Burke Family

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The Burke Family
Family Head: Caractacus Burke II
Home: London, England, UK
Wealth: Well-To-Do
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Burke family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

  • Elizabeth Burke acted as Headmistress of Hogwarts.
  • Caractacus I opened up a shop on Knockturn Alley a few years after graduating Hogwarts. When he died his grandson Caractacus II took over the shop and made his best friend his business partner and the shop was renamed Borgin & Burkes.

Family Identity

Burke's have dark to dark sandy blond hair. Their mouths are on the wide side and they have deep expression lines at the corners of their mouths. The Londoner accent is the most usual mode of speech a Burke typically converses in.

Crest: The crest of the family is a black background with a dark grey Hand of Glory in the center with an orange flame in its palm.

Motto: "Ardebat flamma tenebris." Which means: "A flame burns brighter in darkness."


While the shop, Borgin and Burkes, on Knockturn Alley is the first thing that most likely springs to mind when someone hears the name 'Burke' it really is only a select few in the family that handle the shop. The others for the greater part work where their talents take them. This Sacred 28 family is quite purist in view points generally. They shop in some (Dark) circles is extremely well regarded and respected to be a place to find the unfindable. Currently the position head of the family is in contention, Herbert is the heir but as an Auror his duties and ideals don't exactly mesh well with a shop of dark items management. His eldest son, Caractacus is really the patriarch of the sort of family one expects with the last name of Burke.

Family Members

Family members bearing the Burke name:

Belvina Boudica Caractacus Herbert Tasciovanus

Blood relatives without the Burke name:

Bettina Calista Carolus Claudia Eugene

Connections and Relationships

  • Black Family: Herbert married Belvina Black and Herbert is also very close friends with her brother Nigellus which is how the match got made in the first place.
  • Connection: <describe relationship>

Family Statistics

Influence: #
Lands: #
Law: #
Population: #
Power: #
Wealth: #
Founding: ####
Historical Events = #

| Roll#| Event     | Influ. | Lands  |  Law   |  Pop.  | Power  | Wealth |
| ##   |  EVENT    |  ---   |  ---   |  ---   |  ---   |  ---   |   ---  |
| Total Results:   |   #    |   #    |   #    |   #    |   #    |    #   |
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