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Character Information
Portrayed by Rutger Hauer
Name: Balaurius Malfoy
Aliases: Bal
Birthday: March 6th, 1873
Position: Retired Healer
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Pale skin has weathered with some ruddiness through his growing years but the pale of his beard and hair have not faded but in fact become more snowy to follow the traditional coloring of his family. Despite is advance in years he has kept his taller stature and piercing blue gaze. His broad shoulders and confident air fights back his age.

Wearing items far less traditional, his coat is a throwback to older decades but suits the man. The cravat is nearly hidden by his beard. Black in color save for the shirt and vest beneath the contrast gives him a far more austere than anything else about him. A set of spats are settled over the loafers, a bit scuffed but none the less cared for.


Balaurius was born during a chilly night on March 6th, 1873 at the Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire, England to Pure-bloods Typhon and Nora Malfoy (nee Lowe); a Hitwizard and Housewitch, respectively. Typhon and Nora had three children, two boys: Enceledus (b. 1870), Balaurius (b. 1873) and their youngest, a daughter: Persephone (b. 1883). Being the middle child he didn't have his father's attention like the heir of the Malfoy family, nor was he a girl like his little sister to capture the attention of their mother. They were distant parents, and childhood for him was an often lonely time. Though the family was particularly wealthy and he had access to every entertainment money could buy, the boy's interests resided, even at a young age, in academia; fueled with a driving need to prove himself and warrant the attention of his parents, especially his father whom he idolized.

Being sorted into Slytherin was no surprise. In his Third Year he would take on Arithmancy and Ancient Runes along with the core classes. O.W.L.s in these classes were achieved with ease. Upon returning to 6th year, Balaurius began N.E.W.T. classes of Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Charms, with his focus now set upon becoming a healer. He passed them all and graduated with the class of 1892. When at Hogwarts, he hadn't been popular with his fellow students; too blinkered by his ambition to pay them much mind. But an apprenticeship at St. Mungo's brought him into a new circle of like-minded individuals, among whom he found a place and some healthy competition.

Over his years as a healer, Balaurius specialised in Potions and Plant Poisoning, and later Spell Damage, finding a particular fascination with ailments of the mind. It was in this that he would encounter an Obliviator, Desdemonia Nott. Their marriage was as much for love as politics and they have since been 'blessed' with four children to carry the proud Malfoy name. Each has tested Balarius' own parenting skills. Edwarlinda (b. 1900), Cyril (b. 1906), Cassius (b. 1909) and the surprise that was Medusa (b. 1921).


  • Calculating
  • Stubborn
  • Wealth: Opulent

RP Hooks

  • Malfoy: While his older brother Enceledus lives in the Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire, England. Balarius and his wife moved to London after they were married and have raised their branch of the family there.
  • Unity Party: A few years ago Belaurius was a known supporter of Grindelwald. But then his own son rose to power and became the leader of the Unity Party Balarius veered with UNITY separating himself from Grindelwald. While there was some uncertainty at first, now Balarius is a staunch supporter of the party and at social events he is often talking about his son: Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic, Cassius Malfoy, leader of the Unity Party.


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His wife, and his partner in all things. Desdemonia is a wickedly intelligent woman, though perhaps guided a bit too much by her heart. He has wondered more than once if the failures of their children haven't been due to her coddling them overmuch.


Balaurius' eldest child is a grave disappointment. Aside from Edwarlinda's party-going antics, she is a blood traitor, having affiliated with dirty blood ever since being shamefully sorted into Gryffindor at Hogwarts. He had hoped that become an auror might satisfy the heat in her blood enough to bring her back into the fold, but it only seemed to encourage her further.


If Edwarlinda is a disappointment, Cyril certainly straddles the line of approval. He's an accomplished man, which Balaurius can respect. But Cyril is also prone to outbursts and has an unhealthy predilection toward violence. He seems to be cooling down, but is this just a moment of rest before he lights his fires again?


Cassius was on such a fine track toward success. Magical Law, politics…he could have been Minister for Magic one day. But now this Unity business has Balaurius worried about the path his youngest son is taking, and whether he is taking the family with him.


Balaurius' last great hope that one of his children will live up to the family legacy…but he gave up on that hope some time ago. Medusa has shown herself to be generally disinterested in making anything of herself. Distracted, lazy, and perhaps even a bit dim, Balaurius loves Medusa, but he does not expect great things from her.


Brother: Enceladus and Balaurius have never been especially close, and do an outsider, they might seem like rivals. That is, until someone speaks ill of the other, and the brothers close ranks and demonstrate what Malfoy family loyalty truly means.


Nephew: Balaurius is a dutiful uncle, and would do whatever is needed to support his nephew and future patriarch of the family. That said, he isn't close to young Abraxas, and typically only sees him at family functions.


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