Character Information
Portrayed by Anna Torv
Name: Bailey Atalanta Potter
Aliases: Bailey Diggory
Birthday: December 20, 1906
Position: Assistant Coach for the Appleby Arrows
Lineage: Pure-blood


Initially, Bailey gives off a deceptively sharp appearance, but upon close inspection, there is a softness to her features. The lines in her face suggest a few more years than she actually possesses. Average in height and build, she nevertheless has an athletic body, with lean muscle giving shape to her supple form. Her flaxen blonde hair runs midway down her back, when she allows it to be free, rather than up in a tight bun or ponytail. Her hazel eyes peer out at the world with a subtle, maternal warmth.

Coaching Quidditch has helped Bailey find her happiness again


Bailey Potter was born to pure-bloods, Warren and Constance Potter (nee Rashley), in River Piddle, Dorset. It was evident almost from birth that the baby was special, changing eye and skin colour in the midwife's arms. Even the child's gender took hours before it seemed to settle on a male form. The baby was clearly a Metamorphmagus. Though neither parent shared this trait, it was not unknown in Constance's family, so they were prepared for what it could mean to their child. After witnessing the shifts in sex, they named their son Bailey, feeling it was an appropriately gender-neutral name, should the matter come up again.

The Potters' foresight proved wise, for as Bailey grew and mastered his metamorphic abilities, the issue of gender proved difficult for him to grasp. Though he enjoyed playing, wrestling, and hunting with the local boys, he would also frequently assume a female appearance, especially to play with his little sister, Tabitha. Many friends knew him as a girl, and had no idea Bailey Potter was anything but female.

Some days you wake up a redhead


Potter Family



Twelve inches, cedar, very flexible, with a dragon heartstring core.

When it came time to attend Hogwarts, uniform and dormitory regulations forced Bailey to make a difficult choice. He was legally male, but he had never been constrained to a single gender before. He decided that he felt most comfortable and free in a feminine form, and it was a daughter, not a son, that the Potters sent to Hogwarts. She even adopted the middle name "Atalanta" in honour of her choice. But in spite of choosing to be a girl, Bailey retained a strong interest in traditionally masculine activities. She had always been a very active and sporty child, and as soon as she could qualify, she joined the Quidditch team. Though she excelled on the pitch, she wasn't the strongest student, easily distracted and always seeking something new and different. Her knack for practical magic was strong, but magical theory and more cerebral pursuits were often beyond her. Though she continued after O.W.L.s, she left Hogwarts after her Sixth Year, frustrated and craving some new adventure.

Quidditch Career

That adventure came in the form of a position with Puddlemere United. It was a dream come true, playing for the team she'd always cheered for growing up, even if only as a second-stringer. She didn't get to play every game, but she loved the life itself. During those years, she even met the man who would become her husband. Everett Diggory was one of the assistant coaches, and though several years older than Bailey, the half-blood wizard pursued and wooed her. Though he claimed that her past as a male didn't bother him, Bailey would always wonder in the years to come if that wasn't the true cause of how things went. After three months of courtship, Everett asked Bailey to marry him. The two wed quickly and had a whirlwind honeymoon before the Quidditch season began. The first six months were like a dream come true. But after the novelty wore off, Bailey began to feel the pressure of living like a "normal" woman. She wasn't even sure if she could bear children, and she knew Everett wanted them. Perhaps it was her own self-consciousness, or Everett's inability to cope with what she was, or both, but the fights became more frequent, and more cruel. After fourteen months, their union imploded in divorce, and Everett quit his position with Puddlemere United.

Bailey's "natural" male form

Only a few months after the divorce, Bailey's world came crashing down in a match when an opposing player's broom was snapped by a bludger, and she was impaled upon the broken shaft. The broken broom handle had slammed into her at full speed. It punctured her lung, and penetrated entirely up through her shoulder. If not for the brilliant Healers and one especially sharp-minded young student apprentice at St. Mungo's, the injury would have been the death of her. Of course, it was the death of her Quidditch career. Ironically, it would be her greatest claim to fame in the annals of Quidditch history.

Bailey's notion of Muggle fashion: Dressing like a pulp detective

Falling Down

Recovery from such a drastic wound was slow, requiring months of hospitalization, and years of therapy and further Healing treatments. Her dreams shattered, and finding her skills of little use in other fields, Bailey fell into a deep depression. In desperation, she found work acting as a bodyguard for some rather shady people. It wasn't ideal, and she had more than a few dark and terrifying experiences. But she found she was fairly good at the job. After a few years of it, she was able to move on to more legitimate security work as she tried to piece her life back together.

Return to Quidditch

By 1940, Bailey had grown dissatisfied with security work. She hadn't been truly happy since her Quidditch dreams died. After a friend helped her to overcome her trepidation over flying again, she opened up to new possibilities. When her brother, a chaser for the Appleby Arrows, informed her of an upcoming vacancy in an assistant coach position, she decided to apply, and got the job. Since then she has found her joy again. She may not be playing, but flying around a pitch and being a part of that world again has brought back to life something she thought was long dead.


Chronic Pain
A nearly fatal injury has left Bailey with chronic pain in her chest and right shoulder.
As she has matured, Bailey's maternal instincts have grown much stronger. She is very protective of children, and tries to comfort and care for the people in her life. Some of the Quidditch players she coaches affectionately refer to her as "Mum".
Bailey was born with the magical ability to change her physical appearance. She doesn't make a big issue of it, and most people that know her aren't aware of her gift.
Mastered Form: Female Bailey
Through a lifetime of practice, Bailey has mastered her female appearance.
Wealth: Poor
Though she makes adequate money, her need for regular potions to manage her pain eats heavily into her resources in these difficult financial times.

RP Hooks

  • Assistant Coach for the Appleby Arrows.
  • Played for many years as a second-stringer for Puddlemere United.
    • She was a multifaceted player, able to fill in as Keeper, Chaser, or Beater.
    • Sadly, her greatest claim to fame was how her career ended: impaled on a broken broom shaft.
  • Bailey was in the Class of 1925, but did not attend a Seventh Year, leaving Hogwarts after the 1923-24 year. She looked a little different back then. But she's not totally unrecognizable.
  • She enjoys camping and hunting.
  • Bailey loves dogs, though she doesn't have a pet of her own.
  • Bailey adores poetry and the French language, though she neither writes poems nor speaks French.

Class of 1925

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Logs featuring Bailey Logs that refer to Bailey



She's as sweet as they come. It's awful what she's had to go through. But somehow she still manages to take care of everyone around her.


Felicity was on a summer apprenticeship at St. Mungo's when I came into the Trauma ward covered in blood with a broom handle through my lung. Talk about a harsh introduction to the world of artefact accidents. But she's done well, and has taken a personal interest in my case ever since.


The young auror that Rhyeline has adopted as her "brother". He seems like an upright fellow, which probably just means his dark secrets are that much nastier. But I suppose that doesn't make him a bad person. He treats Rhyeline right, and he's done right by me thus far.


A former teammate from my years on Puddlemere United. She made history the same year I did, but for much more cheerful reasons.


The broommaker thinks he's a real charmer. So what if he's got a way with flowery words, dashing good looks, and an extraordinary talent for his craft. Fine, so he's charming. But he's also got a pretty crude streak in him that occasionally ruins it…which he then turns around with his passion for his work and helping me to fly again.


We had a good thing once. Well, it could have been a good thing if I hadn't bollixed it up so badly.


Such a meek, fragile little thing. She started as my charge, another client to protect. But like many others, I've been drawn in by her innocent charms, and I now call her a friend.




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