A Gryffindor Radical
Portrayed by Lino Facioli
Name: Master William Marlowe, Jr.
Aliases: Billy
Birthday: 9th February, 1927
Position: Third Year, Gryffindor
Lineage: Muggleborn


Billy Marlowe is slight and scrawny, but he doesn't look ill fed, perhaps because of the sly urchin sensuality of his big, soft brown eyes, petulant lips and wholesome, fleshy cheeks. In colouring he has a fairly light degree of swarthiness, hair the colour of barely-milked tea and a faint olive tinge to his skin. He's not tall, but he's fast and wary and surprisingly strong for his age; he walks, or struts, with an irrepressible swagger - when he's not darting away. Like many young muggleborns, he looks awkward in his school robes (which bear the Gryffindor ensign), and by preference he dresses as often as he can in a surprisngly sharp looking brown and red tweed suit and flat cap.


Billy Marlowe was born in 1927, at Whitechapel in the East End of London, where his Spanish mother Catarina ran a public house, and his handsome father, for whom he was named, drank in it. But he remembers little of the pub, of either parent, or London, except the lingering Spanish language his mother taught him. Before his fourth birthday, a year after Billy’s much elder sister Catherine came home from school for good, she explained that they were going away and would never see their parents again. Billy has subsequently gathered, and accepted, that they were dead. He reveres the memory of their jolly manners and good looks, and has often reprimanded the sister who brought him up for not being enough like them, too boring and bound up in hard work.

Most outsiders would probably, however, say that Catherine was the best looking, sweetest natured, and the most unusual of the family, in that she turned out to be a real, practicing witch. However, as Catherine – who now went by the name ‘Tessa’ for some reason – had taken Billy to Hogsmeade, where everyone was magical, they all seemed mundane enough to him. When the time came, he took his own powers in his stride, pleased not to be outdone by his big sister but still convinced he had more of the glamour of his mysterious, dead, Muggle parents.

Life in the Three Broomsticks was amusing enough, with plenty of opportunities for mischief and meeting peculiar witches and wizards – most of whom were more charmed by his looks than irritated by his behaviour. But, though not much of a reader, Billy found the greatest excitement of his life when a Muggle Studies expert left a copy of the Morning Star – with real still pictures! – lying about. Though a bit vague on the details, Billy gathers that Marxism is a system whereby the rich and proud and fat are overthrown and ruled instead by the clever, good-looking leaders of the Revolution. He’s sure his parents would approve. For the last term or so he has been at Hogwarts at last, sorted into Gryffindor, much to his pride, and eager to show his quality on the Quidditch team some day soon. His best friend though, oddly, is a little weed in Ravenclaw, a spiritless, odd boy called Theo Lovell. Theo is far from being as handsome or brave or cunning as Billy, and that’s just the way Billy likes it.


  • (Superficially) Fearless - Billy refuses to show any fear that he might just possibly in fact feel in front of his peers or, indeed, his superiors. He is a great one for proposing, and/or accepting, absurd dares, wagers, and bets.
  • Jejune Marxist - Billy has never read the work of the Muggle political economist Karl Marx - it's long, boring, and in German - but he gathers Marx proposed a system of world revolution, chaos and general excitement, and he's definitely on board.
  • Spoilt Putrid - Billy's upbringing was almost entirely in the hands of a beautiful, adoring, indulgent, long-suffering elder sister. The effect on his character has been as deplorable as it is predictable.
  • Takes After Father - Billy's handsome father was a hopeless, violent drunk with some charm. Billy does not know this, is convinced his father was perfect, and is proud when people say he is like him - which he is, both on the outside and inside.
  • Wealth: Poor - Billy's only known relative is a hard-working but dodgily paid barmaid sister. It's a miracle they're not, quite, stoney broke.

RP Hooks

  • Gryffindor? Try and keep the little squit in line or join his mischief-making.
  • Gryffindor Quidditch Team? Eager new recruit and Broom Club stalwart here.
  • Pureblood? Come and try something on if you dare.


Classes Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3 Yr 4 Yr 5 Yr 6 Yr 7
Broomflying O
Astronomy A A A
Charms A O O
Defense Against the Dark Arts E E E
Herbology P P P
History of Magic A A A
Potions A E E
Transfiguration E O O
Ancient Runes E
Arithmancy E


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Elder Sister: Billy is actually very fond of his elder sister and would rather not share her with anyone ever, but he is also wont to tell her how boring, ugly, and irritating she is, to steal Knuts from her, and vandalise her hair and wardrobe, in lieu of any other sign of affection.


New Best Friend: A weedy Ravenclaw, but a surprisingly adequate accomplice.


William Marlowe, Sr.
Father: A glorious not-quite-memory.


Catarina Marlowe
Mother: A loving memory, kept alive only by Billy and Tessa's fluent Spanish.

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