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El Jefe
Portrayed by Gaspard Ulliel
Name: Balthazar Hugo Lestrange
Aliases: Balty
Birthday: Jan 26, 1920
Position: Apprentice Lawyer
Lineage: Pure-blood


Balthazar is tall, with the newly-acquired confidence that being seventeen brings, the swagger and squared shoulders of arrogance, and the good looks and height of good breeding. He has a mane of dark hair that he keeps neatly styled, parted in the middle and brushed back with care. Emerald-green eyes peer out from under thin dark brows, and his smile has a rogue's quirk at the corner that more often than not gives his expression a look of either mild contempt or wry amusement than it does genuine joy. He has filled out in the chest and shoulders, his upper body having a comfortable layer of muscle framing his torso nicely. Long legs add overall, and give him his six feet and two inches of height.

Finely-cut black robes made from expensive satin hang elegantly from his shoulders, the crest of his family embroidered on the breast of the robes. Deep, voluminous sleeves end to allow strong hands to emerge, hands with finely-manicured nails. Under the bottom of his robes are dark pants and crisply-polished leather shoes. A white shirt and silk tie show at the neck of his robes, testament to his wardrobe.


Balthazar comes from the prominent Lestrange family, whose ancestor Ichabod Lestrange made the family tremendously wealthy by discovering a process for refining certain kinds of magical ink. As a result, the family has been pleasantly rich for the past few generations. However, as the family has enjoyed its money, it has done so in ways that were specifically at the expense of others. Balthazar is the eldest son of his branch of the pureblood family, and the both natural and logical descendant of generations of elitism, snobbery, and affluence. He's always been considered to be the heir apparent to run the family business.

The family spent their vacation time in Spain, spending so much time there that their little Balthazar is relatively fluent in Spanish, and quite often likes to give his minions and cronies Spanish nicknames like 'Flaka' for the skinny ones and 'Gordo' for the fat ones. He also likes to be called 'El Jefe', which means 'The Boss'. He usually tries techniques of trickery, deception, and persuasion to get people to do what he wants them to do. He sees himself as a natural leader, an easy choice whenever a question of being in charge comes up, and as a result, also thinks he is handsome, brilliant, and extremely skilled in all areas. His arrogance is often his undoing, causing him to occasionally overpromise and underdeliver. But, his family can usually buy his way out of any problems he causes.

He is his father, Devlin's, pride and joy. His mother, Anais, was killed very early on in Balty's life. At a family reunion she got on the bad side of one of the Lestrange's less sane members. There was a duel and his mother lost. Her mother, Grannie Umbridge to Balty moved in and cared for her motherless grandson. She however is in her last stages of life. She has gone deaf, and so the whole family has to be proficient at sign language in order to communicate with her. She slips in and out of delirium, and has to be kept away from a wand, lest she start changing everything in the house into random objects. As a result, Balthazar paid particular attention in Transfiguration class, becoming quite skilled in that particular area of magic. Particularly since Grannie Umbridge has a horrible habit of finding wands that are not hers, and having it produce unexpected effects.

In other areas of his schooling in Hogwarts, Balty was not particularly a great student, learning what was necessary to pass his courses and move through his years, though he was pretty good at potions. While his father is still highly capable of running the family business, Balthazar aims to become a Barrister so that he will be able to represent said Business. The hope is that he will be able to find the loopholes and codicils that will allow him to make even more money for the family and therefore rise more quickly within their ranks.

RP Hooks

  • Alumni: Slytherin Class of 1938
  • Novice Barrister at the Ministry
  • Spent a lot of time in Spain


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  • Wealth: Rich
  • Sarcastic
  • Posh
  • Vain



Delvin Lestrange
Father - Balthazar's one thing that's always pure and genuine is the way he respects and adores his father.


Anais Lestrange nee Umbridge
Dead Mother - Her loose tongue cost her her life. She's the reason that Balty has strived to be perfection every time he opens his mouth. Every word thought out, every word dedicated to the memory of the mother he never knew.


Debra Umbridge
Maternal Grandmother - Crazy old bat.


'Friend' - A housemate that adored him. Little young, but Balthazar played it cool and she'll no doubt remember him, and perhaps even seek him out in a year or two when she gets out of Hogwarts. Balty looks forward to that Sunny Day.

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