Greengrass Patriarch
Portrayed by Bernard Fox
Name: Cadfael Greengrass
Aliases: Cad
Birthday: May 11th, 1867
Position: Retired Magistrate
Lineage: Pure-Blood


The first impression most have of Cadfael Greengrass' appearance is unfortunate - he looks rather like a squat, aged toad with a moustache. Bulbous blue eyes, weighted heavily with weary bags beneath and straggly grey brows above, seem out of proportion with the rest of his features; a pudgy little nose and pursed lips, though the latter are often hidden entirely by an overly twirled handlebar moustache. Jowly about the jawline, being quite far on in years, Cadfael is at least clean shaven, though his steel-grey hair, naturally wavy, looks always a little unruly.


Born May 11, 1867 in the family home in Cardiff, Cadfael Taliesin Greengrass is the eldest son of the late Taliesin and Eilwen Greengrass. He had two brothers, one named Asher and the other named Brynach, as well as a sister named Agatha. He grew up mostly in the care of his Nanny Meinir Driscoll. Nanny Driscoll was a tough as nails witch in her late seventies when she took over his care. That is not to say that his parents did not show they loved him, it was simply how things were done. She was there when he first displayed magic and informed his parents, who of course took it all in stride. He was their eldest and set to inherit from his father.

So it came as no surprise when after his eleventh birthday, Cadfael received his letter to Hogwarts. So with the anticipation all young witches and wizards have, he ventured to Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw, like his grandfather before him, and his mother. While he was never an exceedingly handsome young man, Cadfael’s position of future Patriarch of the prestigious Greengrass family earned him some friends and even dates to school events.

A solid and bright student, Cadfael performed quite well and did his travels specializing in the Nordic Countries and northern Asia. When he returned home, he began courting Eluned Flint. They had attended a few of the balls at Hogwarts together and he was thoroughly enchanted by her. They were married in the spring of 1886. On January 15, 1887, Brynach Edryd Greengrass passed away, the stress of the family curse claiming his life shortly before the birth of his first son. Their first child Edryd Greengrass was born on March 17, 1887. They would go on to have two more daughters Penelope, born in 1888, and Alice, born 1892.

As Nanny Driscoll was still alive, he hired her to take care of his young children. The elderly witch proved she was still quite up for it. While his children were growing up, he followed the same distant approach that his father and mother had used before him. He saw his children at various points but for the most part he settled into his career in the Department of Magical Law, specifically working as a Hit Wizard for about five years, before being promoted to Magistrate. He served as a magistrate for an additional fifty years.

He was quite proud when in 1898 Edryd received his letter and quite proud that his son was sorted into Gryffindor. The following year Penelope joined Ravenclaw House, and then the following Alice joined Ravenclaw house. He was proud of all their achievements.

The honest truth of the matter is that Cadfael did not approve of Edryd courting Regina Stuart, while she was a witch she was Muggleborn and it was a stain upon the family name. It really wasn’t until his grandson Jonothan was born that Cadfael was able to let go of some of the various grievances he had with Edryd. The pair resolved their differences for the most part at the urging of Eluned. She urged peace between them and because of his love for his wife the pair did indeed, and even invited Regina into their home for dinner.

It was also when Jonothan was born that Cadfael officially retired from the role of Magistrate. He was quite happy to enjoy just relaxing in his home with his wife, and seeing his family. Plus there was no reason for him to continue working. He viewed it as a reward for working hard for as long as he did. Eluned and he began hosting parties in Wales and became more active on the social scene.

He watched over his extended family and worked to recover some of the relationships that his son’s marriage had damaged. When Jonothan came of age, he was pleased that his son chose a pure blood woman as his wife. He blessed the union quite readily and helped the couple get settled in London as his wedding present to the two and to show he supported their union.

He was ecstatic when his first great grandchild was born, although he kept it quite to himself and Eluned. There were rules of decorum after all, and he was very rigid about such things. That being said his position on blood purity became tempered. He became more accepting of halfbloods and muggleborn. He began lending his voice to his son’s in accepting such into the magical community.

When Eluned passed away, a part of Cadfael died with her. While he was active socially, he was having a harder time with it and began relying on his children for hosting some of the events. However, Christmas is still one of the holidays he organizes without their aid. Completely taking over the duties from Eluned and trying to make it all as wondrous for the children as it had been under the ministration of his wife.


  • Loyalty
  • Predictable
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Clever

RP Hooks

  • Head of Family: Cadfael is considered the patriarch of the Greengrass Family
  • House: Ravenclaw
  • Former Magistrate
  • Hosts monthly social engagements for the Wizarding Elite.


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Taliesin Greengrass
Father: (1848 - 1938) Pure-Blood.


Eilwen Greengrass nee Prewett
Mother: (1848 - 1941) Pure-Blood.


Eluned Greengrass nee Flint
Wife: (1848 - 1941) Pure-Blood. Eluned was a wonderful wife and mother and Cadfael misses her dearly since she recently passed away.


Edryd Greengrass
Son: (1887 - ) Pure-Blood. Edryd married a Muggle-Born witch, Regina Greengrass nee Stuart. They have a son Jonothan.


Grandson: (1909 - ) Half-Blood. Son of Edryd and Regina. Married to Ceridwyn Greengrass nee Lowe. They have a son, Gareth.


Gareth Greengrass
Great Grandson: (1929 - ) Half-Blood. Son of Jonothan and Ceridwyn Greengrass nee Lowe.


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