Character Information
Portrayed by Olesya Kharitonova
Name: Carol Olivia Moody
Aliases: -
Birthday: February 4th, 1925
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Pure-blood


Straight, rusty hair falls around a heart-shaped face with blue-grey eyes, all done up in the manicured disarray of someone who allocates a generous amount of time to looking like they just woke up. Her frame implies something similar, with a narrow, rectangular build of moderate height, typically robed in Ravenclaw colours that have gone uninspected since morning.


Elizabeth Bletchley and Liam Moody were idealists - some might say visionaries - drawn together by a kind of friction that can only happen from mutual understanding and disagreement. Together they had two daughters, twins, and decided they were done for a while. They tended to entertain guests of politically dissident persuasion and few children; these guests' eccentric perspectives and probing questions annoyed the young Carol and Brianna, but the atmosphere of heated but friendly discussion helped them to develop their expressiveness. Outside of these dinner parties, the twins squabbled more often than not, but they were rarely separated, until the fateful day when Carol received a letter of acceptance from Hogwarts and Brianna didn't. It wasn't a surprise, really - though Carol tried to attribute some of her magical outbursts to Brianna, the truth was obvious - but until that moment, they still held out hope.

Carol's first year without her sister was difficult. She found it easier to avoid the topic, and immersed herself in her studies instead. It didn't take long for word to get around, however, and the needling of her peers drove her to overcommit. She fell ill towards the end of the year from stress and lack of sleep, and ended up botching pretty much all of her exams, though she managed not to fail any courses thanks to her excellent course work. The summer was emotionally charged - Brianna had been sent away, permanently, to live with a funny aunt in London where she would go to Muggle school - and Carol's perspective shifted. Instead of seeing her sister's disability as a curse, she became determined to study ways to make magic more accessible to the underprivileged. She joined the dueling & chess clubs in second year as an outlet for all the interpersonal conflict, and with this newfound resolve her natural charisma started to show itself.

Though she had no talent for potions or herbology, she excelled in Charms and continued to pursue them at the NEWT level, along with delving into Ancient Runes and Arithmancy for the possibility of creating permanent spells that could help non-wizards to function. Her projects tend towards the theoretical, or towards the creation of objects which could potentially be usable by muggles (not that she would draw attention to that, of course). Her love life has been notably empty lately, as her boyfriend found someone else over the summer.

RP Hooks

  • Duelist: As a member of the Chess and Dueling clubs, Carol is often prepared to hone her skills by facing an evenly matched opponent. Or teach an outmatched upstart a lesson.
  • Proto-Unity: Though too young to be officially a member, Carol's views align with the Unity Party and she can be pretty vocal about them. Maybe you want to talk politics, or philosophy, and try to persuade her to see your side of the argument… or be convinced to see hers. Or maybe you think everyone who wants the secrecy statute repealed is an anti-muggle purist, which she may not find so easy to disprove.
  • Single: Rumour has it, her boyfriend dumped her over the summer. Or he cheated on her and she dumped him, depending who you ask. Either way, there is a less than one hundred percent chance of being shot down if you ask her out.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Soft-Hearted
  • Audacious
  • Idealist


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Liam Moody
Father: (b. 1902) Pure-Blood. Politically active lobbyist. Though there is tension in his family because of Brianna, he loves his daughters very much and was always challenging them with difficult moral and political questions.


Elizabeth Moody nee Bletchley
Mother: (b. 1902) Pure-Blood. Lawyer with an eye to empiricism. Strict but not harsh, she is really a gentle person who genuinely wants to shape people's behaviour to help them succeed.


Brianna Moody
Twin Sister: (b. February 4th, 1925) Squib. Though they were inseparable early on, the mismatch has put a rift between them. They still love each other but there is some mutual resentment which they stuff away during the brief periods they are able to see each other.


Cousin: (b. February 20th 1925) Pure-Blood. Cordelia Bletchley, Relationship TBD but they are liable to get along.


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