Penny Dreadful
Name: BadPenny
Aliases: Baps; Bap; BP
Birthday: August 27, 1986
Position: Player
Location: Penny Baddington, 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Somewhere U.S.A

About Me

The lady in the picture looks calm, cool and collected… But, to be perfectly frank, nothing can be further than the truth. I'm clumsy, absent-minded, forgetful and incredibly accident prone. That said, I always mean well - for whatever that's worth.

In trying to describe myself, I realize that I sound like an odd confusion of random things thrown together in a heap. I am an animal-lover, horse trainer, artist, seamstress, craftperson-thing, writer, casual gamer chic (when I have time,) and Jill-of-all-trades around the house/farm. Music means a great deal to me, and I enjoy songs from many decades. History, mythology, folklore and legends are something of a side-passion of mine, along with an obsession for fashion history. So, as you can easily see, I am a mixed bag of randomness.

On the downside, due to a genuinely annoying heart condition and other health issues, I can't drive a car. My mobility is very limited as a result; but, I try to cope and make the best of it. Oh yeah, and I'm single - big surprise. I think I'm supposed to be ashamed of that or…something.

Can you tell I have a fairly dry sense of humor?

Don't let the sarcasm throw you. Despite my moniker, I mean no harm - and I'm not that bad of a penny.



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