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Owner and Chef at Farin Braw.

Brigand with a Heart of…Gold? (Haggis)
Portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis
Name: Carmichael Robert MacDougal
Aliases: The Scot
Birthday: Aug 26, 1895
Position: Head Chef and Owner of Farin Braw
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Tall and devilishly skinny Carmichael stands at a good six foot two, he tends to tower no matter the height of those around him and seems to command a room with sheer power of will. He has a handsome face, chiseled and becoming a touch craggy with age. Thick dark eyebrows hood over steely silver grey eyes. A mustache that's thick and dark and is proudly maintained and kept swooped up at the tips without looking ridiculously curled up cover his top lip and extends to almost hide the dimples in his cheeks. The tips almost come to meet the well groomed sideburns that could almost be considered 'mutton chops'. His wizarding sense of style certainly seems to come from a more Victorian Era. Wearing a pair of dark slacks, a button up shirt and a dark brown vest that is embroidered with circular designs that resemble the puffy seeds of a dandelion. Over his shirt and vest he wears his trademark long red velvet coat. A tall verdant-brown top hat takes a whimsical tilt off to one side, just slightly leaning, covers his receding hair-line of dark thick and slightly wavy hair. When he speaks, it is with a very heavy Scottish brogue.


Born to a well-to-do family of wizards, Carmichael Robert MacDougal had it made. His father, Damien MacDougal was a mean drinker, though. Despite various arguments with his father, MacDougal eventually ended up attending Hogwarts. He was by no stretch of the imagination very happy with it, though. He was magically inclined, but never really cared for learning how to use it…until he learned of how it could be used to affect recipes. Carmichael Robert had a love for cooking, very much learned from his mother. They would spend the whole day together working in the kitchen, just cooking and creating different concoctions.

Later on in life, Carmichael Robert fell upon hard times. After his parents passed he fell to the drink and gambling. Despite the affections he received as a child, MacDougal grew into an angry, hurtful man. He lost his parents' wealth when he was just 32 to gambling debts. He thought that his life was over…but out of nowhere a guiding light appeared. He found one of his mother's old cook-books, abounding with culinary knowledge and techniques, and put it to good use. He started out as a lowly sous chef, just taking orders and cooking sauces, but he learned the ins and outs of the restaurant business. He quickly rose to the top and was widely renowned as one of the best chefs in Europe. After saving up enough money, he opened a small restaurant on Diagon Alley named 'Farin Braw' which is Scottish Gaelic for 'Good Food'.

After a good ten years of being a little too rough around the edges for most people, MacDougal's had a change of heart. He's brought some people in to help him work at Farin Braw and has deemed it necessary to become a little bit nicer when it comes to dealing with those folks who would see him succeed. He still has trouble keeping his mouth shut when he's rubbed the wrong way, but he's getting better.


MacDougal's wand is about seven and a half inches long, made of hornbeam with a phoenix feather core.


During his time at Hogwarts, MacDougal's companion was a horned owl by the name of MacGregor. Since MacGregor died, Carmichael Robert hasn't found another pet.

RP Hooks

  • He went to Hogwarts a good ways back, perhaps you knew him? He was the asshole.
  • Need a job? MacDougal's hiring now at Farin Braw. Waiters, hostesses, busboys and cooks are all welcome!
  • A Wizard Gordan Ramsey…help us all.

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  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Bold
  • Short Temper
  • Egotistical
  • Perfectionist in Kitchen



Damien MacDougal
Father -


Kirstin MacDougal nee Abbott
Mother -


Bleeding Heart - "Ooo, Mister MacDougal, ye've got ta put more love in yer food or the people won't eat it." Y'know…I think she might be right. What kind of existence is being mean to people all the time. That's not me, that's just what I became from all the stress and anger. I really need to find the time to apologize to her.


Friend? - The good inspector keeps an eye out for me. I've treated him like crap, too, but he never seemed to mind. He's probably one of the only people who really understood what I was going through.


Starlet - Our friendship started out on the wrong foot, as I was terribly rude to her. Hopefully now that things are different, we can come to be friends or perhaps more.


Guiding Light - This guy is the one who gave me the idea to bring some new people on board to help me run the restaurant. That definitely assisted me a great deal in this long road to becoming a better person.


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