The Polymath
Portrayed by Finn Wolfhard
Name: Beauford F Bagman
Aliases: Ford, Bo-Bags
Birthday: Feburary 17, 1928
Position: Ravenclaw 3rd Year
Lineage: Half-blood


A narrow shouldered boy of thirteen years that looks frail enough to be quite a bit younger… Ford carries himself with an awkward confidence despite his mousy features and tousled brown hair that falls to his ears. His unassuming physique is scrappy, composed of wiry muscles fine tuned by the trials of childhood. His features are sharp, Ford has a delicate slender nose dusted with a few almost imperceptible freckles and large brown eyes.

This youth is wearing a Hogwarts uniform: Black slacks, black shoes, a white oxford under a charcoal vest with blue piping. He has a loose blue and bronze tie with a haphazard knot. Over his basic uniform he also wears a set of robes from last year that have a brilliant blue lining but appear to be an inch too short and a bit old. His clothing gives him a shabby tossed together feel when coupled with his messy brown hair.


Beauford Fitzgerald Bagman was born on a frozen Feburary morning in 1928 to a set of loving happily married parents. The Bagmans were married the year prior and Beauford was their first child. Mr Jacob Bagman works in the Ministry of Magic in a mundane position in the Department of Magical Transportation. He mostly deals with inquiries concerning the misbehaving and misuse of brooms. Mrs. Bagman is a housewife and mother of three, she is a Muggle and has only the faintest understanding of magic.

Ford attended muggle school until he got his Hogwarts letter at age eleven. The boy had been expecting his letter, he was raised in muggle society but his father still kept a magic life. The Bagmans had magical extended relatives so it became this Big Secret the Bagman children were tasked with keeping when growing up. The wizarding world was never hidden from Ford but he did experience it from a distance for many years, living out his adventures in books and with various muggle pursuits to fill his time. As a lad Ford had an insatiable curiosity and a limitless amount of bravery where that curiosity was concerned. He is the type to do something seemingly insane in the pursuit of knowledge… thankfully he hasn't been pushed that far… yet. Life in his family's small three bedroom flat wasn't enough for Ford, happy and stable as it was, the mundane upbringing caused him to seek out a never ending parade of hobbies and fleeting fascinations. The boy taught himself the trombone and his supportive parents endured the efforts. He began collecting records when he was eight and Jazz was his favorite. The other constant in his life was when they went on Holiday or took a trip to the countryside and he got to practice broomflying with his dad and siblings.

When Ford began to attend Hogwarts it was as if much in his life suddenly changed and yet everything has seemed to stay the same. He was happier at school even though he had never been especially unhappy at home. Ford was sorted into Ravenclaw just like his father and he never had any trouble with studies those first few years. His new environment provided him with a different challenge every day and he began to flourish; Ford still collects books and picks up various hobbies but he intends to pledge his life to the Quidditch Pitch this fall. That is his next goal. There is /always/ a next goal…


  • Autodidact
  • Erratic
  • Moxie
  • Persnickety
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Into Everything - Ford likes learning and he takes to new challenges with a natural fervor. Got a hobby or passion you wanna talk about? Mr. Into Everything would be glad to listen.
  • Quidditch - Rumor has it one of his Ancestors was at the first game of Quidditch. His family has always displayed a passion for the sport.


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Jacob Bagman
Father:A wizard who has worked in the Department of Magical Transportation at the Ministry for over a decade. He is a caring father and dedicated husband who supports his children's creative efforts and unique personalities.


Danielle Bagman nee Davieau
Mother:An equally supportive woman with French immigrant parents, Danielle was born and raised in a Muggle family. She grew up in central London. She met Jacob when she was nineteen and never looked back, they are very much in love and she's a very understanding open minded woman.


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