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The Blue Pill
Portrayed by Chace Crawford
Name: Beckett Titus Nott
Aliases: Beck
Birthday: May 1, 1917
Position: Obliviator, M.A.C.
Lineage: Pure-blood


Beckett Nott is a tall, trim man in his early twenties, his frame chiseled but not overly muscular. His skin is pale and his short hair dark brown, artfully tousled for a "devil-may-care" style. Large upturned blue eyes are set to either side of his slightly retrousse nose. His upper lip forms a cupid's bow over a full lower lip. High cheekbones support thin cheeks. An angled jawline leads down to a strong but rounded chin. He speaks with an upper-class British accent.

He is wearing a silver satin robe with with red pinstripes. The hem, sleeves, and neckline are all trimmed with an inch of emerald green and another inch of Imperial purple. A black dragon-hide belt wraps twice around his waist, knotted rather than buckled, below which the robe drapes down to his ankles, loose enough for ease of movement without getting in the way. Black leather oxford shoes are occasionally visible. A hooded jet black cloak hangs from his shoulders, clasped at the neck.


Beckett Titus Nott was born on May 1, 1917, firstborn son of Cantankerus Nott and Eglantine Nott (nee Bulstrode). For a time, it appeared he would be an only child, but the arrival of his sister and then brother Bowen changed all that - for the better. He absorbed his father's pride in his ancestry and assurance of his superiority over Muggles readily, but his apathy for genealogy grew to distaste over time. Pure-bloods were superior to other wizards; wizards were superior to Muggles, period. The only escapes from his father's ramblings were to fob the old man onto his siblings. Meanwhile, he read, he studied, he exercised. When he grew impatient with lectures about his lineage, his magical outbursts disrupted his father's notes and stopped clocks. The family was neither rich nor poor.


Twelve and two thirds inches, aspen, stiff, with a dragon heartstring core.



Beckett enrolled in Hogwarts in 1927, sorting into Slytherin after what seemed to Beckett to be an interminable fifteen second deliberation. Some of what his father had always said clicked. Invitation to the Slug's private gatherings came in due course, while he continued his study of the violin in Music Club. Dueling Club was his passion, and the way Professor Slughorn noticed him: he was instructing club members. The professor made a pointed comment about helping the competition being unwise. Beckett's answer, that he was strengthening himself by making allies, struck a chord with the Slug. His good sportsmanship, sheer ability, and respect for opponents won him friends from every House. Ancient Runes and Arithmancy seemed the least boring electives, but he never did more than squeak by, just as he did in Potions and Herbology. The old man won his argument, as he excelled in the History of Magic. Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration were practical and enjoyable, but nothing matched Charms. He practiced rigorously.

It became apparent that Beckett needed less sleep than others. He resented the need to sleep at all. He became a prefect known both for fairness and for a willingness to look the other way in exchange for favors. His interest in quidditch was purely social. After his OWLs, he chose Charms, DADA, Transfiguration, and History of Magic for his NEWTs. He seemed an inexhaustible well of energy and infectious (or irritating) enthusiasm, and he poured all of it into his last two years. He graduated in 1935.

Obliviator & Duelist

He worked with the Obliviators one summer during his NEWTs and went to them after graduation. Theirs was a special sort of power: to shape the mind. He loved it. But he didn't stop playing the violin, reading, or practicing dueling. It all somehow coexisted with an active social life, as he pursued high society gatherings with vim and vigor, yet he still roamed the streets of London at night, restless. His victory in his first post-Hogwarts dueling competition turned out to be the first of many. The Obliviators were happy to give him time to compete, for his growing popularity reflected well on their Office. Thankfully, "the Obliterating Obliviator" nickname never caught on.

Beckett Nott is a Slytherin with a genuine smile, a musician, and a passion for exceeding his limits. His congeniality masks the extent of his restless self-improvement. The Nott name opens doors, and he increasingly views the finer things in life as his due. He has never been heard to say the word "mudblood," but he is a Nott, and he believes that should mean something. If Unity threatens that, Grindelwald may be the answer. Beckett is an enforcer of the wizard regime - one regime, or another.

RP Hooks

  • The Dueling Circuit: Do you keep up with dueling news? Then you've heard of Beckett Nott. He's always happy to discuss past matches and techniques with fans of the sport. You might be able to talk him into a casual match or training session.
  • Classically-trained Violinist: Beckett loves to find people to share in his passion for music. The camaraderie born of playing together is a fast-track to the Nott's good side.
  • High Society, High Culture: Pure-blooded wizards with aristocratic pretensions have likely seen Beckett at gatherings in the London area and further afield. He hides that he comes from poorer roots behind his classic sense of style and knowledge of wizard history, culture, and the fine arts, and he loves networking.
  • You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours. Beckett is in the habit of using his talents in ways others might not approve of to obtain what he wants. Sometimes all he wants is an excuse to mess with someone's mind. Would it be better if someone "forgot" something? Talk to him. His only compunctions concern publicity and loyalty to his friends and allies.


Famous Duelist While not the very best, his stylish attire, confident manner, hunger for victory, and excellent sportsmanship has ensured that he stays in the papers.
Wicked Cultured Beckett's appreciation for the arts extends beyond music. He reads and writes German and French fluently. He has the mannerisms of a courteous aristocrat, when he chooses to use them, and he has a hard time restraining his diction.
Never At Rest He doesn't sleep as much as others, and is always either concentrating on something or in motion. He works all day, practices in the evening, plays at night, and wanders London at odd hours.
Wealth: Comfortable He lives on the salary of an Obliviator plus the occasional winnings from placing highly in a tournament.
Amoral Right and wrong aren't terribly important to him. Reputation, prestige and power are.


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They don't seem to share the same priorities, other than their affections for Bowen and his mother. While Cantankerous might prefer that his son be less flashy, he seems a touch proud of his eldest's accomplishments. Praise has always been in short supply; that's nothing new.


She is just as much a source of Beckett's pure-blood pride as her husband. She taught him the importance of manners, both for their own sake and to affect others' opinions.


Younger brother.
Beckett and Bowen's age difference was too great for them to grow close. Bowen seemed more receptive to father's rants. Beckett sends an owl to Bowen once a week, though. They're closer now than when they lived together.


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