Character Information
Portrayed by Callum Blue
Name: Calum Urquart
Aliases: Cal
Birthday: 1906
Position: Warden of Loch Ness
Lineage: Pure-Blood



Born in the Scottish village of Drumnadrochit in 1906, Calum was one of several children and lived a life of helping his father with the creatures of Loch Ness. Out of his siblings, Calum was one of only two with the talent of creature language, and, while his sister loved animals, she had no desire to be the next Warden of Loch Ness. Fortunately, it was all Calum ever wanted to do with his life.

At Hogwarts he proved to be a wizard with adequate talent of all the basics, but with an extraordinary way with animals. This knack didn’t always translate to humans, witnessed by an incident on the very first day of his schooling, before the Sorting Ceremony even took place. It’s lost to memory who was the one that started the nudges that turned into pushes and pigtail tugs, but one result was a bitter dislike between young Calum and his new yearmate, Emilia Macmillan. Their mutual disdain continued until well into their fifth year, when they both found themselves abandoned by their dates for the Christmas dance. For the first time the pair actually sat and talked to each other, and found on both sides that maybe the other wasn’t quite so bad as had been originally thought. It was the beginning of a tentative friendship that weathered many a talk about Emilia’s boyfriends and Calum’s girlfriends, until the pair realized in their sixth year that the reason none of the other relationships were working out was because they never needed to look farther than each other.

When they completed their N.E.W.T.S. in 1924, Calum sought and found a position with the R.C.M.C., was assigned to Loch Ness to take over from his father, and married Emilia in short order. The pair settled into a little cottage of their own in Drumnadrochit, and their first daughter, Violet, was born in 1926. Although he was retired, Calum’s father was always nearby to be with the family and help whenever Calum needed it. In 1936 he passed, and Calum found himself as not only the Warden of Loch Ness, but Head of the Urquart family.


  • Water Baby
  • Socially Awkward by Human Standards
  • Languages: Glurblurble and Mermish
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Family Patriarch: After the death of his father, Calum is considered the head of the Urquart Family.
  • Warden of Loch Ness: Calum is a R.C.M.C. Ranger who is in charge of Loch Ness.


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