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A Little Curiosity…
Portrayed by Hugo Weaving
Name: Cassiel Laurean Umbridge
Aliases: Cay
Birthday: Oct 21, 1894
Position: Ministry of Magic
Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes (M.A.C.)
Chief of Office of Misinformation
Lineage: Pure-blood


This figure is male, tall, and neither muscular or gaunt. Instead, his build instead is almost decidedly average, as if he actually ascribes to being as average as possible. Of course, his height would belie that desire, at a decent six feet, two inches he definitely extends above the average.

Dark, brown hair cascades off of his head, just long enough to always seem unkempt if he does not keep it tamed. Of course this also means that the deep widow's peak that he sports is that much more pronounced. Thin, yet bushy brows light atop pale, blue eyes, surrounded by premature crows feet. The rest of his slightly-wrinkled face is framed by a thick mutton-chop beard with a friendly, thin mustache above his lip, and a thick soul patch below.

Today he is wearing a fine set of midnight blue, silver-embroidered, custom-fitted robes, complete with matching wide-brimmed, conical hat. Heavily pleated, the robes move as if reinforced underneath with heavier cloth. The trim at the bottom just barely brushes against the ground, showing occasionally black, pointed boots underneath, and equally black gloves cover his hands.


Born the son of Phineas Atticus Umbridge and Bellanca Daya Rashley, Cassiel was born part of a family that was both acceptable to those types who valued the purity of blood, without the extreme dislike of Muggles and the Muggle-born. As such, while they were well off, there was little help from the greater Umbridge and Rashley lines. The oldest of the children, he, his two sisters, and his four (yes, four) brothers lived in relative comfort, and did not want for much at all. As such, under the auspices of parents who were receptive to the whims of youth, he was allowed to reach out and find his own calling in life.

Sorted into Hufflepuff, Cassiel was often the butt of jokes from his classmates and cousins in the Slytherin house, especially since he was the first in his line for several generations not to be sorted there. He did, however, show much promise in his chosen professional aims: Muggle Relations. For his electives, he chose Care of Magical creatures (which, despite his interest in he performed miserably in) as well as Muggle Studies (at which he excelled). In his core classes, he was strongest in Charms, Transfigurations, and the History of Magic (he actually gained a reputation for being able to stay awake during the latter, on multiple occasions). He scored well in his OWLs for those three, and in Muggle Studies, and did well in all four for his NEWTs as well.


8" inches, Rosewood, Pliable, with a Unicorn Hair Hair core.



Cassiel was adopted by a pack of small kittens, all but one of them he was able to give away. The smallest of the litter, Esther, imprinted on him, and he wasn't able to separate from her.


Even as an adult now, Cassiel is still interested in Muggles, and their wafer-thin separation from the magical world. He revels in his chosen profession's freedoms, what connection it gives him to the Muggle world, and what he can learn from it. With his scores, and his growing interest in that world, is was no shock to anyone when he applied for an internship straight out of Hogwart's at the Ministry, and he was picked up by M.A.C. quite quickly. To date he's become something of a quiet fixture of the department — not saying so much but certainly being known as one of the better choices when the less desirable Muggle interactions come across the table. He still is well-connected to his immediate family, being the eldest, although much of his time is taken by his interests and his career… and the many places they seem to intersect. It was with a mixture of emotions that Cassiel received a promotion for all of his hard and good work as Liaison. He was made Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes' (M.A.C.) Chief of the Office of Misinformation. His keen knowledge of the muggle world over the years has given him a perspective like none other on just what a muggle will believe and what's too whimsical or too mundane for them.


  • Colorblind: Protanomaly — It's not entirely obvious why a child born of pure blood would have the condition, but Cassiel suffers from a condition where red, orange, yellow, and yellow-green all shift in hue toward greens, and are faded as well.
  • Dislikes Reptiles — Simple and plain, he dislikes lizards, snakes, and the like. If it's reptile, it's disliked. Couldn't possibly have had a hand in his sorting, could it?
  • Obsessed with Muggle Toys
  • Prefers Muggle Spirits — Specifically, Cassiel has found that Muggles are a bit more creative with their alcoholic beverages… and he likes to try all of them.
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch: Recently Cassiel became the patriarch of the Umbridge Family
  • Curious about Muggles, loves to observe, but terrified of allowing those Muggles and Muggleborn who know about the Wizarding world know how little he does know.
  • Is a collector… but easily tricked into purchasing Muggle 'artifacts' of little to no value.
  • Adores Muggle music and musical forms. especially the new and more 'scandalous' Swing style… even if he can't dance to save his life.


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