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Character Information
Portrayed by Jon Hamm
Name: Barnaby Ollerton
Aliases: Barny
Birthday: June 28th, 1898
Position: Co-Owner of Cleansweep Broom Company
Lineage: Half-Blood


Barnaby is one of those business types with the weight of their world on their shoulders. There's a masculine jawline and a good head of dark hair, no doubt about it. But his expression rests habitually in pinched weariness, narrowing his brown eyes and lowering neatly-kept brows. Perfectly clean-shaven and of decent build, standing at a fraction under 6'0 with surprisingly broad shoulders for one who looks otherwise the genial academic, the man is difficult to place an age on. Perhaps that nigh impenetrable mask of serious business has kept him wrinkle-free longer than expected.

He's well-dressed, if not lavishly so - a professional looking suit of crisp brown plaid with a pristine white shirt collar peeking above and a meticulously knotted tie of dark grey. Generally, his hair is kept properly slicked and combed back, though it's actually a touch longer than one might expect.


  • Barnaby is the serious one, his focus is on the success of the business. His creativity is channeled through ad campaigns and sales.
  • Bill is the crafter, with a level head and a steady hand he creates the things Bob dreams up and Barnaby sells.
  • Bob is the dreamer, not always punctual, the ideas come when they come. But when they come, he gives them to Bill to put into form.

RP Hooks

  • Broom Genius: Barnaby is a veritable font of knowledge about brooms and has collected several expensive ones at home.
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  • Wealth: Rich


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-?- Ollerton
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-?- Ollerton nee Bagman
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Identical Triplet Brother: (b. June 28th, 1898 at 4:20) Half-Blood. Bill is the middle brother of the triplets. He is the anchor to Bob's levity and the buoyancy to Barnaby's seriousness. Without Bill, Barnaby would have probably have fired and estranged himself from Bob entirely.


Identical Triplet Brother: (b. June 28th, 1898 at 5:55pm) Half-Blood. Since 1940, Barnaby and Bill don't speak to each other. They are still business partners. But when Bob chose to party, waste his money and not do much of a thing to actually work on the ideas for the next Cleansweep model Barnaby cut the more personal ties.


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