Character Information
Portrayed by Ian Somerhalder
Name: Benjamin Aloysius Crouch
Aliases: Ben, Doc
Birthday: Jan 31
Position: Healer
Lineage: Pure-blood


Standing slightly higher than average height, this young man holds his toned and lithe form with a gentleman's grace and calm. The sharp angle of his jaw and chin accent a playful smirk that is constant in nearly any expression, though it never seems to touch his icy blue eyes. His dark hair and eyebrows only help to enhance the piercing effect of those light eyes. The hair is kept short, though it hangs over his ears slightly in a "rough-neat" style.

He is dressed in a white oxford with thin black stripes in a subtle vertical pattern, and a stiff collar. The tips of the collar leaves are embroidered with silver vines and tear-drops. A dark grey — nearly black — suit vest fits snugly over the oxford, a crimson bright tie tucked into the vest. The sleeves of the oxford are neatly rolled up just below the elbow revealing several woven bracelets on his right wrist which appear to be different roots, vines and grasses in varying states of healthy greens and aging browns. A handsome pair of straight slack falls down around a well cared for pair of black and white wingtip shoes.


The weather in January of 1918 was extremely colder than normal, however as the month came to an end and it came closer for Coleman and Calliope Crouch to give birth to their first son a sudden thaw spread across the country. Calliope took this as a sign that her child would have a great future ahead of him. On January 31st a thick and freezing fog blanketed nearly all of the country as Benjamin Aloysius Crouch entered the world. It wasn't until many years later that Calliope finally made up her mind on what the fog foretold. Ben grew up a happy, kind and well mannered child. He was very close to his younger brother Caspar as the two had been born almost exactly a year apart. When they were young they were so inseparable some folks mistook them for twins. That idea didn't last long as the two boys grew. Where Caspar grew more thick and toned, Ben grew to be more lithe and graceful. When Caspar was forced to spend more time with his betrothed, Ben spent most of his free time in Grandfather Fudge's library trying to eat up as much as he could.

Ben was rather excited, as most wizarding children are, the year he finally got to attend Hogwarts. He was certain he would be a Ravenclaw like his mother, and he was a little shocked when the Sorting Hat called for Slytherin, and even a bit quicker than he cared for. On the surface, he didn't seem to be the stereotypical Slytherin. He was very charming, understanding and friendly to most students, and kept high marks in his studies, especially at Potions. He was a favorite of many professors (even after being disciplined many times for sneaking around after lights-out) and nobody was surprised when he made Prefect. He took an interest in healing charms and potions, and earned a reputation as someone students knew they could go to when in need of a jinx or potion cure, in situations when it was too embarrassing — or too risky — to go to a faculty member. With this and his NEWTS in Potions, Charms, Tranfiguration, Herbology and DADA Ben was a shoe-in for a spot in St. Mungo's. He even snagged a summer apprenticeship as an orderly between his sixth and seventh years that helped him to lay the groundwork for an apprenticeship after graduation, something his Father was insistent he follow through with. However after the Closing Feast of his seventh year after he received his graduation papers, Ben claimed he needed to finish packing. He vanished that evening and other than a handful of farewell letters addressed to his closest friends, his brother, and his mother that arrived the next morning, he hasn't been seen or heard from since.

The thought of being tied down to an apprenticeship at St. Mungo's completely repulsed him. Ben craved something more exciting. He found himself shortly after in New York, US. Making a living as a small time thief and menial laborist. His jobs even got him involved with some seedier muggles which taught him an appreciation for their resourcefulness. It was from one of these muggles who frequented an old speakeasy bar that Ben learned two new loves — the art of disguise, and the saxophone. Using a combination of disguises, his own knowledge in magic, and his own special version of the noxious potion for quick getaways he was able to rake in the galleons doing tougher cons for wealthier clients. With his savings, Ben got back in touch with his reputation as a secret healer while a student in Hogwarts, and bought a space to set up something he noticed there was a lack of in the underworld — a place to take wounded with no questions asked. Ben was determined to take in any patient without questioning their actions, as he believed nobody deserved to suffer either physically, or mentally through the loss of another. Though his personal code had an exception — murderers or those who had scorned him. After a couple years Ben began to miss England and his family and friends. When news of the attack on Diagon and Verdic Alleys reached him, Ben knew it was time to make a re-appearance.

RP Hooks

  • Secret Healer — Do something bad, are you a wanted criminal, or just can't risk going to St Mungo's? I'm your Healer.
  • Black Swan — If you were in Hogwarts during 1936, or was class of 1936, you probably know Ben and his friendly and outgoing personality, and status as a star student. You probably also know that he went completely missing right after graduation and hasn't been seen until now.
  • Loves Muggle Music — Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Folk. Ben plays the saxophone and often frequents shadier muggle clubs to play with the bands there. He can also be found in muggle record shops.


  • Sarcastic
  • Empathy
  • Personal Code
  • Charming
  • Wealth: Comfortable


Logs featuring Ben Logs that refer to Ben



Coleman Crouch
Father - I've always got along civilly with Father, though we rarely see eye-to-eye. When I was younger, Coleman always tried to shoo me out of libraries and out from behind my books to play with the other kids and make friends (Or connections as he called them.) When I was in Hogwarts, father often pressured me into planning for a career. Coleman was often proud of my marks, and every time he bragged about me to his pals, it made me sick. When I got the summer apprenticeship at St. Mungo's, Coleman's pressure to be a Mungo Healer after graduation only got worse. He didn't get a goodbye letter when I left, and I haven't contacted him since returning.


Calliope Crouch nee Fudge
Mother - Mother was a treat growing up. Every time father had me in tears she was there to pick up the pieces. Many of the books father tried to take from me were ones she had given to me. She always supported me no matter what I did through my whole life, and she is the one I missed the most while in the States. Once I get settled, I'll go see her. I imagine she'll have a hearty slap and even heartier hug for me.


Younger Brother - Caspar and I were very close when we were little. Best of friends, and partners in crime. When he started to be forced to spend time with betrothed Charis, I didn't get to see him as much and we seemed to go our own ways. Still, he's my baby brother and I tried to keep my eye on him in Hogwarts. For some reason he got sorted into Gryffindor, and I pulled strings where I could to keep my housemates from picking on him too much. We haven't crossed paths too often, though we seemed to get closer in our later years in school. He got probably the longest goodbye letter when I left.


Caspar's Wife - I don't really know or care to know my brothers wife. She spent a lot of time with our family when we were kids, and just as much time she was taking my brother off to spend time with her family. I used to hate her, blaming her for taking my brother, but I know that wasn't her fault. Caspar seems to like her, so I guess she's alright.


Fiancée - Clerestory Mulciber. Clare. They met on a blind date in early November, 1940. Ben almost didn't even show up, and how sorry he would be now. They hit it off quite well, the spark undeniable to either of them. It swept Ben up and caused him to second guess things he thought he knew about himself, his life, and what he wanted his future to look like. Their relationship would probably be characterized as unconventional by most, but Ben doesn't care. What about his life wouldn't be considered unconventional for a Crouch? They got engaged in December on a short vacation to the Swiss Mountains. He is absolutely in love with Clare, and looks forward to their future together, whatever it may hold.


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