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Character Information
Portrayed by Brad Dourif
Name: The Bloody Baron
Aliases: Powers Gaunt
Birthday: Unknown
Position: Slytherin House Ghost
Lineage: Ghost


The Baron is very pale, even for a ghost. He has wide, staring, black eyes and a gaunt face. He dresses in robes covered in silver bloodstains, and carries chains that rattle as he moves. When he speaks, which is rare, he does so in a hoarse whisper.


Powers Gaunt was born during the late 11th century, one of many siblings of the wizard Baron Guillaume de Gaunt and the witch Baronesse Madeleine Josephine, the favorite younger sister of Salazar Slytherin. All the Gaunt children eventually went to Hogwarts, where they encountered their famous uncle. Charismatic with a ruthless streak that subtly unsettled the other school founders, Powers was Salazar's favorite; he was not the eldest child, but he was the most cunning and magically talented of his siblings, and endeavored to seize claim to his father's titles and more through undermining the apparent competence of his siblings and underlining his own.

The true feather in his cap was the apparent interest expressed in him by Helena Ravenclaw, daughter of Rowena. It was a ploy however on Helena's part, easy smiles to lead a boy on and irritate her mother. When both parents were slain by a Common Welsh Dragon (that was interested in turning their castle into a lair) before Power's 17th birthday. In thanks to his clever machinations over the years against his older brothers, their wills bestowed the title of Baron to the him with the expectation that Helena would be his Baroness; he made certain to wear the title in place of his name for the remainder of his days at Hogwarts. Unexpectedly, however, Helena did not seem to be impressed and instead grew more distant from him, sparking an obsession in the ambitious young man.

When Helena and her mother eventually had a falling out, Rowena turned to the Baron — the only individual that she had ever seen Helena express any interest in, and a well-regarded tracker — in hopes of finding her daughter. Powers readily agreed, convincing himself it was an elaborate plan by Helena to test his affection for her. He eventually tracked her down to the woods of Albania, where she turned down his advances once and for all. In a rage, Powers viciously attacked Helena, she disarmed him quickly and bound him in chains from her wand. It was not enough to hold the furious Baron alas and he drew his dagger and stabbed her when she drew close enough to check on him. Heavy with the shackles and instant guilt and regret Baron Powers Gaunt ended his own life with the dagger still dripping with Helena's Blood.

In a cruel twist of fate and rightful punishment of eternal torment Powers awoke after death in the Slytherin Dungeons, forever fixed in the visage of the murder of the only thing he cared about in the world. The fact that Helena also haunts the castle only confirms to The Bloody Baron that he is meant to suffer eternally. Over the years his identity was lost and forgotten. In death he knows few friends and speaks rarely, scaring most away. Only his fellow ghost Sir Nicholas appears to have a truly cordial relationship with the Baron. Although the Baron still takes some pride in the success of Slytherin House, he paradoxically does not seem to get along very well with most Slytherins on a personal level, perhaps fearing they will repeat his mistakes.


  • Chilling Presence
  • Silent

RP Hooks

  • Deathly Silence: While the Baron rarely speaks to anyone, the perceptive may note he is even more uncomfortable around the Grey Lady. It may be worth investigating.
  • Peevish: The Baron is one of the few figures who can terrify Peeves into submission. If you really need Peeves corralled, you'll have to talk to the Baron.


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Unrequited Love: Powers misunderstood or perhaps he did warp the truth in his mind about Helena when they were students at Hogwarts. When her mother asked him to find her, he dropped everything and tracked her down. Finally he found her in Albania, he proposed marriage and she rebuked and it wounded him to the core and he went into a rage. Suicide wasn't punishment enough, Helena and he both now haunt Hogwarts.


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