Blishwick Family
The Blishwick Family
Family Head: Osborn Blishwick
Home: Hogsmeade, Scotland, United Kingdom
Wealth: Comfortable
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Blishwick family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

Crawford Blishwick (b. 1788) was the great-grandson of Hogsmeade's Owl Post Master and the daughter of the founding family of Hogsmeade's youngest Emily Woodcroft. Through careful selection the past few generations in partners saw to it that Crawford Blishwick was considered a Pure-Blood and from him on the Blishwick Family clung to their purity. So it was a very proud day when Crawford's son, Jimbo, was married to Misapinoa of the most ancient house of Black.

The Wizard-Only seclusion of Hogsmeade Village lends well to the family's Purist views. Many a Blishwick would feint at the sight of an automobile and be disgusted at the smoke that belches from them and that blasted Hogwarts Express is a bane to their existence. The family itself is rather a small population but in a small town like Hogsmeade that doesn't mean they aren't prevalent in the community. Though as far as real status among the Pure-Blood families the Blishwicks are rather low in the scheme of things.

They are extremely on the side of the Preservation Society in political views. They are appalled to think that their cozy unknown village might someday be teaming with filthy muggles.

Family Identity

A golden candlestick on an olive drab green background with a black bar ordinary is their family crest.

Motto: Pure of Heart


They might be lesser in status then some of the older houses in the Pure-Blood scheme of things but they are known for their purist sentiments. They are frequently sorted into Slytherin at Hogwarts and Hogsmeade is where they usually reside and work. While some ponder why they aren't usually sorted into Hufflepuff for the fact they are rather a working class family among the Pure-Blood Community people don't usually realize the scope of ambition to remain pure and rise in ranks through said dedication to purity they hold.

Family Members

The patriarch of the Blishwick Family is Osborn Blishwick.

Family members bearing the Blishwick name:

Antimony George Llewellyn Osborn

Blood relatives without the Blishwick name:

Cantankerus Desdemonia Josiah

Family Tree


If you're interested in playing a Blishwick, please consider playing Nelly who is a Slytherin. Or using the branch for a male and female line off of Jimbo's branch.

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