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The Voice of Purism
Portrayed by Matt Smith
Name: Brad Newman Moody
Birthday: December 21, 1908
Position: Quizard & Cauldron Talk
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Twelve and a half inches, yew, slightly springy, with a dragon heartstring core.


Brad has a Guinea Pig, named David. Though he has been considering renaming him something else, so that he is not confused with his co-worker at WWN.



Brad Newman Moody is a man, roughly 30 years old, of Pure-Blood, British heritage with fair skin tone, who stands at 5'11 and is around 160 pounds in an overall featherweight body type. Ear-length brown hair is done in a down and loose style framing an oblong shaped face. With wide light gray eyes that are set to either side of his large nose. Below that nose is a wide swag set of lips. The rest of his an oblong shaped face is accented in full cheeks, a round jaw and comes to a prominent chin. Brad Newman Moody smells of cloves. When they speak the tones and accent of London can be detected.

Currently he is wearing a custom tailored pinstripe suit; Black, with very fine grey pin striping. The suit jacket ventless is a three button, with notched lapels. while a dark red silk pocket square has been tucked into his breast pocket, folded in the style of one point up. Under his suit jacket a custom tailored white dress shirt with contrast pick-stitching is worn, tucked into his slacks and fully buttoned. Around his neck a dark red silken bowtie, has been perfectly tied. His slacks match his jacket, with moderate pleats and a fuller cut, overall creating an elegant silhouette. A black leather belt, with a silver square buckle runs the length of his waist, matching his well polished captoe dress shoes.

If he is outside he can always be seen in his black fedora, with a grey ribbon and bow on the right hand side. If the weather is cold or rainy he will be wearing his black overcoat, that ends just below the knees.


Big Brother

Brad Moody was born in London, to the Pure-Blood Moody Family. He was the the the oldest child of Susan and Newman Moody. His up bringing was simple enough, he was an easy child really. His brother and sister, Alexia and James were a bigger hand full. Being as he was five years their senior he often found himself babysitting them. Often during these sessions, he would sit down and write, his aspiration to be a public speaker when he grew up. Though during these sessions of babysitting, he found himself falling in love and becoming slightly addicted to board games. It was no one's surprise when his letter from Hogwarts arrived, on his Eleventh Birthday. Though he didn't know it yet, but Hogwarts was going to change his life forever.


At Hogwarts he was sorted into Ravenclaw, though he always felt a little out of place. While most were, very passionate about their studies, as was Brad, he found himself more and more enthralled, with public displays. When called up in class, he would over exaggerate his movements and be very passionate about his answers. This at times got him slight ridicule from his Housemates and Yearmates. But Brad was okay with this, as it was his passion. He joined the Arts club very early on at his time at Hogwarts, but the real change is he slowly fell more and more in lines with Purist views, due to the friendships he formed, viewing muggles as lesser beings and not feeling that Half-Bloods and Muggle-Borns had no place at Hogwarts. In his Sixth and Seventh years, he took Transfiguration, Potions, Charms and History of Magic. It was no surprise he graduated with the highest mark in History, his favorite subject.

The Voice

After Graduation, Brad started to work for Wizarding Radio Station, as an Apprentice. Though after years, his boss finally figured out that he had the perfect voice and a certain flare for the way he used words. They ran a trail show, a morning show named Cauldron Talk, it took off with out a hitch. Well originally Cauldron Talk was a morning talk show with guests to discuss the certain happenings in the Wizarding World, as the Politics of Grindelwald and the Unity party have become the main topic, Brad has found himself, becoming the "Voice of the Purists" on air. Recently, he has been approached and agreed to take on a weekly show, called Quizard, a wizarding Quiz Show.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do:
  • Purist: Brad is a Purist, he views that only Pure-Bloods should be allowed to use magic and that Muggles are a lesser beings. Also that Muggle-Born and Half-Bloods should not be allowed to use magic.
  • Emotional: Brad is a very emotional person, this bleeds over in the way he talks, causing him to use a lot of movement when he talks.
  • Passionate: Brad is very passionate person. This effects his tone when he talks.
  • Arrogant: Brad is a very arrogant person, he believes he is important and that with out him and Cauldron Talk the Wizarding World would fall into darkness.

RP Hooks

  • Cauldron Talk: Cauldron Talk's Opening Theme Brad is the Host of this very right wing purist oriented morning show on the WWN. Maybe you love him or maybe you hate him.
  • Quizard: Quizard is a new Wizard Quiz show on the WWN. He is the host, maybe you are a fan or want on the show?
  • Pure-Blood : We all know each other or are related it seems.
  • Board Games: He loves playing board games, maybe you want to play him in something sometime.
  • Politics: Brad keeps on on politics, maybe you do too and want to chit chat about it.
  • Media: It is only natural Brad keeps up on Wizarding Media, maybe you have questions or want into WWN.
  • Class of 1926:
    • Electives: Muggle Studies and Ancient Runes
    • NEWT Classes: Transfiguration, Potions, Charms and History of Magic
    • Clubs: Art Club



Newman Moody
Father -


Susan Moody
Mother -


Alexia Moody
Little Sister -


James Moody
Little Brother -


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