Character Information
Portrayed by Janet McTeer
Name: Bettina Yaxley
Aliases: Betty
Birthday: January 17th 1883
Position: Ministry of Magic
Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Director of Department of Intoxicating Substances
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Tall and willowy, Bettina Yaxley gives off an air of authority when she walks by. Her skin is light and smooth, her complexion clear. Soft, pink lips sit below an aquiline nose and sharp gray eyes. Her hair is long, reaching all the way to her waist, and generally kept up in buns and braids. Short, side-swept fringe fall free of her hairdo, sweeping around when she moves, the only piece of her unrestrained and uncontrolled.

On her long, thin fingers lie a plethora of rings, many reaching from knuckle to knuckle in large, brilliant stones. Her long, indigo robes sweep the ground, accented by a fuzzy, black shawl she is never seen without. On her feet are matching black shoes, flats made of dragonhide that come to a sharp point at the toe.



  • Shrewd
  • Secret Addict: Alcohol and Love Potions
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Ministry of Magic: Bettina is the Director of the Department of Intoxicating Substances within the M.L.E..
  • Secret Life: Bettina is a very shrewd and frigid woman. She knows this and no matter how she's tried over the years to change she simply cannot bring herself to 'get the warm fuzzies' about anyone. That is unless she is under the influence of a lot of alcohol or a love potion.


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Beauregard Yaxley
Father: (1859 - 1940) Pure-Blood.


Chastity Yaxley nee Burke
Mother: (1861 - 1941) Pure-Blood.


Radcliff Yaxley
Brother: (1881 - 1931) Pure-Blood. Radcliff was very bent on being the heir and was insufferable when he finally had his one and only child, a son at that Howard Yaxley. He died at a rather early age in a ridiculous bet on how much fire whiskey he could drink in one sitting. His death is the main cause of Bettina's crusade of regulation of intoxicating substances.


Lysandra Black nee Yaxley
Sister: (1884 - 1923) Pure-Blood. Lysandra is the second youngest of the siblings. She married Arcturus Nigellus Black the Second (II) and together they had three beautiful girls, Callidora Longbottom nee Black, Cedrella Weasley nee Black and Charis Black. Bettina sees her sister in all the girls faces, they have however inherited the dark tresses of the Blacks.


Angela Macmillan nee Yaxley
Sister: (b. 1885) Pure-Blood. Angela is the youngest of the siblings. She married well and Bettina works with her husband Ranulph Macmillan at the Ministry where he is the Postmaster in the Central Department. Together they have four children, two girls and two boys. Douglas and Angus are her two boys.


Nephew: (b. 1901) Pure-Blood. A miniature of his father. Obsessed with the creation of an heir for the Yaxley family. Bettina appreciates the enthusiasm and pride in her blood-line. She just does not care for the way he and his father were and are hell bent on the matter.


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