Character Information
Portrayed by Rachel Weisz
Name: Cassandra Vablatsky
Aliases: Sandra
Birthday: March 20th, 1894
Position: Author
Lineage: Half-Blood


Standing just over five and a half feet, this woman is of Eastern European heritage, with dark slightly curly hair and hazel eyes under gracefully curved brows. She is of early middle age, and wears her hair is upswept into an elaborate up-do that is held in place by a hairpiece with feathers and a large mystical sybol, revealing her delicate ears and long neck. Her nose is rather prominent, and rouge accentuates her cheeks, while laugh lines surround her full lips.

Her robes are dark green, and the collar of her cloak is decorated with feathers matching her hairpiece. Jet jewelery, including a chunky necklace and earrings, makes a matching set. On her feet are slightly heeled pumps.


In Russia the Vablatsky family is a well-known half-blood family in the trade of prophecy and esoteric knowledge. Throughout the ages you could probably find a Vablatsky or close cousin in the Russian Department of Mysteries. Before the Statute one could also be found at the Czar's court. Cassandra's father was the son of a half-blood wizard, and a squib whom skirted the line and barely managed to keep out of the Ministries jail because she was a rather well known Theosophical Spiritualist. But she never revealed any true secrets. Cassandra's grandfather Vablatsky was actually a member of the Mysteries Department and his future wife Helena caught his attention and he fell in love and they married and had a litter of children. Cassandra's father fell in the middle of the brood. His passion was the stars, astronomy and astrology and he traveled the world so he could research the differences in hemispheres. In his travels he want to go hear a hero of his speak at a lecture in London. Professor Lunet who was a Triwizard Champion along with her Husband in the first ever Triwizard Tournament was speaking about her experiences and Karl simply had to attend. While he was there he had the luck to personally meet Professor Lunet and her family. Astraea was Lunet's daughter and Karl was in love at first sight. Five years later after being married for three Cassandra was born. Karl and Astraea lived in Astraea's Fortune Teller's shop in Hogsmeade. So she could be close to her mother while she teaches at Hogwarts. So it was that Cassandra grew up in Hogsmeade polishing crystal balls and shuffling tarot cards. It has always been her world, and if she can help it. It always will be.

At Hogwarts she was sorted into Ravenclaw much like her mother was. A fine student she kept her grades at As and even merited an O in Divination. Her electives were Divination and Arithmancy. While she received an E in her Charms NEWT an O in her Astronomy NEWT and an O in her Divination NEWT! All tools to help her continue the family tradition of becoming a fortune teller. Never using her powers for ill gain it has sort of became a tradition before a Quidditch game for players to ask her who's going to win, she'd always say it's the team they are on with a wink and a smile. Before exams or trials of some kind outside of the shop people ask her if they are going to ace a test, she always says yes! Everyone knows that she's not using her powers, she's just wishing them luck and boosting their self esteem. That's just the sort of person Cassandra is.

There was a point in time when she was considered for the position of Professor of Divination at Hogwarts. But her dear friend and soulmate was awarded the position instead. This has affected their relationship slightly, more on his behalf than hers. Truly Cassandra is very happy to transition her parents into retirement, take over the Fortune Telling Shop and continue with her writing career. One of her published works, Unfogging the Future is now a textbook used in Divination Class.

RP Hooks

  • Works at the Fortune Telling Shop in Hogsmeade. Come by get your fortune told!
  • Hogwarts Ravenclaw Alumni, class of 1912.
  • Author, Cassandra has recently published Unfogging the Future. Which is now a Textbook in Hogwarts Divination Class.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Whimsical Witch
  • Seer


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Karl Vablatsky
Father - Her day is not complete unless she has her hour with her father on the roof of the observatory watching and talking about the stars.


Astraea Vablatsky nee McKinnon
Mother - When Astraea did a 'just for fun' spread with Cassandra after she had gone to her mother for advice on the feelings that were developing for Manto she had no idea that it would affect the rest of Cassandra's life and outlook on relationships so profoundly. This course of events has effected her own enjoyment of the art, so much more wary now of how she uses the craft. Now that Cassandra is old enough to truly take over, her mother is more than happy to let her.


Maternal Grandmother - When she was younger it was a bit of a bother when people found out that she had famous grandparents. But now that she's older and more pointedly out of school she has grown to realize how amazing her grandmother's life story truly is. She is Cassandra's idol.


Soulmate - She has loved this man ever since he was a boy. But the signs never pointed to a long lasting successful relationship so neither of them pursued anything more permanent than Hogwarts dating. Despite the signs and portents, she loves him none the less. Even when they were both up for becoming professor of Divination and he got it, she was happy for him. She knows that there is guilt on his side of the issue and it has affected their relationship. But he still comes to visit her for tea when he gets the chance.



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