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Character Information
Portrayed by Christopher Eccleston
Name: Callus Vengal
Aliases: -
Birthday: Mar 17, 1895
Position: Unknown
Lineage: Pure-blood


A mixture of height and severe features etch out the overall figure of this man. Everything about him speaks of sharp angles and length: from corded muscles in his neck to the slight slope of shoulders indicative of a man who has always been too tall for the world. A square forehead and jaw shape out facial structure and lines tell the tales of long years. His eyes are pale and piercing, given a serious dint by a heavy brow. His aquiline nose has the shape of one broken in the past and small lips beneath are often formed into a line. His dark brown hair is often kept short, which only sets out his large ears ever more. His body and pale skin tell the tale of a rough past. His simple clothing is sturdy, but weathered and fraying in places. His build is more tendon and muscle than soft, but without the cultured shapes of one who has only practiced in safety.


Very few know anything about this mysterious stranger.


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  • Blunt
  • Familial Loyalty
  • Wealth: Poor



Callus's sister.


Callus's father, presently imprisoned in Azkaban.


A distant cousin.


A distant cousin who Callus first threatened the life of, then later encouraged to join him after revealing their blood connection.


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