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Character Information
Portrayed by Jenna Coleman
Name: Boudica Burke
Aliases: Bo, Dicey, Boudi
Birthday: Aug 16 1911
Position: Veterinarian / Owner: Creature Comforts Clinic
Lineage: Pure-blood


Boudica is on the shorter end of normal, standing at 5'2". Though she looks to be in her twenties, it is hard to pinpoint where in that spectrum she falls due to her height and impish looks. She has long brown hair that falls to her shoulders in large curls and pale white skin. Her brown eyes are bright and curious.

Currently, she wears a bright red dress with ivory buttons down the front. It has short sleeves and a v-neck as well as a thin off-white belt that cinches at the waist. She has small silver stud earrings as well as a silver locket.


The only daughter and youngest child of Herbert Burke and Belvinia Black, Boudica was always her father's daughter. While Caractacus, as the eldest, butted heads with Herbert and Tasciovanus took no sides, Boudica was staunchly supported her father even before she knew what they were fighting about. Though mostly raised by Belvinia while her father pulled long hours at work, she mostly waited for her father to return to tell her stories of his adventures. It was a point of contention between her and her mother, but arguing about it only made Boudica long for her father more. He was outside of the family affairs and therefore more interesting. Though Herbert loved his daughter, he seemed more distraught by his eldest son's penchant for the Dark Arts. It left for a strained household.


Eleven inches, English Oak, Solid, with a Unicorn Hair core.


Right on time, Boudica received her letter to Hogwarts. Bubbling with excitement, she was sorted into Slytherin - happily, just like her father. The dynamic of school took a few months of adjustment, but she eventually delved right into her studies and found a good rhythm for herself. At first she was wide-eyed and curious about the Muggleborn and Half-Blood Wizards at school, as she was completely unaware of the Muggle world and what it entailed. After awhile, however, the novelty wore off and she simply treated all wizards as the same. The only people who received her derision were those that refused to study or those who did not seem to be there to learn. She was at Hogwarts to prove that she could be her perfect father's daughter, which would take a lot of study and hard work. She would become an Auror and do right by the family name.

As such, she concentrated on Defense Against Dark Arts and Charms. While she studied hard to know more of the Dark Arts, it was Charms that she felt more attuned with. She learned each spell easily and would help her classmates with it. The focus of pleasing her father gave her drive, she never truly found a love in Defense Against the Dark Arts like she found in Charms. Though she was young, she often thought of the future and struggled with what she wanted to do in the future. However, that changed when she took Care of Magical Creatures on a whim and fell in love. Taking care of creatures and learning what made them sick and better quickly changed her career aspirations. While catching Dark Wizards was a very honorable career, there were so few of her fellow classmates who seemed to care about the animals. And so, she turned her ambitions and study in making sure she would be able to take care of and heal the creatures she learned about. From the Ashwinders to the Unicorns, she wanted to know all about how to care for and heal them. As such, she approached the OWLS with renewed vigor. In her fifth year she was appointed prefect. She passed her OWLS and immediately started to plan for her NEWTS. For her 7th year, her excellence in studies and continued tutoring of younger students was rewarded with being named Head Girl. The young Slytherin was ecstatic, and then moved on to focus her studies in healing arts with a concentration on magical creatures, she eventually tested for Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Potions and Transfiguration, passing each.

After Hogwarts, her father helped her to find a position within the Ministry with the RCMC. She worked there for five years before striking out on her own to open a veterinary business for magical creatures. She's written a semi-popular book on Chimaeras (and a lesser known one on Puffskeins). In fact, she is in the midst of writing a new book on Grindylows. While she still cares for and loves all creatures, her work with Chimaeras are what she is known for. Every now and then she is still called to the RCMC to consult, which is quite happy to do, but she enjoys her small practice and caring for animals as opposed to controlling them. She makes a good living for herself, as she is a determined woman who does what she loves. She enjoys baking in her free time and traveling to study rare animals.

RP Hooks

  • Boudica wrote a somewhat popular book on Chimaeras and a not so popular book on Puffskeins. Perhaps you've read them!
  • Her elder brother is the proprietor of Borgin and Burkes. She's not proud of it.
  • Were you in the RCMC from 1929-1935? So was Boudica! In fact, if you were in the Ministry at that point, you might have seen her.
  • She's a vet! Have a sick animal? Want to breed your kneazle? Want to optimize your owl's diet? Come ask her at Creature Comforts Clinic!
  • She is in the midst of research and writing a new book, let's explore.


  • Flirt
  • Animal Lover
  • Sarcastic
  • Adventurous
  • Wealth: Comfortable


Bertie.jpg Boudica has had Bertie since Hogwarts and is her first pet. She's named after Bertie Botts, due to her coloring. She's a friendly cat who likes to climb things.
Babayaga.jpg In her first year in London, Bertie caught a mouse that she brought to Boudica as a prize. It was still alive and she did not have the heart to kill it. She kept the young mouse and named it Baba Yaga.
Dymphna.jpg That same year, her father gifted her a saw-whet owl for her birthday. It was a subtle hint to keep in contact with her mother and family. She had been growing distant due to the rift with Caractacus and her mother's continued hurt feelings. She is named after Dymphna Furmage due to the poor thing's nervous temperament.
Newt.jpg One of her customers left a sick hognose snake with Boudica while he went on holiday. He never came back to claim it, despite many owls. She kept the poor thing and named it Newt (after Newt Scamander whose recently published works she had been devouring at the time). It is a shy snake, who will hiss and then play dead when it feels threatened. It also has an unhealthy fascination with Babayaga.
Felix.png While researching Puffskeins for her book, Boudica met Felix. She fell in love with the larger puffskein immediately and adopted him. He is named after Felix Summerbee, the inventor of the Cheering Charm.



Father: Boudica was always her father's daughter and has done her best to please and do right by him. As an Auror, he was often not home while she was growing up.


Mother: Belvina raised Boudica. While she is her only daughter, their relationship is one of strained love. They care for and love each other, but Belvina knows that Boudica favored her father as a child and she will not forgive it.


Eldest Brother: The proprietor of Borgin and Burkes. He and their father are not on good terms. Boudica always took her father's side and does not approve of the direction of his life. As such, they rarely talk.


Middle (Older) Brother: The middle child. Boudica is close with Tasciovanus and has the most contact with him. She often thinks he would do better if he simply applied himself.


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