Character Information
Portrayed by Sarah Vaughan
Name: Brandy Sweetwater
Aliases: Andy
Birthday: February 29, 1916
Position: Muggle Liaison Office
Lineage: Half-blood


Brandy is a young, dark-skinned woman, several years out of Hogwarts, with a confident and infectious smile she is rarely seen without. High cheekbones frame a flat nose, set under short, kinky black hair. Her features have a rounded, soft and pleasant feel, made all the more inviting by her demeanor. Her clothing tends to be brightly colored or patterned, and her jewelry fun and dramatic (and jangly).


Brandy is the third of eight children, the daughter of a Muggle father (Robert Sweetwater) and a witch mother (Mary Banes). Her father supports the family through running Sweetwater Distillery - creating fine whiskeys, while her mother (with so many little ones still underfoot) stays at home to look after the brood. Brandy's arrival was more than a week overdue - but as everyone in the family remarks, she's done things her own way, right from the start. A boisterous and friendly sort, Brandy gets on with most, and has always been fiercely protective of her younger siblings.

At school, none would make the mistake of thinking Brandy to be academically driven. While certainly bright enough, and doing reasonably well in her classes, she focused more of her attention on having fun and making friends. Brandy would use any excuse that presented itself to do up the Hufflepuff common room for a celebration, and drag as many of her fellow students as she could into it. Despite her lack of concentration, she did well in Charms class, and took up Muggle Studies and Divination as her electives. Divination was just a lark for her, but Muggle Studies she found truly fascinating, and of all her classes, she put most of her academic efforts into it.

Graduating after the full seven years, Brandy was able to leverage her natural talents in Charms and her interest in Muggle Studies into a position in the Muggle Liaison office. Her fondness and protective attitude towards young children also serves her well as she attempts to guide young children and their families through the often overwhelming introduction to the wizarding world. Brandy enjoys her work, but she is as ever always looking for an excuse to throw a good party.

RP Hooks

Do you like the celebrate? Brandy likes to celebrate. Let's go find an excuse to celebrate, together!

Muggle-born? Helping Muggle-born children acclimate to the wizarding word is just about the only thing Brandy does take seriously.

Hufflepuff? Brandy has been known to show a little badger pride - it gives you another excuse to celebrate, after all. Badger reunion!


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Carouser
  • Moxie
  • Soft-Hearted
  • Afraid of Snakes


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Len is Brandy's cousin - and he's grown into a confident, caring young man who looks out for others. She couldn't be prouder.


Such a quiet, withdrawn thing at school. Sweet, and kind, but lonely. So - just what's going through her head these past couple of years? Can't be the only one wondering.


Sampson is a client - a kid who's had a rough life, and has been going through hell his first month in school. She worries what this will do to him.


Thomas and Brandy were only just starting to get to know each other. Now he's in Azkaban, and she's had to sell his home and shop, pack up his belongings, and store them in a shed at her house. Oh, and she's taking care of his cat and owl. How long do you pine after a guy you hadn't even gotten 'official' with before you move on? How do you give up on someone who's lost everything and been wrongfully imprisoned in Azkaban?


Zoe is fun, vivacious, and cheerful. Plus, she's her cousin's *coughcrushcough* …friend. Zoe and Brandy are almost sisterly - as if Brandy didn't have enough of those, already. So what's one more?


Robert Sweetwater
Loving, cheery, and gentle-spirited, Brandy adores her father and would do most anything for him.


Mary Sweetwater (nee Banes)
Stern and firm, Brandy respects her mother, but can be a little intimidated by her. It isn't wise to contradict Mary Sweetwater - not unless you want to invite a smack (though she does generally limit herself to a single smack).


The Siblings
Brandy has a gaggle of siblings with a wide variety of ages - Sherry and Merlot, her older siblings, and her younger siblings Shiraz, Lirac, Rose, Campari, Bacardi and baby Kahlua. OOC: Any of them are open for play, if interested.


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