The Silver-Tongued Prince
Portrayed by Harry Lloyd
Name: Cassius Draconus Malfoy
Aliases: Cass
Birthday: December 1st, 1909
Position: Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic,
Leader of the Unity Party
Lineage: Pure-blood

"The Muggles are not to be hated, nor feared, nor subjugated. They are to be pitied. They live as if blind and deaf, and it is our birth-given duty to usher and guide them to a brighter future for all."

Cassius Malfoy, in a 1937 speech


Tall and slender, Cassius Malfoy has a strong presence without being overbearing. Cassius has the traditional Malfoy platinum-blonde hair, flowing to his shoulders in wavy locks. A prominent nose is set between severe eyebrows and a wide mouth, framed in a well-defined jawline and high cheekbones.

He favors crisp, tailored suits with high collars and airy robes that accentuate his height without adding volume to his form. He is usually dressed in some combination of green, silver, and black, and when working he is seen with a snakeskin satchel containing his various legal books and documents. Upon the middle finger of his right hand, he wears an impressive silver ring, fashioned to look like a dragon's claw seizing a large emerald.


Nine and one quarter inches, silver lime, slightly pliant, with a sphinx tongue sinew core.



Cassius keeps a kennel of crups on his estate. They may look small and cute, but they are very effective guard dogs.


Dragon Ring

This impressive emerald ring was a birthday gift from his sister, Edwarlinda. He never takes it off.



One of several children of Balaurius and Desdemonia Malfoy, Cassius was born to great wealth and privilege, wanting for nothing growing up. Like many of his siblings, this led to a great deal of boredom. But rather than wallow in spoiled luxury, Cassius found other ways to occupy his time. A clever boy, he found books and puzzles to be useful distractions. Never very physical, it was the domain of the mind that enchanted him. But it was more than a desire to learn and expand his own mind; he wanted to know the minds of others. For to know them is to rule them. He quickly became an expert at manipulating his siblings and cousins, and on occasion, even his parents.


At Hogwarts, Cassius was sorted in Slytherin like so many of his family. Here was an environment in which he thrived. An entire school of new minds to learn and conquer. Again, he wanted for nothing, but here his wealth was in his ability to get what he wanted from people. By his Third Year, he was able to carry a debate with professors. By his Fifth, he was winning. It was all a question of learning what people wanted, and what they were willing to do to to get it. The power Cassius found himself wielding gave him a sense of superiority over his fellows, and morality became a flexible issue.

Among his other classes, one subject that fascinated Cassius was Muggle Studies. He had always been taught that they were inferior, but he wanted to know why. So he delved into their lore and history, learning about their triumphs and failures. In time, he came to a conclusion: Muggles are inferior, but should not be hated, but pitied. As superior beings, it was the duty of witches and wizards to guide Muggles, mold them, and that could only be done by ruling them. Maybe one day, Muggles would take their place as the equals of wizards. But clearly that day was centuries away, if not millennia. Until then, they should be cared for as a master cares for a pet, rewarding them when they succeed, and punishing them when they misbehave.

Wizengamot Administration Services

Cassius had decided what he wanted to do with his life even before he took his O.W.L. exams. After graduation, he took a position as a clerk for the Wizengamot Administration Services, meanwhile continuing his education through a private tutor. In particular, he was secretly studying the art of Legilimency. Being able to discern others desires through conversation was very useful. But to be able to invade their minds and study their thoughts and memories, that would make him truly formidable.


Over the next several years in the W.A.S., Cassius moved to various positions, learning all he could about the intricacies of wizarding law, and how to manipulate it. In time, he took on the role of barrister, wielding his skills at debate in the court itself. He has earned a reputation as a cunning and skilled legal advocate, and has become a more prominent figure in the political field as well. His outspoken call for change in the law to repeal the Statute of Secrecy has made him a controversial figure, but a figure people are listening to.


As his political presence grew, so did his aspirations. When his philosophy coalesced into a call for unifying with Muggle-kind and sharing the world, he lost as many supporters as he gained. Equally accused of being a Muggle-lover and a Muggle-hater, he has proven a difficult man to pidgin-hole. Since the first rally in 1937, the Unity Party has grown into a political force to be reckoned with. Some believed the party to be headed down the same path as Grindelwald, but after the publication of his manifesto, Unity officially denounced Grindelwald.


Controversial Reputation Cassius is a vocal proponent of repealing the Statute of Secrecy, making him a somewhat divisive figure in the court of public opinion.
Flexible Morality A life of privilege and a natural gift for manipulating people can give a man a rather fluid view of right and wrong.
Legilimens Cassius is trained in Legilimency, though it is not something he advertises, preferring to swim through others' minds quietly.
Occlumens As with his Legilimency, Cassius does not make it well known that he is trained in Occlumency.
Wealth: Opulent The name of Malfoy is synonymous with wealth and status. Cassius has never lacked for resources, and has been the most financially successful of his siblings, allowing him to maintain his own manor, Berylwood.

RP Hooks

  • Cassius is the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic, making him effectively the second-in-command of the Minstry.
  • Cassius keeps his ear to the ground in the Ministry, and regularly handles his business with other departments personally. If you work for the Ministry, it isn't unreasonable that you've at least met Cassius.
  • As a Malfoy, Cassius is part of the highest echelons of wizarding society.
  • Cassius is the leader of the Unity Party, and a major voice calling for the repealment of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.
    • He speaks of sharing one world with Muggles, though interpretations of his message have ranged from being a Muggle-lover, to being accused of trying to dominate them. Love him or hate him, most will have a strong opinion of him.
  • Given his controversial political stance, Cassius is never far from a bodyguard or three (though he insists that they remain inconspicuous).

Character Diamond

A character diamond represents the core, unchangeable traits of a character.

  • Political: As diplomatic and polite as he is charismatic and manipulative, Cassius is a political animal, and uses social maneuvering to achieve his high ambitions.
  • Unscrupulous: Though he may have personal ethics he deems valuable, Cassius is unfettered by common principles, finding that morals must be flexible to fit the situation.
  • Clannish: Cassius is a family man to the core, utterly loyal to his blood, and focused on nurturing his own branch of the family tree.
  • Dominant: Power is like water to Cassius; he must have it, or he will wither away. His intense personality tends to place him in a dominant position in nearly every social dynamic he is a part of, and efforts to wrest control from him can prove dangerous.


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Father is as hard as they come. I suppose I owe my dedication to family to his teachings. But where he is a blunt instrument, I shall be a razor-edged sword.


My dear Mother. Were it not for her, Father would have trod us all under his heel. She may seem weak in comparison to him, but there is a difference between a soft touch and a soft center.


Older Sister
Ah, my sweet big sister. Lin (I refuse to call her by that abysmal epithet, "Eddie") is something of an embarrassment to the rest of the family, with her outlandish behaviour. But I love her dearly, and woe betide anyone that dares malign her. She stands by me, and supports me and what I believe in. I would do nearly anything for her. But the one thing I cannot do is condone her self-destructive choices. I want nothing so much as I want to take care of her, and make this world a better place for her and her child.


Older Brother
The adventurous sibling. More so than even Edwarlinda. He plays mercenary, getting involved with (and starting) wars in other countries. He is a cruel and vicious man, a bit uncouth for my taste, but he has his uses. Above all, he is my blood, so I must love him. He does seem to be making strides toward civility. I do hope this can be a new beginning for us.


Younger Sister
Such a misunderstood creature is my little sister. Were there not so many years between us, I might have had more opportunity to guide her. But she seems to be finding her footing at last, and oh what a game she plays. I might make a politician out of her, yet.


My newly discovered niece is an absolute dream. She is intelligent, inquisitive, politically minded, and highly observant. It's a good thing I never knew her mother, or there might be questions about her true paternity. She is so very much like me. I hope she will be a calming influence on Cyril. He could use an anchor to help him settle down, as he keeps claiming he wishes to.


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