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Character Information
Portrayed by Andrew Garfield
Name: Blenheim Stalk
Aliases: Ben Stalk (Bean Stalk bad joke)
Birthday: March 21st, 1920
Position: M.A.C. - Muggle Liaison
Lineage: Half-Blood, British


Standing a few inches under six feet with pale skin that bespeaks his English heritage, this man has an unruly mop of brown hair that dips down to cover his forehead and thick eyebrows. Deep brown eyes are set close on either side of a long nose above bowed lips. His pointed chin and ears give him a slightly elfin appearance, while his long neck and arms create an impression of height.
At the moment, he is dressed casually. An open-necked plum shirt is tucked into a pair of courderoy trousers worn with sensible shoes. He wears a heavy tweed jacket in brown earthtones, though it is sometimes worn with a jaunty and garishly coloured knitted scarf.


Blenheim Stalk was born on March 21st 1920, a boisterous Spring morning in Ottery St. Catchpole to Garfield Stalk and Nora Stalk nee Bones. Blenheim was named after the battle where Garfield's grandparents met. Garfield's father was a Muggle-Born and he romanticized the German Nurse meets British wounded soldier in the medic tent and despite the war of the Spanish Succession fell in love and she helped him get home to Britain and they lived happily ever after…

Blenheim has never been too thrilled to have such a strong sounding German name. It wasn't particularly a good name to have circa 1920 either nor is it now with Nazi Germany as a British enemy. But despite Blenheim being certain his parents must hate him for naming him such a ghastly thing he had a very pleasant childhood. Since the family was on the thin side of comfortably wealthy the Stalk family were hale and healthy. Growing up he had a passion for writing, he could read and write at an amazingly young age, all in thanks to teaching of his librarian mother. His father was less academic and more adventurous as a Ranger for the R.C.M.C..

Writing was his most favorite of hobbies but besides this passion for the written word there was one subject that he focused on Muggle Culture. Focused is perhaps an odd word to use because the subject of his fanaticism is so broad he studies everything he can that is muggle. He grew up hearing the stories from his Grandfather and Grandmother Stalk about the trials and tribulations of being Muggle-Born and adapting to the Wizarding World. It became his mission at a very young age to learn everything he could about what it means to be Muggle. He wanted to become a Muggle Liaison, not just become, he wanted to be the best. So that he could be ready for anything that comes up in the line of duty helping Muggles and Muggle-Borns adjust to the new reality that is thrust upon them or a loved one.

All of this hard work and dedication to learning landed him in Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. He wanted to learn everything he could about both worlds, after all he needs to know about the Wizarding World backwards and forwards as much as the Muggle World to do his future occupation well. Head of House, Professor Mopsus was a great mentor to him and he often adopts his mentor's way of asking questions to answer questions so that a conversation can be deeply delved into and all aspects explored. With his mentor who he is, it's no surprise that Blenheim took Divination as an elective along with (of course) Muggle Studies. For NEWTs he bid farewell to Divination and focused on Charms and Muggle Studies. Upon Graduating his dream job is really living up to all of his great expectations. It was a bit of a baptism by fire his first several months in the Department as that's when then Headmaster Flint oppressed and segregated the Muggle-Borns in Hogwarts. Blenheim was proud to do all he could to help out the senior Liaisons do what had to be done to bring Hogwarts back to a safe place for the Muggle-Borns. Now that those issues have been dealt with, Blenheim enjoys the investigating and researching and more so the actual frequent interaction he now has with the Muggle World.

RP Hooks

Muggle Liaison - Are you a Muggle-Born in need of Liaisoning?
Writer - Blenheim is more often than not writing notes to compile into a book in his free time.
Mud Club - Blenheim was an original member of the Mud Club and he is proud to still be a part of it as an Alum.


  • Famous: Muggle Expert - Even at the young age he's at, he's a font of trivia and knowledge about Muggles and the book he's working on is proving to already be stirring up talk in the wizarding community.
  • Humble - He does the things he does out of a love of learning and true philanthropy. He often does charitable things completely anonymously.
  • Wealth: Poor - While Blenheim gets paid a good wage as anyone who works in the Ministry does, he spends a ton of his own money on making sure the muggle-borns have what they need and he's always converting coin into Muggle Money so he can just ride around on a bus all day while he works on his writing. This eats into his wages quite a bit. But he's happy and doesn't mind living thin so others can prosper one bit.
  • Idealist - See above.


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Co-Worker - She really does all she can for these kids! A kindred spirit, Blenheim respects this woman's work ethic. Though word around is she has a bit of a 'party side'. Blenheim's yet to witness it first hand however.


Friend - Even though they were in separate Houses, it's tough not to get to know someone after being in the same classes for seven years. Leonardo actually learned most of what he knows about muggles from Blenheim. Blenheim appreciated having a Slytherin Head Boy that wasn't a purist and from respect bloomed a friendship after graduation. Since they are both at the Ministry now they often get together at the Ministry Cafe for lunch together.


Garfield Stalk
Father - Blenheim loves his father so much he forgives him for naming him Blenheim! That's a lot of love. Garfield is an adventurous sort and is always telling Blenheim about his dealings with this or that dangerous creature. One of Blenheim's first books was him writing and very poorly illustrating one of his father's wild tales.


Nora Stalk nee Bones
Mother - Blenheim's first memory is laying on his mother's chest, listening to her read to him a bedtime story and listening to her heartbeat as she did. After OWLs struck Blenheim discovered the sound of a heartbeat still helped him get to sleep, so his room-mates were rather displeased that a Halloween toy turned into a nightly routine. Though no fake heart could replace his mother's presense, it did a good enough job that he made it through OWLs and then NEWTs and did something with himself that he knows has made her happy and proud and that delights him to think about.


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