This character is a Community NPC, and can be used as appropriate (see RP Hooks, below). If you would like a staff-run scene with this character, please put in a +request.

Character Information
Portrayed by Walter Sparrow
Name: Cuthbert Binns
Aliases: -
Birthday: June 22nd, 1661
Position: History of Magic
Lineage: Ghost


As a ghost, Professor Cuthburt Binns had been quite old when he got up one morning to teach and left his body behind. His face is careworn from hours of pouring over texts as dull and dusty as he is himself. Beneath a soft fabric hat with a gathered crown, his hair falls in wispy, shoulder-length strings. As he drifts a few inches in the air, he hunches forward over his lecture notes and rarely, if ever, glances up.

Professor Binns' robes suggest he has been continuing to teach since somewhere between in the mid-16th or early 17th century. It's difficult to make out much in the way of details due to their faint, translucent quality. The soporific effect of his reedy voice also makes it rather hard to get a clear look at him.


Professor Cuthbert Binns is an expert on magical history, in part because he has lived so much of it, as he was born centuries ago.

His lessons are known to be the most boring in all of Hogwarts; he reads from his never-ending collection of notes. His students, whom he never pays much attention to, frequently fall asleep listening to his droning, reedy voice, occasionally waking up to copy down a name or date.

Binns was still teaching well into his elderly years at Hogwarts, lecturing students on History of Magic. The story goes that one day he went down to the staffroom and went to sleep in front of the fire, but he died in his sleep and, when he got up to teach his next class, left his body behind. Regardless, he did not seem to notice, though he did begin to fly into his classroom through the blackboard. But his lessons were still just as boring as ever.

Professor Binns teaches in Classroom 4F on the first floor of Hogwarts, near a mossy courtyard. He also has an office in the fifth-floor corridor.

RP Hooks

  • Professor of History of Magic
  • Community NPC in Class — Professor NPCs can be spoofed by Players only inside of the classroom during a PC-Run Class. Below is a guideline as to how to portray Binns when spoofing.
    • Monotone - There is never any fluctuation in his voice.
    • Drones - Binns very well can lecture for the entire class without pausing for breath. (He doesn't need to breath after all.) It is a rare thing that he will actually ask questions of the students. Perhaps a couple to start off the lecture and then less so maybe at the end of the lecture.
    • Unflappable - There is very little that can get a rise out of Binns. Perhaps the only thing that can is if his information comes into question. Or if someone seems to believe in something that isn't backed by facts that Binns knows. But he knows a lot so again the times he gets insistent on something to the point of almost seeming passionate about it is a rarity.


  • Monotone
  • Jaded
  • Transparent


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Former Colleague - The only person Binns knows that is actually older than he is and isn't a ghost. They were very close. That is until he left for Durmstrang.


Student - The boy has a passion for History and for ghosts. Binns can probably say that he has one person that calls him their favorite teacher and that one person is Alexander Tully.


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