Character Information
Portrayed by Claudia Black
Name: Caitig
Aliases: -
Birthday: June 21st, 1890
Position: Leafwarden
Lineage: Centaur


Caitig is a study in grey and white and black. Her coat a glossy, shadowy blue roan, fading to white on her belly and legs, though her legs and their thick feathering are zebra-striped with grey. On her back is a black dorsal stripe, running into her long, thick tail, which is black as well, and reaches down to the ground. Her form has a sturdy motherliness, ample and rounded, though well-muscled rather than fat. Her face is a rounded oval, the skin creamy and only faintly lined, the eyes wide and green-grey, with arching dark brows. Her hair is black as well, not yet greying, as glossy as her tail, though it is often held back with a thong of woven purple. She wears a simple tunic of thistle-purple embroidered with twining leaf-patterns.


Caitig was the only offspring of Eilidh and Darach. Eilidh was a Leafwarden who taught Caitig about the growing world around her and Darach was a Talekeeper, delighting his daughter with story after story. Together they made a cozy little family. Caitig developed an early interest in weaving, in music, and in the plants and animals of the forest. This lent well to her growing up into the role of Leafwarden. When she was of the age to begin to notice, a warrior and scout by the name of Torcall caught her eye and so she put herself in his line of sight. He's hardly taken his eyes off of her since, and that well pleases her. Together they have two girls: Ealisaid, the eldest, who is her sire's chip off the old block and the youngest, Aurelea, who takes much more after Caitig. Together they make a loving herd and Caitig eagerly looks forward to being a granddam at some point. Until then she does her best in a motherly type capacity for all of the herd in her duties as Leafwarden.

RP Hooks

  • Centaur: Are you a Centaur or would you like RP with one? I'm happy to have a scene or two or three!
  • Leafwarden: If you need healing or potions, want to learn about plants, or anything similar, let's get together.
  • Diplomatic: Caitig is diplomatic. If you want help resolving a conflict, she's happy to help.


  • Motherly
  • Compassionate
  • Diplomatic


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Mate: The love between Torcall and Caitig is strong and firm and lasting. Though nothing lasts forever, Caitig has never had eyes for another male, and she is glad that he has sired their two daughters. Though she is now past foal-bearing, she still loves him fiercely.


Daughter: Caitig is very proud of her eldest daughter. Though she is not sure she has managed to teach her about gentleness and femininity, she understands that her daughter has another path to follow, and it pleases her that Ealisaid takes so much after Torcall.


Daughter: Caitig is also very proud of her youngest daughter. The hours spent teaching her about plants and healing have been some of the happiest she has known, reminding her of her own youth learning from her mother.


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