beard, and pale blue eyes. Standing almost exactly six feet tall, he's a bit skinny but not unhealthily so. He's currently wearing a set of blue robes with orange trim that matches the colour of his hair.


Born the eldest child of what would end up being a family of seven children in the year 1900, Avitus Weasley had a pretty normal childhood for a pureblood wizard. Most of his childhood was spent between homeschooling, chores, and playing with his siblings, which often involved makeshift Quidditch games on rickety brooms in the backyard. It was when he started at Hogwarts that he found his true calling. Unfortunately for his dreams, he was terrible at Quidditch, but he loved to read and even more he discovered he loved to write. Where others would groan at the long essays they were asked for, Avitus often wrote too much and loved every moment of it.

Also at Hogwarts, he had his first real interactions with Muggle born, and he found their stories of Muggle life fascinating. More, however, as he grew older the Great War began. Though horrified at the loss of life, Avitus was also interested in following the war, and became frustrated in the lack of detail provided by the Daily Prophet. In the end, except for the summer when he could go into the village and get muggle newspapers, most of his knowledge came from the letters his muggle-born friends received.

That’s not to say he didn’t have other interests. He enjoyed dueling, though was never very good at it. He also took part in the Arts Club. However, chief among his other interests was Athena Mulciber. It took a few years before she even noticed him, being a year ahead and in Ravenclaw. (Avitus was, of course, in Gryffindor, like the vast majority of his family before him.) Eventually, when Avitus was in fifth year and Athena was in sixth, they bonded over their mutual interest in Muggle technology and began a romance that would last a lifetime.

After finishing his NEWTS, Avitus went on to get a job with the Daily Prophet, at first a junior copy editor and eventually worked as assistant editor. In the intervening years, he had married Athena (who worked at St. Mungo’s in the Artefacts Accidents department), and they had moved into a house in Hogsmeade, and went on to have their first child, Hector.

Issues came together then, a combination of his rising dissatisfaction in the editorial policies at the Daily Prophet, and Athena’s generally being unsuited to being a housewife. So, Avitus resigned from the newspaper to stay at home and look after Hector, while Athena continued her training and work at St. Mungo’s. Avitus went on to write a few novels, ‘muggle fiction’ he called them, though their accuracy to the muggle world left a lot to be desired.

A couple years ago, on learning about the popularity of ‘pulp magazines’, and with five kids and bills starting to pile up more than Athena’s income and the occasional novel sale could handle, Avitus decided to start printing his own fiction magazine. ‘Words of Wonder’ would start, and while they would print any quality fiction submitted, Avitus’ pro-muggle views were represented in an editorial he wrote each month, which would often talk about the latest news of the muggle world.


  • Devoted to Family
  • Honest
  • Muggle-Obsessed
  • Soft-hearted
  • Weath: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Author of multiple 'muggle-fiction' novels.
  • Editor of pulp fiction magazine 'Words of Wonder', which publishes fiction of any genre as long as it's written by a wizard, witch, or squib.
  • Writes an editorial, usually about muggle current events, in every issue of Words of Wonder.


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The oldest of my brothers. He works at the ministry.


My youngest brother.


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