Director of Acting
Portrayed by Stanley Tucci
Name: Herbert Beery
Aliases: Herbal
Birthday: January 5th
Position: Professor at W.A.D.A
Lineage: Half-blood


A mostly-bald man with long features, Professor Beery is a man of cheery smiles and theatrical gestures. His hands move constantly, his face emotes his every word, and his voice rises and falls in a charismatic, engaging way. His skin is lightly tanned from hours toiling among the gardens and green houses, the shade setting off the salt and pepper in his neatly trimmed beard and what's left of his closely shorn hair. Dark eyebrows rest over kindly, animated brown eyes. He wears round spectacles that, on him, look artistic and intellectual. He most often can be seen wearing a velvet beret instead of a wizard's hat, but his robes are neat and tidy.

Herbert is prone to flamboyant gestures and dramatic speeches. The world is his stage, and he is the star of his own show. Whether literally on the stage, or when teaching a classes of eager young minds, he feels that it is his sacred duty to not only educate, but to entertain. He greets both of his passions (teaching and theatre) with equal verve and deep, deep profundity.


Herbert was born on a cold January night to Bartholomew and Harriet Beery. It had snowed so much that Herbert’s father often reminded him of how much trouble it was to shovel a tunnel out to the garden greenhouses to make sure they had enough heat to not freeze the family’s plants that served as a source o food and money. Bartholomew was a wizard of some success, if not a lot of money, and Harriet was a muggle. Growing up, the family did not have a lot of money, but Herbert did not go without a meal. The years prior to receiving his letter to attend Hogwarts, Herbert learned from his mother at home, and spent the majority of the rest of his time working with his father in the greenhouses behind their home. He found his true love though, on the frequent walks through town his mother would take him on where he would get exposed to small time community theatre. The sights, sounds, and smells quickly pulled him in and created a passion in him that he would not forget for the rest of his life.

After receiving his letter to Hogwarts, Herbert was sorted into Hufflepuff and went through his school days happily. He excelled in Herbology, Potions, and Charms, though Herbology was by far his easiest subject, due in no small part to his years of working with his father. He and a few other like minded students interested in the arts were involved in the Arts Club and would frequently put on productions for the other students. Upon his graduation from Hogwarts, Herbert went on to travel the world for a few years, something that he had longed to do for his years in school. He traveled far and wide to see what other kinds of Art there was to experience in the world.

Once his traveling was complete, he inevitably returned to London, and then to Hogwarts to seek employment. He was given the position of Herbology Professor, and served his position well. He was the Arts Club mentor, and shared the things he had learned with the students that were interested. It was a tragedy when the Pantomime production went awry, but through that, he was free to seek employment at the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts. Since beginning his employment here, Herbert seems to have finally found his calling.


  • Dramatic
  • Animated
  • Talks to Plants

RP Hooks

  • Former faculty member of Hogwarts
    • Former Professor of Herbology
    • Former Mentor for the Arts Club
  • Beery is now an acting instructor at W.A.D.A.
  • Has an unquenchable passion for drama and theatre.
  • Beery belongs to the Dark Defence League, Society for Distressed Witches, Society for the Support of Squibs, and the Preservation Society.


Logs featuring Beery Logs that refer to Beery



A long-time friend and colleague that Herbert recommended as his own replacement at Hogwarts.


What was he thinking!? All of those months of perfect planning and hard work. An Ashwinder? AN ASHWINDER! Tragedy, woe, disaster and it's all his fault. Never again do I even want to hear 'A Fountain of Fair Fortune's title. He is lucky I consider him a good friend or we would be nemesis! There is a part of me that is actually grateful for his folley. I am at W.A.D.A. now, truly a dream come true.


Former Student - Sweet sweet Sir Luckless. You truly brought the house down with your portrayal of the luckless knight. Your 'powers' of bad luck combined with Kettleburn's 'prop' it's a wonder the whole school didn't burn down. Walk softly my dear boy, walk softly.


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