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Character Information
Portrayed by Noah Gray-Cabey
Name: Beauregard Zabini
Aliases: Beau
Birthday: May 21st, 1929
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


Curly dark hair adorns the top of his head is Beauregard Zabini's most prominent feature. It is cut short on the sides and in the back. He has a heart shaped face with dark brown eyes. He has a medium shaped nose and under that is a pair of medium full lips. Beauregard has dark caramel colored skin and perfect white teeth. He is a little tall for his age, but has a slender build. He has thin legs and his feet are a little bigger than average. He has hands that are a little larger than normal with long thin long fingers.

Beauregard wears a typical Hogwart's school uniform: a white button up shirt with a green tie that is kept perfectly straight; a dark grey sweater vest; a pair of black trousers; and a pair of black shoes that have been polished to shine.


First born son of Truman Zabini, the second born son of Vincent Zabini (the current Head of the IMC) and his wife, Audrey Zabini nee Montfort, daughter of Evelyn Montfort nee Rosier (English Mother), a prominent barrister at Wizengamot Administration services and Alexandre Montfort (French Father), a Master Potion Maker, who perhaps foolishly is doing research into making the Philosopher's Stone, and the granddaughter of Archange Montfort (Vincent Zabini's French counterpart), Beauregard is the first of three child that came from the elder Zabini's matchmaking.

Truman is extremely loyal to his father even though he does not work under him at the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Truman works at Wizengamot Administration Services as a barrister for the Ministry. He got the position with no small help from his father and mother-in-law. Ever ambitious Truman has his sights set on one day being Chief Warlock of Wizengamot, an ambition his father firmly supports.

Audrey Zabini, is a housewife, who, when she is not raising her three children, is busy socializing with the other wives and witches that her husband works with. She is a skilled Potion Maker in her own right and has a side business of making potions, although her main focus for the moment is her children. She wants to see her husband rise in the ranks of the Ministry and does what she can to help him on the home front. Beauregard was their first born, followed three years later by another son, Albert, and three years after that a daughter, Madeleine.

Beauregard was and is expected to excel at whatever he puts his mind to. It was easy to see early on that he was an exceptionally brilliant child. He is a veracious reader and enjoys all manner of games that challenge his thinking. He especially loves games that involve strategy, although he dislikes games that rely mostly on luck. Beauregard's mother made sure that her children were well rounded in their education. Besides the usual teachings, art and music were a must. Beauregard found that he was real talent for sketching and painting as well as playing the piano. It came as no surprise when Beauregard was accepted into Hogwarts.

Beauregard wants to be the best at everything he does and that applies doubly so to his studies. He works extra hard to receive top marks and he has had little time to socialize. The only time he does is when he's at the clubs, but even then he only goes to the club to further his own desires.

RP Hooks

  • Zabini Bloodline: The Zabini bloodline is both Pure and Infamous. His grandfather, Vincent, is the head of Department of International Magic Cooperation within the Ministry of Magic. It is actually more difficult to not know of the Zabini family than it is to actually know of them. Beauregard is fully aware about his family and his bloodline and immensely proud of it.
  • School Clubs: Beauregard is part of three school clubs, the Book Club, the Chess Club and the Art Club. He's more then happy to talk about what he is working about.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Loyalty: Zabini Family
  • Perfectionist


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Truman Zabini
Father: Truman Zabini's is a barrister at the Wizengamot Administration Services. He loves his son very much and the feeling is very mutual. Beauregard strive to make his father proud of him and loathes to fail as he does not want to be see as letting down the family. Above all Beauregard has learned from his father that his actions, both positive and negative, reflect upon the family.


Audrey Zabini nee Montfort
Mother: Audrey Zabini wants only the best for her son, but she also expects the best from him. While she did not push him into any activity those activies that Beauregard choose she fully encouraged and supported him. Beauregard gets his perfectionist tendencies from his mother as he wants to be seen as perfect in her eyes.


Albert Zabini
Brother Friend, foe, ally and rival, sums up the brotherly rivalry between Albert and Beauregard. Although Beauregard has so far come out on top because of his three years advantage, he works hard to make sure that he's always ahead of Albert. He does like to pick on Albert, but should anyone else do it Beauregard is quick to turn on the person.


Madeleine Zabini
Sister Because of the six year difference between them Beauregard does not feel as the same rivalry as he does with his brother. He is protective of her, but also thinks of her as an annoying pest. He doesn't pick on her as much as he does Albert, but that's because of her propensity to go crying to their mother.


Grandfather - Chief of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Leonardo inherited and cultivated his commanding presence from his grandfather. Beauregard has a very warm and loving relationship with his grandfather and personally believes that he is his grandfather's favorite child.


Cousin - Outside of family functions Beauregard has not spent any time with Leonardo, but he is acutely aware of his accomplish at Hogwarts. Leonardo has set the bar high for Beauregard, but he's sure that he can match and exceed what Leonardo did.

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