Character Information
Portrayed by Anne Reid
Name: Bathilda Bagshot
Aliases: -
Birthday: May 28th, 1860
Position: Author & Magical Historian
Lineage: Pure-Blood


While the years have decidedly begun to take their toll on this elder woman, Bathilda carries herself with the stature and aplomb of one far younger, a natural air of curiosity and energy still abuzz about her softening form. Her features, in particular those sharp blue eyes, still bear traces of one who was handsome, in her day, and she plainly still takes a great deal of pride in her appearance judging by that neatly pin-curled hair - a hint of blonde still apparent within the silver-grey - and those plucked, arching brows.

Her clothing choices tend toward rich fabrics and luxurious hues, perfectly embodying a cultivated impression of professionalism and wealth. For now, a smart overcoat of plush maroon velvet, adorned with a sparkling brooch, is worn atop a blouse of dull bronze and a prim skirt a couple of shades darker, with low-heeled pumps of tan to complete the ensemble.


RP Hooks

  • Well Read: If there's a book out there, chances are that Bathilda has read it, especially if it deals with Wizarding history.
  • Tea: There's nothing Bathilda loves more than a hot cup of tea. She enjoys all different flavors and brews. Perhaps you have something she's never tried?


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do


  • A History of Magic WIP Currently Bathilda is in the early stages of researching and putting together an outline of what she hopes to be her best book yet.
  • Hogwarts: A History Hogwarts: A History, also known as Hogwarts, A History, is a book concerning Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and its history that was written by Bathilda Bagshot. Three of the things that are frequently brought up are the Great Hall's enchanted ceiling that shows the weather outside, the fact that you cannot apparate or disapparate on Hogwarts grounds and the fact that electronic devices do not work within the grounds.
  • The Decline of Pagan Magic The Decline of Pagan Magic was a book by the celebrated magical historian, Bathilda Bagshot, on the lack of use of ancient Pagan Magic.
  • The Oracle of Palombo The Oracle of Palombo was a book by the celebrated magical historian, Bathilda Bagshot, presumably a historical case study of Divination practices. It was published by M. L. Books.
  • Omens, Oracles & the Goat Omens, Oracles & the Goat was a book by the celebrated magical historian, Bathilda Bagshot, presumably an historical overview of Divination practices.[2] It was published by M. L. Books.


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Hans Agrippa
Father: (BirthYEAR - ?) Pure-Blood.


Heidi Agrippa nee Vogler
Mother: (BirthYEAR - ?) Pure-Blood.


Bertilda Grindelwald nee Agrippa
Sister: (BirthYEAR - ?) Pure-Blood. Bertilda married a very nice pure-blood german man named, Lubbart Grindelwald. They had a son, Gebbert Grindelwald.


Grand-Nephew: (BirthYEAR - ?) Pure-Blood. Gellert Grindelwald is the son of Bathilda's sister's son, Gebbert, making Gellert her grand-nephew. He came to stay with Bathilda when he fell into trouble at Durmstrang. He struck her as a troubled young man and it is with great sadness and disappointment that she reads an hears about what he is doing.


Jacob Bagshot
Late Husband: (1850 - 1938) Half-Blood. A Historian himself they met at a convention of Historians and were married a year and seven months afterwards. His family took her in at their family home in Godric's Hollow during their courtship.

              Hans Agrippa + Heidi Vogler
             |                     |
 Jacob + Bathilda Bagshot       Bertilda + Lubbert Grindelwald
                                      Gebbert + Magda nee Eldritch
                                       Gellert Grindelwald


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