Dr. Dolittle
Portrayed by Alicia Keys
Name: Camilla Kharna Kwaito-Fawley
Aliases: Cam, Cami, Doolittle
Birthday: Jun 03, 1914
Position: R.C.M.C Ranger
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Camilla is a woman with a mulatto heritage. She has dark rich mocha skin, earthy brown eyes, stands about 5'6" tall, and is approximately 144 pounds. Her hair is mid-back black hair in a ponytail that attempts to tame her natural tight curls which puff out after the tie in a casual utilitarian style.

Like the area she grew up in, she's primal and mysterious. A queen of the wilds so to speak. Her face is a lovely oval with high cheekbones that give her a fox-like appearance. Her Scottish-British blood shows through in a paler than full rich dark African skin tone and is a creamy mocha color. Again it shows in her nose with a delicate slightly upturn that's slightly on the narrow side. Though her South African blood shines through proudly with her full lips that appear naturally glossy. More so her African heritage steps to the forefront in her hair. Camilla uses the natural density of it to experiment in styles ranging from finger-waves to intricate corn rows, no matter the style though, she's always having fun with it.




Born to a mixed-race couple in South Africa, Camilla has been raised by her grandparents in Hogsmeade since her parents were killed by German soldiers when she was still a baby. From an early age she's always had a way with animals, and it was no surprise to anyone when, in her time at Hogwarts she got top grades in Care of Magical Creatures. She went on to become a registered animagus and join the Ministry of Magic in the department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

Recently her life has seen some changes. First, her secret school crush, Demetrius Bennet, came back into her life, when he became a werewolf. She now takes care of him on the farm every full moon, and they've become close friends as well. A little while later, her grandparents passed away, a dignified passing but leaving Camilla on her own until, most recently, she took a young orphaned girl, Jo, into her care. Jo seemed to be the first in a steady habit of 'taking in strays'. The motley family just keeps on growing, Demetrius retired from Quidditch and permanently works and stays on the farm. She's taken in Lucian Proudmore as well. Then of course there's the romantic relationship that has steadily grown between her and Josie's father, Bannon. Yes, quiet the growing family - which will no doubt continue to grow.

Extended Background

Family History

Margaret Fawley was a young woman trying to do her part of the War Effort in 1914. As a member of the Ministry in Department of International Magical Cooperation it was her mission to go to South Africa and heal the wounds the German occupation inflicted on the Africans. There is something wonderful about the world through Wizards eyes, there is no racism as the Muggles know it. Wizards only see things in blood, not in skin. So when she laid eyes on Zuberi whom worked in the African Ministries Department of International Magical Cooperation she didn't see that his skin was the darkest she'd ever seen, she only saw the most beautiful smile she's ever seen and the heart and power he controlled with compassion and wisdom. They were married one month after meeting one another, it was love at first sight.

Camilla was born nearly exactly 9 months after their wedding night. Camilla has only the foggiest of memories of her father and mother as they were both rather tragically killed, gunned down by German Muggles who spied on her parents being affectionate with one another on their way to the African Ministry. Hitwizards on guard were to late to stop the murder of her parents, but they were there in time to disarm and save her own life as one of the German's was aiming his gun at baby Camilla, obviously of mix race who was screaming and crying in her stroller reaching for her dead mother laying on the ground.

Zuberi Kwaito did not have any family, so Camilla was sent to her mother's parent's place in Hogsmeade where the Fawley Family has lived for generations since the town was originally founded. The Fawley Family ever since have been the stewards of the Forest known generally as the Forbidden Forest and by strange fate, unlike her mother who joined the Department of International Cooperation to get as far from the Fawley Family responsibilities, Cami was the daughter Craig and Agatha Fawley always wanted. Camilla Kharna Fawley loved animals since she first laid eyes on her first creature. Her ken with them an amazing gift seemingly since birth. She could ride a horse before she could walk practically and her baby babble was more animal sounds than human sounds. She was no wild child by any means, because both Craig and Agatha raised her to respect tradition and etiquette. Her grandfather, Craig had been the steward of the Forbidden Forest since he graduated from Hogwarts 90 years ago. Agatha Fawley was a Herbology prodigy back when she went to Hogwarts along with Craig, after they married she became supervisor over all crops and the family green house and surrounding gardens.



Her first year of Hogwarts was rather nice, she didn't suffer some of the jarring things a lot of firsties go through. Her being able to see the Fawley Farm from the tallest tower down on the skirts of Hogsmeade kept her much more feeling at home than the other Firsties who were for the first time far from home and family. Though from the first day she arrived at Hogwarts she looked towards the School's Barn longingly. Taking Care of Magical Creatures was the reason she was here, and waiting two whole years for it felt like an eternity. But she distracted herself with the rest of the core classes and did well in all, all but Defence Against the Dark Arts that is, she was rather miserable in that class. Though the other classes she fared at least an A in. She of course took Care of Magical Creatures, the moment she could, Ancient Runes as well.

When OWLs were taken she received A's in everything but Defense Against the Dark Arts, that she failed with a P. The classes she excelled in were Charms, Ancient Runes, Transfiguration where she receive an E, and Care of Magical Creatures where she received and O. After Fifth year she narrowed her classes down, dropping Ancient Runes because all the wards she could use in the future were already learned.

Class Grade
Potions A
Herbology A
Astronomy A
Charms E
Transfiguration E
Defense Against the Dark Arts P
History of Magic A
Care of Magical Creatures O
Ancient Runes E

Transfiguration, for she dreamed of not only working with the animals but being among them as one of them. Ever since first year she worked with Professor Dumbledore to master the art of the Animagi. By the summer after her sixth year, Camilla was able to take the form of a Fawley Fox and her name can be found in the registry at the Ministry of Magic.

Charms, have you ever tried to heal an ornery dragon without great uses for Charms to put it to sleep, or lift it's massive wing while keeping your hands free to tend it? No? Exactly.

Potions, sometimes you've got to use just the right potion to get a needed result from your creature wards! It's cheating, but if a species is endangered, what's the harm in a little love potion between two of the last surviving creatures to help nature along a bit.

Herbology, much like Potions it's real good to know the diet of a lot of your wards and patients, also her grandmother's love of magical botany rubbed off just a little.

Class Grade
Potions A
Herbology A
Charms E
Transfiguration O
Care of Magical Creatures O

Care of Magical Creatures, one can't be a Ranger Agent for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures without high marks in this class. Besides that, this class and everything about it was her love and passion. She'd often go to the Barn and would clean up and just hang out with the animals there. She was more close with the animals than she really was with her fellow classmates. This got her a bit of odd treatment from the others at school, but it was nothing that didn't roll off of her back. She was the happiest she's been in years.

Well that was until she was dragged to one of the school's ridiculous Quidditch matches, her Hufflepuff versus Gryffindor. She loathed the 'sport' and thought it barbaric, especially as the original game included the murder of a poor creature. But that was until she spotted the Beater for the Gryffindor, Demetrius Bennett. Then the game wasn't so bad, after all…they replaced the bird with the snitch long ago, right? Well she still preferred riding winged horses over brooms.

But her crush on that Quidditch player proved to be rather distracting and frustrating because of said distraction. It was the first time she really had even noticed a male of her own species. It was confusing and wonderful and horrible all at the same time. He was a year older than she, Demetrius. It was a hard crush from afar, but she actually started going to Quidditch games that year when he was playing and would cheer for him. Which was a bit obvious to her housemates around her. But nothing ever really came of it, because he graduated that year and Camilla never did more than look from the Quidditch Stands or across the hall during meals.

NEWTs finally was upon Cami, though it was seven long years of very hard work she loved everything about it. She even found out that she was rather good at jitterbugging at a party over Christmas Holidays she was invited to, it was a massive party so everyone, even that whacky Dr. Doolittle girl everyone thought of her as was invited to the party. She will never be ashamed of who she is, and that's someone whom lives to protect, heal, and nurture the beasts of the world.

Since graduating from Hogwarts, Cami has pursued a bit further in more advanced lessons in Magical Creature Medicine and has became a Ranger for the RCMC and worked along side her Grandfather as a keeper of the Forbidden Forest. Not everyone in the RCMC has her skill with Magical Creature Medicine so she's often called into the Ministry and sometimes even sent to other National Ministries to take care of sick or injured Magical Creatures to see if they can be cared for. Camilla often acts as a guest lecturer at Hogwarts these days for Care of Magical Creatures class. Though her life is a touch on the lonely side, she is very happy with her responsibilities and would want to be doing anything else.

Fate is a strange creature that Camilla will never understand. 1934 was the World Cup in Quidditch and Camilla was urgently called to handle an emergency in the Black Forest where the Cup was being held as it was Britain vs. Germany that year. It turns out that a British Quidditch Player was knocked off of his broom -into- the forest and the game was on a Full Moon. Camilla still rants on the stupidity of the game planner on that one. By the time she found the Player, and his new 'pack' he already had undergone the change. So unable to determine which of the werewolves was the player in question Camilla and a few helpful German RCMC Agents rounded the wolves up and transported them to the German Ministries holding facilities. There Camilla spent the night taking care of the werewolves and waiting for the sun to rise. When it did her jaw hit her chest when she found it was none other than Demetrius who was laying in the cage naked before her. After he was stable she took him back to the Farm to help him get more adjusted as she normally does for new werewolves. She encouraged Demetrius to sign the Werewolf Register and promised him that she would personally take care of him every full moon. Camilla keeps her promises and so for three nights out of the month she watches over Demetrius when he changes into a wolf. A lot of the time if they time things perfectly they keep him out of the moon's light and though he stays in his cage he won't change and they'll spend the night talking and playing games. That crush that Cami used to have is certainly back in full force but she is afraid of her secret coming out, because if it does the professionalism might fade during their stays together and that wouldn't be… professional. But if she didn't know better, (which she might not, Human Mating habits are one thing she never could wrap her mind around) Demetrius might be crushing on her right back a bit. Who knows?

In early 1937 Camilla's lift altered greatly, during a typical long walk through the Forest her grandfather and grandmother veered conversation towards the future, and how to maintain their legacy. Camilla could feel it in the pit of her stomach that it would be the last time she saw her Grandparents when they hugged and kissed her good-bye telling her how proud they were of her. She didn't want to leave them, but they insisted that they wanted to walk through the forest alone, it was their 90th wedding anniversary after all. The last time she saw her grandparents her grandfather wrapped his fur lined leather coat around Camilla before he gave her one last kiss, and then kissed Agatha before hand in hand they disappeared into the forest.

Then came another change, the early summer of 1937 just when the loneliness of the big empty house nearly consumed Cami she was at Diagon Alley one day, with 'The Mascots'. A thing she often does during the summer to drum up interest with the students and invite them to the Creature Camp she also hosts every summer. It was during this visit that she met (as usual) with many of the students that wanted to meet and greet and ask about the creatures. This time however those curious also included an Auror. He was very keen as was the one future student (as she was a soon to be first year) on the animals, Camilla was very taken with the care the Auror took in seeing to the education. Long story short, Cami, the Auror and the future firstie hit it off very well. When Camilla came to find that the young girl was an orphan of Muggle origins she was offering for Jo, said girl, to stay on at the Farm before she knew it. The young girl's presence has been a blessing. At first Camilla thought it would just be more professional, as all her relationships tend to be. She'd be a guardian and an employer of sorts as she'll teach Jo how to work on the farm and mind her own keep. But it has become much more personal than intended and while she'd never think of herself as a motherly role, perhaps more like a really cool aunt. Camilla hopes these feelings aren't one sided, as she knows rather little about the rearing of a human, but she's trying, and enjoying it too.

RP Hooks

  • Fawley Farm: The Fawley Farm has bordered the Forbidden Forest since before Hogsmeade was established. The Fawley family has long been Wardens of the Forest and those who didn't earn the title worked the farm, breeding and training Granian Winged Horses, offering a sanctuary to injured and un-releasable creatures, and boarding for local's horses and animals. While the farm has enough agriculture to be self-sustaining, they are not an agricultural farm, animals and creatures are their forte.
  • Magical Veterinarian, does your Kneazle have the Sneezles?
  • Guest Lecturer for Care of Magical Creatures. She fills in a lot when Professor Kettleburn is on one of his numerous suspensions.


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  • Animal Lover
  • Country Girl
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Animagus



Ward - Things were supposed to just remain professional. She was simply going to be the boss around the farm, teach Jo the meaning of honest work and such. But the more Camilla got to know Jo, the less Bossy she felt and the more 'Auntish' she became. Though as time goes on, it's becoming less and less Auntish and more and more motherly. She loves Josie very much, like she was her own now. She still would never dream of acting or presuming that she could ever replace Josie's mother. But her feelings towards the girl are still there and still strong.


Fiance & Josie's Father - Camilla lost the war between fondness and professionalism in the way that she is now in a official romantic relationship with Bannon. He is Josie's biological father. So as things develop it is very much filling the lonely hole in Cami's heart when her grandparents passed away. She has a family again and she is fierce in her love and protection of them. The difference of worlds over the years has started to become sadly clear. Bannon lives and works in The City of London and Camilla is a country girl that works on the farm. There is more respect and fondness for Bannon then there is passion and love. He asked her to marry him when she brought up this fact in an attempt to re-work their relationship into something back to the way it originally was. They have been engaged on and off as Camilla gets cold feet about marrying Bannon. He promised to be more engaged with the relationship only to be promptly swept up into a very important case for the M.L.E.. Camilla truly understands how important his work is. So she is stuck, feeling like she's going to be engaged forever to a man she's not sure she wants to marry any more. She still respects and adores Bannon, he's Josie's father and it's for Josie that Camilla is really trying to make it work.


Troubled Boy & Ward - Lucian and Cami have often spent class time together. He is a kindred spirit in that he has a love and gentleness for creatures. After he became of age Cami offered him a place in her home and to work on the farm. He has taken it and is another member of their motley family now. His training to be an animagus was completed in the Summer of 1938. She is so very proud of him. He makes quite the handsome Lion. He is one of her kids now. Cami's resigned that she'll probably never have her own kids. So she values all of her 'strays' as her own kids.


Not Ria - Lucian went through so much. Camilla, as she usually does, gives her "kids" a wide berth to make their own mistakes and learn from them. After Lucian finally learned that Ria was no good for him, he started to see Morgana, Camilla gathers that it was because of Morgana that Lucian was able to finally see the light. Her willingness to hang out at the Farm and be a part of their strange little herd has allowed Cami to get to actually meet and get to know Lucian's girlfriend. Camilla likes Morgana very much. In truth their relationship is something Camilla is a bit jealous of. Lucian and Morgana are two very different people, much like Cami and Bannon, but the young couple has chemistry and passion that can't be denied. Even though Cami sometimes wishes that she wasn't so aware when their chemistry is sparking. Thank the Powers for Quieting Charms!



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