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Character Information
Portrayed by Sherilyn Fenn
Name: Cassiopeia Black
Aliases: Cassie
Birthday: January 24th 1915
Position: Socialite
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Fair skin is a stark contrast to the rich dark auburn hair that is sculpted up and away from her soft elegant features. A narrow nose rests between pale blue green eyes that hold a keen edge to their gaze. There is an air that sets off the slender shoulders and figure, a woman who knows herself and confident amongst the many. In every way she moves she accentuates her form to draw attention as needed.

If her movements are meant to draw attention her trappings as more so. A rich elegant silk skirt-suit of teal is left open to show off a pearly iridescent blouse beneath, set with rhinestone buttons. The jacket itself is tailored and flares around her hips. The skirs is not the typical a-line flare of the time but one of a fitted form to make everything about her a statement. A set of heels lofts her average height, colored in a satin white to match the blouse.


  • Did not do well after her mother's death.
  • Took to acting and entertaining to fill the void of attention.
  • Slytherin House
  • Electives: Divination and Care of Magical Creatures.
  • Graduated after Owls.
  • Met a fellow actor Donovan Meliflua when she was 15 during a summer production. Donovan is 20 years her senior.
  • Became pregnant the next summer when she was 16. Ruining her betrothal contract to Morfin Gaunt after his sister died and he couldn't marry her. (Nevermind the fact he was in Azkaban! Her father was still furious.)
  • Her father Cygnus confronted Donovan and after a very quick and forced wedding Donovan went missing, never to be seen or heard from again.
  • Araminta Meliflua-Black was born in 1932.
  • Being a mother ended her dreams of being an actress, but she is still a socialite member of Pure-Blood Society and is known to be Hesper Black's successor in being the Matriarch of the Blacks.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

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Father: (b. 1886) Pure-Blood. Cygnus Black is a fierce man who is not to be trifled with. Cassie suspects that her husband was killed by her father and didn't run off. He takes very good care of her though so she doesn't really need a husband anyways. Good riddance.


Violetta Black nee Bulstrode
Mother: (1886 - 1925) Pure-Blood. Cassie's mother was an angel. She was the only thing that made Cygnus happy. When Violetta died suddenly after Marius was kicked out, Cassie had a huge void in her life. Trying to fill it with acting and attention from others is how she got into trouble with Donovan.


Violetta Black nee Bulstrode
Aunt: (1886 - 1925) Pure-Blood. Without a mother at a rather young age, it was Aunt Hesper that filled in that role the most. Cassie adores her Aunt and wishes to be just like her. Cassie is quite the protege to Hesper and Hesper rather enjoys having a girly daughter figure to dote on and do those sort of feminine things Cousin Lycoris rejects.


Donovan Meliflua
Missing Husband: (1895 - 1932) Pure-Blood. 20 years her senior Cassie realizes now that he took advantage of a young girl that lost her mother. Shame on him. He was forced to marry Cassie by Cygnus when he got her pregnant when she was 16. He left and has been missing ever since their daughter Araminta was born. There is a strong suspicion that Cygnus killed him after the birth certificate was signed. Good riddance.


Araminta Meliflua-Black
Daughter: (b. 1932) Pure-Blood. My sweet little daughter! You've grown too fast. The house-elves and governesses have done a wonderful job in seeing you raised right. The way you growl at and about muggles is simply the cutest thing on earth. I love you so much!


Older Brother: (b. 1904) Pure-Blood. Mother subdued their father's temper but when she died Pollux in all his wisdom for his short years devised ways of veering that temper at things. Mostly the House-Elves and other inanimate objects. Pollux Elf-Slayer is what Cassie used to call him. A good knightly name for her savior. Since he married Irma there's been a distance, she misses him dearly. Even living in the same house she misses him.


Sister-In-Law (b. 1904) Pure-Blood. Irma Black nee Crabbe took Pollux away from Cassie. While she understands that he's an adult and that they have their own family now. It seems to Cassie that Irma tries to keep blinders on him so he's only focused on her and their children.






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