Player Information
Name: Becca Boo Riley
Aliases: Boo, B
Birthday: February 22nd 1978
Position: Game Owner/Head Builder
Location: Oregon


A staffer woman with a warm but scrutinizing gaze has dark brown with metallic plum tips hair in a layered long style. Boo has fair skin, dark brown with flecks of amethyst eyes, stands about 5'7 tall and is approximately 200 pounds. A curvaceous woman that would rather be building. Always studying her surroundings with a look of wonder. Wonder in how she can build up the grid and make it something for everyone to enjoy. A often habit of hers is to flip about her long brown hair to get it out of her eyes, though it inevitably just falls right back.


Born in Oregon, raised in California, returned to Oregon and never leaving again! Mother of two daughters. In 2005 the eldest of the two was the only casualty in a car accident when a DUI in an RV jumped the divide and slammed into the car she was in with her cousin and grandparents. January 30th is the anniversary of this tragedy and it still affects to this day, so it's a general warning that this date might find me in bad sorts. My youngest gem is an amazing young girl who has Autism. She is high on the functioning spectrum but there are still occasional times where she and other RL occurrences drag me AFK before I can give warning.


  • Addicted to Harry Potterverse
  • World War 2 Era Enjoyer


Boo is known to have her own slang and language. Below is a bit of a translation dictionary.

Boo has 3 trademark opening greetings. We will go from worst to best mood:

  • Mrrrrn - This is a warning that Boo is present, but she just might eat your brains because she is in had a rough night zombie mode. Do not approach her with anything adminy until another greeting level comes. Or your brains are subject to being eaten, yes Boo could bite your head off.
  • Oggons/Oggs/feels Oggy - Boo is a coffee addict, before she has her coffee her brain and communication is that of a half-troll. This is an in-game joke from early on. As it was stated that Boo is a lot like the Hogwarts Gamekeeper Ogg, who is a grumpy limited vocabulary rumored half-troll. It was succinctly true and Boo adopted it as her middle ground greeting. Approachable, but approach with caution with important admin stuff.
  • Lovons - This is Boo's greeting(tm). What is means is: insert the most affectionate greeting you are comfortable with here. This means that Boo is awake and presentable and approachable.

Other Boo-isms:

  • Pussonified - Boo has 4 cats in her house. Two of them hers and those two love to cuddle with her. When a cat is cuddling her it makes it difficult to type. Being pussonified is a specific sort of idle that is completely based on when the cat gets bored and decides to leave her arms in peace.
  • Dark Magic - Often when the above Oggon or Mrrn greeting is given, one might see the term Dark Magic being slid about. As previously mentioned. Boo is a coffee addict. One brand in particular is her favorite: Green Mountain Coffee's 'Dark Magic' Tasting Notes: Spellbinding complexity. Deep, dark, and intense. The fact that it is Harry Potter-esk is just a bonus in Fangirl Geek points! She has it with a double shot of skim, 1/8 cup sugar and a shot of Irish Cream (Italian) Syrup.
  • DinFam - DinFam is short slang for Dinner and Family Time. This usually happens somewhere between the hours of 5-8 pm PST.

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