This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Beryl leaves Britain with Emmy to parts unknown in Central or South America.

A Rose by any other name…
Portrayed by Myrna Loy
Name: Beryl Vivienne Crabbe
Aliases: Bee
Birthday: August 15
Position: Treasure Hunter
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Mysterious, alluring, perhaps even a little enthralling, this striking woman seems to have an aura of understated glamour. Although her bearing is relaxed and aloof, there is a watchful sharpness about her green eyes; and her appealing features seem to be quite flawless. A little makeup can do wonders when done right. Her short, curly hair is deep auburn in colour, and done in a style that makes a nod to the fashions of the time; but, that being said, it has a way of always looking pleasingly unkempt and wind-blown. While she may seem attractively petite at first glance, she is not a weakling. Her build is athletic, and she gives the impression of one who knows how to take care of herself under any circumstance.

At the moment, she is wearing a sporty, deep cranberry silk sweater that has one feminine touch in a lacy handkerchief draped out of her breast pocket nonchalantly. A slightly darker red skirt that is pleated in the front and back comes down to about mid-calf, and a black patent leather belt with a fancy buckle rests on her waistline. She wears fine silk stockings and respectably feminine, yet sporty pumps that match her belt to complete her pretty but practical ensemble.


Beryl Vivienne Crabbe – an auspicious name from an auspicious family who wanted great things from their daughter; but their ideas of greatness and hers diverged at a young age. A scion of the venerable Crabbes and Goyles, Beryl was raised to see herself as a head and shoulders above anyone less than a pure-blood. Much to her parents’ chagrin, their influence stopped there. They instilled a haughty attitude and inflated ego; but they couldn’t take the adventurous, thrill-seeking tomboy out of their daughter. When Beryl was seven years old, another girl was born into the family, Signe. She actually enjoyed being a big sister by all accounts. There were the usual trifling tantrums and temper fits one always sees between girls; but, on the whole, it was one glimmer of a positive influence in her life.

To her parents, it was a relief to ship Beryl off to Hogwarts when the time came, and she was quickly sorted into Slytherin house where she began a tempestuous career as a student. Although she was talented and managed to keep good grades, she was temperamental and unruly when not occupied by more athletic pursuits. Distance grew between Signe and Beryl due to the long separations they endured when big sister was away at school; and sadly, the gap only broadened when it was realized that Signe had no magical aptitude. She was a Squib, a dud, a shame on the family name… everything that Beryl was raised to despise. And yet, for some reason she couldn't bring herself to abandon and despise Signe completely. Possibly in defiance of her father and devotion toward her mother, she's continued to remain loyal to her little sister, even if she often keeps her at a proper arm's length.

At age fifteen, her parents decided to take her severely in hand. A private tutor was brought in during the holidays to teach her to be a lady. By this time, Beryl was ready to take the intensive training to heart, realizing how useful honey-tongued charm could be. Still, she had long since decided that her desire was to become a curse-breaker.

Passing the requirements needed to garner a job at Gringott’s bank, Beryl embarked on her vocation with aplomb. However, over time, she became jaded with the job, the red tape and the money most of all. Avarice is a demanding master not easily satisfied by legitimate means; and one day, at age twenty-five, she simply didn’t show up at work. She slipped into the underworld as a freelance treasure hunter, picking up a partner along the way. But, the axiom of treasure-hunting is that there’s always another guy after your treasure, and that’s how she met Hector in the latter half of 1938. An unfortunate struggle in an Egyptian tomb, an accident, a death – Beryl lost her partner by Hector’s interference. However, he managed to deceive her into believing that her erstwhile partner had been cheating her. Then, luring her with the promise of more lucrative rewards and reliable employment, Hector convinced her to work for him. Despite initial misgivings on her part, the partnership appears to be working out well.


  • Audacious
  • Avarice
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Wealth: Well to Do

RP Hooks

  • Greed: Beryl likes money. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence - as is the cash.
  • Adventurous: Beryl may be able to keep up the demure, ladylike demeanor when necessary, but she is a thrill-seeker to the core. She craves stimulation and excitement. Domesticity and peace bore her.
  • In Her Sister's Shadow: In as much as Beryl has some degree of fame in Wizarding circles as a former cursebreaker and treasure hunter, in the Muggle world, she is an absolute nobody. She's just the older sister of that pretty young singer, Signe Crabbe.
  • Tiberius: Tiber, Tibs, the Technician… it's beginning to become increasingly apparent that Beryl is in some sort of relationship with this man. Do you know him?


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Our relationship was once one of mutual respect and benefit, however, he fired me when he discovered that I was pregnant. I'm going to make him regret that decision one day. Perhaps sooner than he thinks.


My partner in crime… that's a good name for it. But, at the moment, the cliche saying "It's Complicated" also seems to apply. By now, it's no secret that Tiberius is the father of my child, and that I am unfortunately in over my head in love with this man.


I do so wish that Tiberius would cease antagonizing Constable Menzies. And I would prefer that she stop breaking his bones, regardless of how much he may deserve it. But, perhaps a little peace will reign, now that the lady and I have an understanding…


My poor little sister. The shame of the family - a squib. It's not her fault, I suppose. And we do get along pretty well, all things considered. She got all the legitimate talent in the family and seems to be thriving in the music business.


Roland Percival Crabbe
Darling daddy… More like misogynistic, egotistical bastard. He wanted sons and got daughters instead, poor man. Mum is just as big a disappointment to him as Signe and I for bearing him only female heirs. Merlin knows, we probably have illegitimate siblings out there that we'll never hear about (I hope.) Not that I'm terribly bothered. I stopped trying to get into his good graces years ago.


Isolde Lynette Crabbe
Mum has never let the man she married bring her down. It was an arranged marriage that went about as well as could be expected, and she made the best of it. She's a proud, stubborn woman with a backbone made of steel. She always did her utmost to see that her daughters became Ladies; but also, from an early age, she instilled the ethic of being strong, independent women who could stand on their own feet.

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