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Character Information
Portrayed by Adrianne Palicki
Name: Roberta Riggs
Aliases: Bobbie
Birthday: September 24th, 1914
Position: Appleby Arrows Quidditch: Chaser
Lineage: Muggle-born


At just an inch shy of six feet, Bobbie Riggs can easily look most men in the eyes. Her own are a sharp hazel as mercurial as Bobbie's moods. Her build is athletic, feminine curves toned by the rigors of her craft. Her dusty blonde hair is short and straight, cut to a a bob that falls just below her chin.

In a pair of pressed trousers, fashionably heeled boots, henley, silk vest and thigh-length jacket, from afar Bobbie might look a bit like a bloke, especially when she tucks her short blonde hair under a dark brown fedora. Upon closer inspection, however, there is no hiding the more womanly curves.


Bobbie Riggs (her given name is Roberta, but calling her that is Not Advised), is a Chaser who's been with the Appleby Arrows since 1937, known for sharp reflexes and quirky tactics on the pitch and a volatile attitude off of it. She's a Ravenclaw alumna who enjoys flying very fast, long walks in Muggle London, jazz music and fizzy, slightly explosive cocktails.

Full Background

Roberta "Bobbie" Riggs was born in Liverpool to a hard-scrabble, working-class, and entirely un-magical family. Or so she thought. In truth, her mother Clara was a squib who'd fled the prejudices of the magical world and chosen to "pass" as a Muggle. She married a good-hearted dockworker named John Riggs and settled down to raise a family who she assumed would lack for magic of any sort. Until her daughter began exhibiting the funny, pre-conscious spell-casting tendencies all such children do. Bobbie was the middle of three children (and the only girl), and her older brother's eleventh birthday had come and gone without a Hogwart's letter. Mrs. Riggs couldn't stand the idea of building her daughter's hopes up only to have them shattered. But then the letter came, and Clara had a lot of explaining to do.

Bobbie was sorted into House Ravenclaw for her natural whip-smartedness. A Magical School wasn't something she was as prepared for, and she got easily frustrated and even more easily lost her temper. She had few friends, and between her prickly personality and muddy bloodlines, did not endear herself to her peers quickly. She briefly considered just dropping out, until she got beyond the basics in Broomflying Class. There she found her calling. She made the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team her second year, tapped for one of the Chaser positions. In her third year she chose to take Arithmancy and Muggle Studies.

Since she had no goals for some Ministry Job, she left Hogwarts after O.W.L.s and started life as a second stringer newbie to whatever Pro-Quidditch team would have her. That team was the Falmouth Falcons. She was up to first string by her second season and off to a promising career. She quickly became rather popular - within Falcon fandom, at least - for her mix of aggressive play style, brassy on-pitch personality, and logic-driven tactics that she spent her evenings drawing out on charts. Things went very well until 1937 when a night out with the team celebrating a good season ended with Bobbie bar-checking the new Seeker's head when the word "Mud-Blood" got bandied about. His injuries were minor but it was enough to give Bobbie a world of trouble that included getting kicked off the team. The next Pre-Season it was back to tryouts, and with a promise to keep the bad attitude in check, it was the Appleby Arrows that gave her another chance.

The next two years passed quickly, and relatively quietly for the otherwise brassy chaser. After her Falmouth fallout, she's kept most of her antics to the pitch, with the occasional thanks and frustrations of her teammates. In the off-season, she spends much of her time blending in with the Muggles of her adopted home in London, enjoying the music and culture of the time, only periodically slipping back into the wizarding world, usually when she craves an ego boost. Or a firewhisky.


Twelve and three-quarters inches, poplar, springy, with a dragon heartstring core.



Flapper (pun intended), an eagle owl Bobbie's had since her school days.



  • Bullheaded — Self-explanatory. Bobbie is very stubborn and will continue to bash herself against resistant walls of all sorts just to see if she can dent them. This "persistence" sometimes leads to interesting breakthroughs, but it can also lead her to devote herself to obvious lost causes, and a hatred of ever admitting she might be wrong.
  • Clever, Not Classy — Though her aggressive, non-outwardly bookish personality may not fit the Ravenclaw stereotype, Bobbie has a gift for equations and analysis, though back at Hogwarts she applied them far more to Quidditch strategies than schoolwork. She is also loud, foul-mouthed and still holds many rather "Muggle" habits, so her brains are often over-shadowed by her non-academic nature.
  • Something To Prove — Bobbie's faced prejudices for being Muggle-born (which most figure include her squib mum) in the wizarding world, and growing up working-class on the not-so-nice side of Liverpool. She's always felt a drive to prove she's as good as her classier, less mudblood-y, peers.
  • Wealth - Comfortable — While she's hardly rich, her Quidditch career has given her enough bank to keep a roof over her head and buy a round at the pub for the house every now and again.

RP Hooks

  • Ravenclaw, Class of 1932 — Were you a housemate? Teammate or opponent during Bobbie's tenure as a Chaser on the Ravenclaw team ('26-'32)? Someone she got in a fight with in the girls' loo? All friendships, frenemy-ships, or enmities are welcome.
  • Fallen Falcon — Bobbie spent four years as a Chaser of some renown on the Falmouth Falcons squad, until a drunken brawl with one of her own teammates (see her background above). This incident created some minor tabloid renown for those who follow the sport, and those who follow press coverage of amusing bar fights.
  • Advantageous Arrow — Since 1937, Bobbie has played for Appleby. While she hasn't stayed entirely tabloid-free, it seems her new surroundings have managed to rein her in a little bit.
  • Squib's Daughter — Bobbie's mum is a squib from the Yaxley bloodline.


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Robert Riggs
Father - Bobbie's father was kept in the dark by her Squib mother that magic existed. He's a kind-hearted man and a hard worker down at the Liverpool Docks. He grew angry at the secrets that were kept from him, but over the years he's gotten over it and is proud of the woman and witch Bobbie has become.


Clara Riggs, née Yaxley
Mother - A squib from a dwindling Pure-Blooded offshoot of the Yaxley clan, she was quietly shuffled out of her family at the age of eleven and adopted by a Muggle family in Liverpool. She kept the Magical World a secret from everyone, until she had to explain to Bobbie and the rest of the family why her daughter received a letter of invitation to Hogwarts.


Older Brother - This Character is available for play! Greg and Bobbie don't talk much any more. He got into trouble for griping to his girlfriend that his sister was off at some Magical School, so the Obliviators had to come in and clean up. Now that he's no longer vetted by the the Ministry, family gatherings have grown awkward. He married said girlfriend, moved to London to hopefully get a better job and be far from the family in Liverpool, and while Bobbie also lives in London now, they rarely see each other except by accident.


Younger Brother - This Character is available for play! Paul is a Muggle, never displaying the magical tendencies she did. The baby of the family, he was often blamed by Bobbie for the collateral damage of her uncontrolled magical displays. Unlike his brother Greg, however, Paul sees Bobbie's talent as something of a boon, and he is careful to keep his mouth shut among his fellow Muggles, lest he lose out on the benefits of having a real witch for a sister.


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