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Character Information
Portrayed by Max Charles
Name: Brand Hobbs Palancher
Aliases: -
Birthday: 3 August 1929
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Half-Blood


Brand is a boy quickly approaching his teenage years. He's lean and strong and has a healthy skin tone that suggests he spends a lot of time outdoors, and some might say that he has the look of a Quidditch player, or that perhaps he was even born to be one. His brown hair is a mess, the wind often putting a stop to any attempt to tame it. He has rich brown eyes and a small mole on his left cheek, but his most distinguishing feature is that trademark Palancher Grin.


When Quentin Palancher and Holly Hobbs had another child after the way he treated her, much of their family tutted and shook their heads and pursed their lips. But Brand Hobbs Palancher, born in England in 1929 and named after one of his Muggle ancestors, loved his parents and didn't understand why some of his relatives kept their distance. Even his siblings weren't as close as he'd have liked growing up, although they were all practically grown-ups by the time he was old enough to talk to them. Despite this, Brand had the best upbringing his parents could give him thanks to their impressive wealth. He took part in both Wizard and Muggle activities and especially loved the sports of both worlds, but Quidditch was always his calling.

The very first thing Brand was asked after boarding the Hogwarts Express in 1940, just a month after he turned 11, was if he could get his brother Linc's autograph. He spent his first year at Hogwarts trying to prove, even if only to himself, that he had more going for him than just his family's fame. To his mind he had to be at least as good as his brother and father, and maybe even better. So he practiced Quidditch - a lot. He made it through his first year with marginal marks in most of his subjects, doing just well enough to pass, and only slightly better in Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. But he could never muster up the same enthusiasm for classes as he could for Quidditch. Not even close.

By the end of his first year, Brand was well on his way to stepping out from his brother's shadow. He'd been to every Quidditch game, every practice the Gryffindor team would let him tag along to. He'd joined the Athletics and Broom Clubs. He'd spent every minute of his free time practicing out on the field, reading Quidditch books, or discussing games and strategies with his friends. He became very confident in himself and his skills, and when he heard rumors that the Gryffindor team was planning on picking him up the next year, that confidence only grew to the point of cockines. He then spent the last few weeks of his first year telling anyone who'd listen, especially the girls, that he was going to be the next big star in Quidditch.

RP Hooks

  • Famous Family: Brand's father Quentin and brother Linc are famous Quidditch players.
  • House Gryffindor: Brand is a Lion and proud of it.
  • Quidditch Crazy: Brand is obsessed with Quidditch. If you like Quidditch, chances are he'll like you.


  • Wealth: Rich
  • Famous Family
  • Overconfident
  • Born on a Broom
  • Chivalrous


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Father: Brand's father is his hero. A former Quidditch champion and employee of the Department of Magical Games and Sports, Quentin always tries his best to be there for Brand. At least, that's how Brand sees it.


Brother: Brand looks up to his brother, though he can't help but feel that Linc doesn't think much of him. He wishes they were closer and hopes that becoming a star Quidditch player will make Linc proud.


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