Character Information
Portrayed by Theo Stevenson
Name: Calig Rosier
Aliases: Cal
Birthday: September 10th, 1926
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-Blood


A young boy with dark brown hair and matching eyes, Calig is a little on the portly side. His face is round and his slightly chubby cheeks are often rosy. Wearing a serious expression more often than not, Calig's neatly cut hairstyle just covers the tops of his ears. He holds himself with the air of one who is sure of their position within the hierarchy and exactly who is beneath him on that same chain.
At the moment Calig is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the green and silver colouring he must have sorted into House Slytherin. A grey vest edged in green and silver covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt to the collar and accented with a green tie with narrow silver stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into matching gray trousers that fall to the tops of black shoes. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Slytherin Green fabric, unadorned except for a silver snake slithering over a green background with a silver chevron sewn over the heart.


Calig Rosier was born on September 10th, 1926 in Suffolk to Erman and Amorina Rosier. Growing up in their family's ancestral home in Suffolk. He had what most would consider a wonderful childhood and never went without. Although their fortune has somewhat diminished in recent generations, such that the family has been obliged to give up their London home. If asked, Calig insists that he fought for his survival from the beginning and is quite lucky to have turned out as well as he has living so close to Muggles. Unlike his younger sister, Druella, Calig had no interest in befriending the Muggles of the nearby village. Rather, Calig was quite the bully whenever he thought he could get away with it, both to the muggle children and to his sister. He was quite jealous that she seemed to have so many friends, and he was unable since there were none of his caliper in close proximity.

When Calig got his letter for Hogwarts, he was quite overjoyed, a feeling that only grew when he was sorted into Slytherin and finally was able to meet those worthy of being called his friends. Calig's childhood of observing his sister's popularity allowed him to rather quickly take a gauge of Slytherin House. There was a small band of boys that were popular without being obnoxious about it, like his sister always was. One boy in particular had a charisma about him and it drew Calig in. At first he was on the fringe, but that created only a stronger desire in Calig to get 'in'. Being friendly and helping at any chance he would get with them saw to it that they, needing extra bodies of proven worth invited him on Walpurgis Night to help them with a secret ritual. That night in his Second Year is a night he will never forget. He was in, he was a part of a secret society! Calig has not been the same ever since, he boasts a new bolder and more confident attitude. Calig is a Knight of Walpurgis and he will act as such.

While Calig had an interest before in Care of Magical Creatures, most of the Knights took Arithmancy and Ancient Runes, so those are the Electives Calig takes. Part of being a Knight is dedication to excellence, so he is very keen to do well in his studies. There is also in the back of his mind the search for the perfect maiden. A damsel in distress sort, of perfect breeding. Afterall a Knight must have his Lady.

RP Hooks

  • Knights of Walpurgis: Calig has joined the Knights of Walpurgis and can often be seen hanging around the other members of this secret clique.
  • Better than Muggles: Calig makes no secret that he considers himself and most wizards to be above the muggle riff-raff and muggle born wizards.
  • Something to Prove: Calig's family may have fallen in the last several years, but he is intent on lifting the Rosier name back to greatness. He is quite competitive and a sore loser.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Purist
  • Self-Righteous
  • Own Code of 'Chivalry'


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Erman Rosier
Father: (b. 1900) Pure-Blood. Father is quite loving and proud of Calig, and even seems to encourage Calig's Purist leanings. Conscious of the mistakes he made in his own youth, he is careful to be there for Calig and to attempt to steer him onto the right path.


Amorina Rosier nee Urquart
Mother: (b. 1900) Pure-Blood. Beautiful Amorina is not quite as doting on her portly son as she is on her daughter, but she still loves him as a good mother should. It just isn't quite as easy for her to relate to her son as it is to pretty and perfect Druella.


Sister - (b. March 18th, 1929) Pure-Blood. Calig and Druella have never really gotten along. Calig sees her as a bit foolish in her willingness to befriend anyone and thinks she should have more pride in her magical heritage. At least she managed to do something right in getting sorted into Slytherin, but she still has a lot of growing up to do. Despite all of this, though Calig may think he is allowed to bully her, let anyone else try!


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