This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Was married off into an Italian Pure-Blood Family as per Montague Tradition.

The Snarky Linguist
Portrayed by Ksenia Solo
Name: Brei Montague
Aliases: None
Birthday: December 14 1918
Position: Translator for the I.M.C.
Lineage: Pure-Blood


A short young woman who barely reaches five feet in height. She makes up for her lacking height with a somewhat intimidating presence. Pale skin contrasts with her hair which is the deepest black and falls down past her shoulders in loose waves. Arched black brows sit above those large almond shaped eyes of bright blue. Those icy eyes are framed by thick sooty lashes and seem to take in everything around her with a measuring expression. Her features are soft and feminine only they are often marred by the scowl she often wears. She wears well-made clothes that fit her well and highlight her slender form. Today it is a black sweater and matching black skirt that reaches past her knees. The sweater is form-fitting but the skirt is loose and flowing, floating about her legs. The outfit is paired with black heels that might qualify as weapons the heels are so sharp. She moves with the grace of a large cat, beautiful but deadly.



Lucifer: Lucifer is the little devil kitten that Katherine Sykes convinced Brei she needed. So far Brei is convinced that this is a good choice.

The Montague family originally came over from Italy via France during the Norman Invasion. Her mother Amari Montague was a pure-blood witch who was imported from Italy and betrothed to another pure-blood Velcan Montague. This would have been fine had Amari not been in love with a Muggle-born boy and fought the marriage every step of the way. She still married Velcan but she hated the man and it took three years before Brei was born. Velcan loved his daughter but Amari despised the child she was forced to have with the man she hated so much. She went about ignoring her husband and child and pursued her precious Lucas Agresta who she claimed to love. Making frequent vacation trips alone to Italy to 'visit her family'. Velcan already had an heir so he didn't mind too much at least until Luc was born. Luc was the bastard child that Amari adored she insisted that her son be part of the family and this drove a bigger rift in the already distant family. Where before things were tense now they were outright hostile.

This is the environment Brei grew up in. She learned to stay silent in front of her mother and hated the woman for upsetting her father so much. Her father taught her several languages and the basics of magical theory and when she got her Hogwarts letter she was glad to leave that house behind. She was sorted into Slytherin and did very well. She was a quiet and pessimistic person. After so long of bad things happening around her she began to expect it. She studied hard and was quite gifted in the more offensive and aggressive types of magic, dark defense, transfiguration and potions were and still are her strong points. She did not have friends she was determined to stand alone and do things for her self still she had a collection of those she managed to impress and whose presence was tolerated. She was in the dueling club and was one of the best in her year many thought she would become an Auror.

Still she had no patience for helping others…people should help themselves she believed and so she took an apprenticeship in the Ministry of Magic. Once she graduated she worked as a translator for the I.M.C. her ability to speak several languages came in quite handy there and for the next two years she was kept quite busy. It was also made public knowledge during that time that her brother was a bastard and a Squib, and her father finally tried for a divorce with her blessing. It caused some whispering when Brei's father wound up dead one morning and her mother and brother where nowhere to be found. He was found to have died of natural causes but Brei feels like her mother had something to do with it. She took a few months off work to take her father's body back to Italy where he wanted to be buried. After spending two months in Italy she returned to London. Because of her being Velcan's only legitimate heir he was able to in his life to keep her from sharing her mother's fate and being shipped off to Italy to be married off like it usually happens in the Montague line. There is an air of uncertainty how the family will treat her now, but as it stood she didn't wish to stay in Italy much longer and tempt fate.

RP Hooks

  • Pure-blood: Brei is from a fairly old pure-blood family with very strong ties to Italy and Sicily still. She would likely know or at least know of most other pure-bloods.
  • Strong Opinions: Brei has very strong opinions on political issues and certain laws dealing with muggles and muggleborns. She loves a good debate on politics as well.
  • Misery Loves Company: Brei is one of those people that doesn't do happy very well. She is used to being miserable. Maybe you would like to try and cheer her up or drag her down further?
  • Translator: Need someone to translate French, Italian, Spanish or Latin or maybe another language? Brei is skilled at linguistics and loves to puzzle out new languages.
  • Dancing: One of Brei's guilty pleasures is to go dancing. Maybe you would like to join her?
  • Drinking: Brei normally spends a lot of her free time drinking. She has a love/hate relationship with firewhiskey and it makes her even more unpredictable than normal. Want to be drinking buddies?


  • Wealth: Well-to-Do: Despite her mothers spending habits the family is fairly well off. Brei also makes enough to live comfortably and have a few extras as well.
  • Sarcasm: Her one and only brand of humor often mixed in with some self depreciating comments.
  • Moxie: She doesn't believe in backing down and will likely tell you to your face if you did something wrong no matter who you are.
  • Pessimist: Things are bad and will frequently get worse. Best to be prepared for the coming disaster rather than hiding from the truth no matter how bad it is.
  • Unpredictable: She often acts on impulse. Being drunk increases this trait.


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Velcan Montague
Father - Deceased - The one member of her family Brei was close to. There are supicions that he was murdered by Amari in response for attempting to divorce her. Nothing was proven though.

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