Character Information
Portrayed by Dawson Dunbar
Name: Rodrick Butler Connolly
Aliases: -
Birthday: January 3rd, 1925
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-blood


Rodrick Butler Connolly is a broad, thick teenager, with slightly tanned skin, thick and short brown hair, and a resting face that is so neutral that it could act as the third party during an argument between two rocks. His face sports bushy eyebrows, dark hazel eyes, ears that are just barely on the wide side, and a pointed chin.


Rodrick Butler Connolly was born on January 3rd, 1926 at about three in the morning. He was born in St. Mungos to Maria Willow Dunn, a witch, and Cyril Connolly, a muggle. He was the first and only child between the two, and soon after he was born the two married. He is a half-blood, as his father had no wizard blood before. His mother and father were both very much in love, even after both Rodrick's and Maria's lineage was revealed. Cyril, being a boxer by trade, had hoped to groom his son to go into the art when he was old enough, although he had to abandon his plans when his son was going to Hogwarts, he still taught him as much as he could, whenever he could. Although Cyril did not make much money, Maria's career as a muggle liaison paid enough to make up for it, and allowed them to stay in England.

Rodrick was enrolled in Hogwarts in 1937 and sorted into Hufflepuff. He took two electives, Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures. He had an edge with Muggle studies, having lived outside the magical society until he was 11 but did not do well with the magical creatures. Although he was a dreadful student in his early years, with the proper tutoring he caught up with his studies, excelling at Transfiguration and Charms in particular, as well as doing well in defense against he dark arts, and is taking Newt classes in all three.

While Rodrick must study more than the average student to keep up with his peers, he still has time for some recreation. While he is not a fighter at heart, he still practices the art of boxing for the sake keeping a physical discipline. He is part of the Athletics club as he is a naturally well built young man, and is part of the domestics club because he signed up by accident, and just decided to stay on to fill in some gaps in time. In the fall of 1940, Cyril Connolly died during the German blitz against Great Britain. Rodrick was not informed of this until he returned home for Christmas. Because his father wished for his son to know his extended family more, he often spends the summer in the Irish farm community of Brownstone, on his Aunt's and Grandfather's farm with his cousins.

RP Hooks

  • Where's Scones?: Scones the cat has decided to worry his master by escaping someplace outside the hufflepuff dorms. When these happens, Butler normally drops what he is doing in order to find him, and help is always appreciated.
  • Study Group: It wouldn't hurt to team up with some particular subjects, and Butler needs all the help he can get sometimes. He is even willing to tutor younger students who can stand him sometimes forgetting more than he should.
  • Club activites: Butler is in the Athletics club and Domestics club. He's more than willing to take a couple hours out of the evening for a game or a match, or just have meeting to have coffee and discuss things about he domestics club that he doesn't understand.
  • Up late: Are you up when you shouldn't be? Can't sleep? Up to no good? Butler is a night owl at times, so running into him might complicate things or be for the best.


  • Wealth:Comfortable
  • Pacifist
  • Dull
  • Slow learner


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Maria Connolly nee Willow
Mother: (1905 - ?) <half-blood.> Although Maria did not have a strong relationship with her son for much of his life, they somehow became closer and more distant after the death of her husband. Butler held disdain towards his mother for a time, but as he entered his sixth year began to trust in her guidance and consul more with his schooling. They write letters to each other frequently, as they only see each other for Christmas.


Bethany Connolly
Aunt: (1893 - ?) <Muggle.> Butler's Aunt and mother to two of his cousins, both born out of wedlock to separate men. Bethany has always seen Butler as dependable, but frequently berates him for minor issues for the sake of getting a raise out of him. She finds his apparent lack of emotion concerning. She has no knowledge of the wizarding world.


Scones the Cat
Pet: Scones is a Maine coon that Maria Connolly got for him after a trip to the states. While scones is a friendly cat to other students, he is slow to show any affection to Butler and will often escape the hufflepuff dorms, forcing Butler to go out to look for him, regardless of anything Butler might be doing at the moment. During the summers he hunts mice on Butler's aunt's farm.


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