Character Information
Portrayed by Kristin Scott Thomas
Name: Belvina Burke nee Black
Aliases: Vina (Vee-nah)
Birthday: May 3rd, 1885
Position: Housewitch & Socialite
Lineage: Pure-Blood


The woman is constructed of timeless elegance, her hooded gaze offering a look of outward inscrutability. Deep blue eyes are set with arching brows and a thinning shoulder length of dark brown hair that is tailored to hide the passage of time. An ease and comfort in the way she moves gives way to her self-confidence as much as wispy smile will often provide. All about her is somewhat fragile feeling from her narrow shoulders down to her small feet though in truth she is above average height.

A square necked beige blouse is set off and paired with a rich indigo cardigan. The pleated pants she wears are a beige as well, the blouse tucked into it. A simple pair of low indigo heels tops off the matched set and about her neck she wears several charmed necklaces.


Belvina was the second youngest child born to Phineas and Ursula Black, her brothers Sirius IIn Phineas II, and Nigellus were older and Cygnus was born the last of the five children. She had a normal childhood raised in a privileged pureblood house and attended Hogwarts in 1896 and was sorted like many of her family into Slytherin. She excelled in Transfiguration, Herbology and Potions, she took her NEWTS in those three classes and passed with flying colors. Her electives during her stay were Divination and Study of Ancient Runes.

The marriage to her husband, Herbert Burke was arranged and occurred directly after her graduation in 1903. In the following years they grew to know each other but no love was shared - though they respected each other.

Their first child was born in 1905, their second 1909 and finally their daughter in 1911. This was one thing that absolutely bound them together but now that their children have moved on they are faced with getting to know each other again.

RP Hooks

  • Black Family: Are you related? Is she your Aunt or Mother? Sister perhaps. The Black family populates many areas of England and beyond.
  • Charities: Being a Housewitch, Belvina pours a lot of her energies into charities or gatherings, hosting parties and get togethers for those in her social class.
  • Veritas Party: Most of the Black Family share the beliefs of the Veritas Party though she is not open with being aligned with the party in most cases - it is personal after all.
  • Herbology: One of Belvina's few pleasures is working with plants, it shows in her gardens and work with potions.
  • Empty Nest: Her children were her life, her joy and now they are moving on and though it may bring joy in the form of grandchildren she's finding her footing again.


  • Forced Smile
  • Observant
  • Inscrutable
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do


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Husband - There was no romantic love between her and Herbert, they are partners, truly equals in the decisions in the family and their household. They have the utmost respect for each other and they share a love for their children. Now that the children are all grown and moved on, it's created a new dynamic between her and her husband. Being alone now they are getting to know themselves again and getting to know each other again as well. With it being just the two of them they have had moments, gazes, smiles… could they be falling in love after all this time?


Eldest Son - Belvina gave birth to her father-in-law. It was a trial to raise him. Said Father-In-Law all but stole him from her, many of her parenting decisions were undermined by Caractacus I. She is proud that he has a iron-will drive to see his grandfather's business thrive. But it does so put a strain on Herbert and his relationship which is disappointing for Belvina.


Second Son - Oh Tash, the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Belvina blames this on being the middle child flanked by two siblings who are the pinnacle of decisiveness with their path.


Youngest and only Daughter - Belvina wanted to have a girl, so she and Herbert kept trying. Boudica was named for Belvina's favorite Queen, hoping it would influence her daughter to be strong willed and independent and a warrior when she needs to be. Boudica might not have grown to be the warrior type, but she more than compensated by becomes a wonderful, independent and brilliant soul.



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