Character Information
Portrayed by Zendaya
Name: Carlotta Pinkstone
Aliases: Carly
Birthday: July 4th 1922
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Half-Blood


Carlotta Pinkstone is a young woman, roughly in her late teens, Mixed Heritage Brit with spicehoney skin tone, who stands at 5'10" and is around 150 pounds in an overall curvy body type. Mid-back length lightened black, dark chocolate hair is done in a down and loose style framing an oblong shaped face. With almond-shaped caramel brown eyes that are set to either side of her somewhat wide nose. Below that nose is a plump set of lips. The rest of her oblong shaped face is accented in appled cheeks, and a gentle sloped jaw that comes to a round chin. Carlotta Pinkstone smells of honeysuckle. When she speaks the tones and accent of a Londoner can be detected.
At the moment Carlotta is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the scarlet and gold colouring she must have sorted into House Gryffindor. A grey vest edged in gold and scarlet covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt-line to the collar and accented with a scarlet tie with narrow gold stripes. TThe shirt is tucked neatly into a matching grey pleated skirt. Skirt and stockings meet at the knees, and black shoes are worn on the feet. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Gryffindor Scarlet fabric, unadorned except for a scarlet maned golden lion standing rampant over a scarlet background with gold fret sewn over the heart.


Carlotta Pinkstone was born on the 4th of July in 1922 to Danial Pinkstone and Cara Pinkstone nee Warbeck. They provided her with a good childhood even though they were often in and out of jail for their activism. Oddly enough her parents were quite often on the opposite sides of an issue but that never affected their home life. Money wasn't exactly plentiful, but it was a comfortable level throughout her childhood. Because her parents were often in jail she stayed quite often with her relatives. While the Warbeck side of the family weren't much in the way of movers and shakers there's not one Pinkstone alive that wouldn't stand up for what they believe in. Carlotta was much the same way and it was mostly from nature than nurture. But the nuturing helped.

That same nature got her sorted into Gryffindor when she arrived to Hogwarts in 1933. She has proven to be a very capable witch when it comes to scholastics. She took on Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures in her third year and went on to take Charms, Transfiguration and Muggle Studies for her NEWT classes. A very charismatic young woman that always stands up for the oppressed. She discovered her calling when she first heard Cassius Malfoy speak on the foundation of the Unity Party. His words struck something deep in her core, the Statute of Secrecy is completely unfair and medieval in thought process. Carly began to rail against the statute in an even and professional manner. She's been at it for a while now and things just don't seem to really be taking effect. Carlotta is willing to do what it takes to get the Statute of Secrecy abolished. Even if that means she must suffer as her parents suffered to bring attention to this injustice!

RP Hooks

  • Unity Party - The statute is Carlotta's nemesis. She will do whatever it takes to bring it down. Are you a member of the Unity Party? If you are that means you're her best friend.
  • Rabble Rouser - Carlotta has plans to just start acting like the statute doesn't exist. Want to help? Want to bust her for giving puffskiens to muggles as Christmas presents? Are you a non-vetted muggle that wants to be obliviated after Carlotta's done ripping the veil from your eyes?


  • Idealist
  • Hero Worship: Cassius Malfoy
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Hero - The founder of the Unity Party, his speeches opened up Carlotta's eyes and she hero worships him for it. They will make the world a better place!


Daniel Pinkstone
Father - A true hero! Activist extraordinaire. While his wife is the conservative, preservationist sort, he completely supports Carlotta's politics and views.


Cara Pinkstone nee Warbeck
Mother - While her parents are in love despite their polarizing political views and are the stronger for it. Carlotta and her mother aren't as close as she is with her father because Cara feels she must raise Carlotta right. Her definition of right. Which is very right wing. A lot or right. Holidays have started to get tense between them since Carlotta joined the Unity part.


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