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Character Information
Portrayed by Liam Hemsworth
Name: Caspar Eugene Crouch
Aliases: -
Birthday: January 13th, 1919
Position: R.C.M.C. - Ranger - Kensington Garden
Lineage: Pure-blood


Caspar is a young man at roughly twenty-one years old with an olive skin tone. He stands at roughly 6'1" and is around 180 pounds in an overall athletic body shape. Short sandy blonde hair is done in a down and loose style framing a rectangular shaped face, with deep set hazel brown eyes sitting on either side of his wide nose. Below that nose is a small set of lips. The rest of his rectangular shaped face is accented in lightly dimpled cheeks, a chiseled jaw and comes with a clefted chin. When he speaks the tones and accent of Essex, England can be detected and when close enough, smells of musk.


Caspar Eugene Crouch was born on January 13th, 1919 in Chelmsford, England to parents Coleman Crouch and Calliope Crouch nee Fudge. He was the younger brother of Benjamin Crouch, who was born roughly one year before him. As the family was pure-blood, the boys grew up in a traditional wizarding home. They were quite close in their youth, and got along well. As with many siblings over time, the two sons grew apart slightly in interests and appearance as they made their way into adolescence. Nevertheless, they had a generally pleasant childhood overall and lived in a comfortable home with loving parents.

Caspar entered Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1930 and was sorted into Gryffindor House. Ben had gone off the year before and was sorted into Slytherin. So Caspar had heard all of the stories. Still it was an exciting new experience for him, and one he was quite ready for. The difference in houses put a bit of a division between Caspar and Ben, and they started to grow apart as they aged. Caspar was betrothed to Charis Black in his fourth year at Hogwarts, the young girl a year behind him. Caspar and Charis became quite good friends, and then into a cute couple, the two frequently able to be spotted in the corridors together. Caspar enjoyed a lengthy career as Chaser on the house Quidditch team, and that got him a fair bit of popularity. As far as his studies went, Caspar took an immediate liking to Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and especially Care of Magical Creatures. Taking it and Ancient Runes as electives. It was from that point on that Caspar knew his future. He took Care of Magical Creatures, Charms and Transfiguration for NEWTs so that he qualified to become a Ranger for the R.C.M.C. Department of the Ministry.

Soon after graduation, Caspar became a trainee for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Once through training he was assigned to the duty of Ranger of the unplottable areas of Kensington Gardens. Even surrounded by the city, it's still nature and he really enjoys his job. As soon as Charis graduated from Hogwarts, the two of them were married and bought a small cottage together in the Mysticked District.


RP Hooks

  • R.C.M.C.: Caspar is a Ranger for the R.C.M.C. and his 'domain' is the unplottable areas of Kensington Park.
  • Pure-Blood: Caspar, on top of being from the prestigious Pure-Blood Family of Crouch, he married one of the House of Black. He travels in Pure Blooded circles, maybe you've seen him at a social event? Or are a Pure-Blood which usually means some level of relationship via blood.
  • Hogwarts Quidditch: From 1932-1937 Caspar was on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, maybe you're a fan, or remember him from then?
  • Hogwarts: 1930, Caspar was a first year Gryffindor, he graduated in 1937. Were you at Hogwarts during those years? Particularly a Gryffindor? Looking for old school connections.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Chivalrous
  • Stoic
  • Stubborn
  • Nature-Lover


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Coleman Crouch
Father: (b. 1897) Pure-Blood. Father was quite strict growing up, but he wasn't quite as hard on me as he was on Ben. He always encouraged me to do well in school and made sure I had the best that he could offer. It was also him that arranged for my marriage to Charis, so I have to be grateful for that.


Calliope Crouch nee Fudge
Mother: (b. 1897) Pure-Blood. Mother was nothing but loving and nurturing to me and Ben when we were growing up. She always wanted the best for us and missed us whenever we were gone to school. After marrying Charis she makes it a frequent point to fuss over us and when we will be giving her some Crouch grandchildren.


Brother: (b. January 31st, 1918) Pure-Blood. Ben has always been the black sheep of the family. He was sorted into Slytherin while all the rest of the family was in Gryffindor. He had a lot of talent when we were in school and we used to be quite close. But Father constantly being hard on him and pressuring him is what I think made him run off to America. It hurt, and I haven't quite been able to let it go, but I am glad he's back and hope he sticks around.


Wife: (b. August 11th, 1920) Pure-Blood. Charis Crouch nee Black. Charis is the love of my life. She and I were betrothed back when we were in Hogwarts, so we always knew we would be married eventually. Honestly, it could have turned out quite terribly, but we were lucky. I adore her and hope that one day we will have wonderful children together.


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