Character Information
Portrayed by John Sessions
Name: Boscom Selwyn
Birthday: October 25th, 1901
Position: Theatrical Director, Author & W.A.D.A Patron
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Some people just have that 'look' about them. The sort where you're not sure, at a glance, whether to expect madness or brilliance. Boscom Selwyn has his fair share of both, in all honesty, and that's reflected in his appearance. In fact, he seems to actively cultivate the impression. His wiry, steel-gray hair sticks straight out from his head in a permanent state of shock, and the prim, wire-framed spectacles perched on his rather bulbous nose only serve to magnify wide, glassy eyes of piercing blue. He's not unattractive, per se. Just an odd creature. Not overly tall at 5'8, he's beginning to soften slightly around the middle; the trademark of a life-well-lived, some might say. Or at the very least a fondness for fine dining.

His attire is very much in keeping with the rest of his deliberately unorthodox appearance. He favours high-collared shirts and waistcoats, today's offering a head-splitting swirl of vivid purple and blue silk, buttoned all the way to his Adam's Apple, and some wide, pin tuck dress pants in black and white pinstripe, the lower hems brushing a pair of glossy spats. A vintage style robe of crimson tinged ebon velvet drapes atop all this, draping the man in swaggering finery, just like the further hints of wealth and power he clings to; like his crested signet ring.


The fourth child and only son of Jaspar Selwyn and his wife, Primrose Pyrites, it no doubt had an effect on young Boscom, growing up with three elder sisters constantly bossing and fussing over him. He was an anxious child, though undeniably smart as a whip; a particular flair for dramatic magic apparent from an early age as he made his toys dance and perform. His parents were creatures of old money and decadence, who lavished their children with the finest of gifts and often allowed them to tag along on trips around Europe, expecting them to grow up worldly, cultured creatures. It worked, for the most part. Though Boscom did have a tendency to daydream, losing himself for hours in books and imaginative play.

When it came time, at last, for him to depart for Hogwarts, clutching his brand-spanking-new textbooks and staring wide-eyed from behind his spectacles, his parents briefly worried that the portly little lad might be bullied… thank goodness for older sisters, though. Sorted easily into Ravenclaw, Boscom settled relatively well into school; particularly enjoying the Arts Club, to nobody's great surprise. He would leave at the end of Fifth Year and move on to the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts, spending the next four years enrolled in their Performance and Theatre Directing programs. It was during this time that he met a beautiful, ambitious young model from Wales, Lottie Rosier. Some unkindly speculate that she married him for his money. But they seemed happy enough, for a long time; particularly as Boscom's Directing career flourished and his young wife was cast in many a lead role.

The couple were blessed with their daughter, Morrow, in 1925. Not a particularly natural paternal figure, Boscom unthinkingly echoed his own upbringing; throwing money and gifts at the child in place of genuine affection and attention. The same is likely true of his wife; a distance between them culminating in separation in 1938, when Lottie ran off with her leading man. Actresses are such fickle creatures. A romantic at heart, and still utterly besotted with his first love, Boscom took the loss badly, shutting himself away from the world and proclaiming his intention to write his Magnum Opus. Rumour has it, nowadays, that the formerly renowned and highly sought after director has gone slightly mad. He's rarely seen in public, save for the occasional benefit or any other charitable fundraiser for the W.A.D.A, of which he remains a powerful financial backer and patron.


  • Known Eccentric: Always a little off-the-wall within his career, Boscom's peculiarities now seem to have taken over. Genius, madness, it's a fine line.
  • Wealth: Rich: The Selwyns are a wealthy family and enjoy life's luxuries. They're also one of the primary financial backers of the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts.

RP Hooks

  • Head of Family: Boscom is considered the patriarch of the Selwyn Family.
  • Formerly Famous Director: Most people have heard of at least one of Boscom's plays, which are known for being both quirky and rather gothic in styling. Titles include: Knight of the Night, Vaseline, The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses, It's Raining Falafel and Captain Breadline.


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Jaspar Selwyn
Father: <describe relationship>


Primrose Pyrites
Mother: <describe relationship>


Lottie Rosier
Estranged Wife: A model turned actress, famed in the tabloids for her daring style and many rumored affairs, Lottie ran off with her leading man several years back, plunging Boscom into some sort of depression. He still carries a torch for her, however.


Daughter: Morrow is, quite frankly, a bit of a spoiled brat. The pair have never been particularly close, though there's certainly a dutiful, distant sort sort of affection there. One that's kept sweet by cashflow.


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