Portrayed by Jude Law
Name: Bannon Benjamin Bryson Bates
Aliases: Bannon
Birthday: Mar 29, 1905
Position: Magical Law Enforcement
Lineage: Muggle-born


This man stands 5'11" tall, with a lithe and agile build. He has something of a man-about-town's look to him, with a certainly self-assurance to him. His sandy blond hair is brushed straight back, sitting solidly beneath a black bowler hat with a red band. His bright blue eyes are set above an arrow-straight nose. His chin protrudes slightly beneath expressive lips. He carries a clean-cut look about him, with a neatly maintained moustache that curls down around the edges of his lips.

Completing the man-about-town look is the clothing in which he wears. He wears a white shirt with plain black tie sporting a sharp Windsor knot. He wears a black vest in which the tie tucks into, with horizontal pinstripes running the length of the garment. His jacket and trousers carry the same coloring and look, the only difference being the existence of vertical pinstripes instead of horizontal ones. His shoes are neatly polished, carrying a brilliant shine. Except for a watch on his left arm, he wears no other accoutrements.


The story of the Muggle-born Bannon Benjamin Bryson Bates begins with the story of his father, Benjamen Bates. The elder bates was an Academic throughout most of his life, having spent most of his young adult life in various teaching positions at the University level. He married Louise Copperfield, the second daughter of a prominent banker in East Sussex in1903, at the age of 28. In 1905, Bannon Benjamin Bryson Bates was born. The joyous occasion came just a week after Benjamin Bates accepted a professorship at Oxford University's Christ Church college. The family moved to Oxford, and Bannon's younger life was spent in those hallowed halls of higher education. Through his tutor, Mrs. Newell, he was given the proper education of an English boy, from letters, to numbers, to etiquette of all sorts in an effort to raise Bannon into a proper English gentleman. In that, they were successful.

It was quite a shock when they received the letter from a school named Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, informing them that Bannon is a wizard and he has been accepted to the school to learn the craft. It was an uproar, to be sure, involving visits from people in the Magical community. Finally, they accepted the fact that the odd occurrences happening around their son would only cease when he was trained to control his nature as his father called it.

This began a period of estrangement between Bannon and Benjamin Bates, with the later remaining distant from the former even during school holidays. This put a lot of pressure on Bannon, without so much as a letter from home, and the disenfranchisement left his grades below par. With his keen intellect and his ability to learn completely and quickly, he was never in danger of being anything less than extraordinary, but he really began to shine in his third year, with only one E-level grade in History of Magic with the rest of his classes graded at Outstanding. There was talk of the sorting hat getting it wrong. This was by design however, as Bannon found his schoolwork as a release from the torments of being Muggle-born. He could forget, at least in his own heart, that his blood wasn't as pure as the wizards around him by being better wizards than them. Oftentimes, he succeeded.

Bannon began his career with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement as a Clerk, handling much of the parchment pushing in the Major Magical Crimes division of the Department. After six months riding the desk, he was selected for Auror training. As a skilled and well-respected expert in Muggle matters, it was often assigned to him to handle Magical problems in Muggle London, a sought-after position. He maintained a steady presence in the Muggle world, separating himself from the practice of complete isolation from Muggles that most wizards found easier. He effected a man-about-town style, always dressed in a suit with a bowler hat and a walking stick that concealed his wand (Oak, 8 and inches long, unicorn hair core, surprisingly supple) at the top. He met Miss Ashley Davies, a captivating Italian-British senora, during his time in London, forming a clandestine relationship with her. An acrobat herself, Bannon charmed and was charmed by her. It is the only time to date he has ever broken with his strict and disciplined upbringing. He was promoted within the Aurors, and moved away from London to return to the Wizarding world where he made a name for himself bringing to justice a number of vampires who were breaking laws as often and in every way possible.

In September of 1928, he had his first run in with Adelwald Kreigsbruder, a dark wizard with a particular fondness for pressing the buttons of the Muggle-born. With no tolerance for the bigot and his like, Bannon pursued him tirelessly, yet always managed to be eluded by the skillful wizard.

The portents of Bannon's birth:

Born on the foot of the river Thames,
in the company of those who do condemn.
Prior to the start of the Blood-bourne spat,
Comes the son of battle in a bowler hat.

Strength, skill, benevolence of soul,
are tools he'll use to meet meet his goal.
In the face of tragedy that will befall,
he'll play his hand to protect them all.

He was born in Oxford, which the river Thames runs through, to Muggle parents who condemn his nature as a wizard. He comes before the time of Grindelwald, and Bates (which means …son of Battle) wears a bowler hat that has become his trademark amongst other Wizards.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Code of Honor
  • Famous
  • Posh

RP Hooks

  • MLE Member/Ministry Personnel
  • Was Gryffindor while at Hogwarts
  • Muggle-born from an upper-class Muggle family



Josie is his daughter. He has made an attempt, since they've become aware of each other, to create a bond. He is fond of his daughter, and cares about her dearly. He is making attempts to make up for the lost time between them. He makes attempts to spend time with her, when possible, such as during Hogsmeade weekends and during her vacation time, in hopes of creating a firm bond between father and daughter.


They started off merely as acquaintances. With Camilla taking care of Josie, it seemed logical for him to establish a formal relationship with her as his daughter's caretaker. As times progressed, however, their relationship bloomed and became more. Their relationship bloomed to such an extent that they are now betrothed, and he could not be happier.


This young woman, to him, often seems to jump headfirst rather than think things through. They are, however, colleagues, and he knows of her skills. He knows she can do her duty well, though that won't stop him from keeping a watchful eye upon her, just to make sure she is doing all right.


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