Bletchley Family

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The Bletchley Family
Family Head: Thraxis Bletchley
Home: Scotland and Bletchley, England
Wealth: Comfortable
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Bletchley family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

Rowena Ravenclaw was Rowena Bletchley before she married into the Ravenclaws. Suffice it to say that many a Bletchley are Ravenclaw alum.


An advantageous marriage, a great deed, or heroism in a decisive battle/duel can all improve the fortunes of a family. If this occurs in the first historical event, it indicates that the family pure-blood status happened through marriage and or an act or deed that proved pure enough to be established as a Pure-Blood Family. Otherwise, ascent indicates that the family participated in some key historical event that improved their fortunes.


This can be a suffering from or the actual committing of a treacherous act. In either case the event stains the family name. If it is a first event the family rose by means of some dark deed, possibly betraying another family to do so.


The family gained the favor of some powerful body. As a result, their fortunes improved and they climbed in standing. This favor might also result from a member becoming Minister for Magic or on the Wizengamot. If this is the first event, the family got in good with the higher powers enough that they were deemed pure enough to be considered Pure-Bloods.

Family Identity

Londoners. [Needs physical description.]

Family Crest: A slightly wilted witch's hat, banded in blue with five brown stars, atop a bronze-edged field of blue with a rampant eagle charge in the centered, mantled by ochre scrolls.

Motto: "Temperantia cum Sapientia." which means: "With Wisdom, Temperance."


Members of the Bletchley family are typically sorted into Ravenclaw. The family is known for its pursuit of knowledge, its acceptance of new ideas, and its political suavete. Bletchleys have been credited with impressive legislation as members of the Wizengamot and one Minister for Magic. Several have been professors at Hogwarts.

Family Members

The patriarch of the Bletchley family is Thraxis Bletchley.

Family members bearing the Bletchley name:

Astoria Brock Thraxis

Blood relatives without the Bletchley name:

Abigail Carol Copper Estelle Ophelia Ralphael Robald Tavish

Family Tree

Connections and Relationships

Strong blood ties, political connections, etc.

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  • Connection: <describe relationship>

Family Statistics

Influence: 36 = 24 (Base) + 15 (Land) + 3 (Ascent/Favor) - 6 Treachery
Lands: 23 = 23 (Base) - 10 (Land) + 10 (Ascent/Favor)
Law: 18 = 20 (Base) - 2 (Treachery)
Population: 28 (17 leftover) = 23 (Base) + 5 (Land)
Power: 33 = 31 (Base) - 10 (Land) + 12 (Events)
Wealth: 29 (10+3d10, as wealth was est. as Comfortable).
Founding: Very Old
Historical Events: 3

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